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1. Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 are coming to Switch on October 29th
2. Pixel art shoot 'em up Astral Defense channels Galaga and other retro classics
3. Tencent announces the Global Star Challenge tournament for Chess Rush
4. Tactical RPG Brown Dust unveils its brand new Companion Update
5. Dr. Mario World review - "Easily Nintendo's weakest game in years"
6. Top 25 racing games on iPhone and iPad
7. You can sign up for the Minecraft Earth closed beta right now
8. The winners of the King’s Raid global fan-art contest have been crowned
9. 6 reasons to play Silly Memory, the new sci-fi puzzle game from CDO Apps
10. AoT 2 Final Battle review - "Decent Attack on Titan fan service"
11. Dota Underlords review - "The best auto chess"
12. Lust for Darkness brings intense psychological horror to Switch
13. Heroic Magic Duel cheats, tips - Tips to rank up and FAST
14. Reigns is getting a board game adaptation called Reigns: The Council
15. Archlion Saga is a charming and accessible RPG for those new to the genre
16. Valve's auto chess game Dota Underlords gets free prototype battle pass
17. PG Talks: The Switch Lite is coming, what do YOU think?
18. Prime Day Sucks: 8 better things to buy
19. P1 Select is the latest game from cult roguelike developer Michael Brough
20. Stranger Things 3: The Game Switch review - "Boring things"
21. Konami's Contra handheld console and mini arcade cabinet will be launching this year
22. PUBG Mobile update 0.13.5 adds new Royale Pass and a host of improvements
23. Latest update for acclaimed MMO MU Origin 2 adds new bosses and maps
24. Pokemon Go and One Piece come together for a bizarre crossover event
25. Strategy MMO Supremacy 1 - The Great War delivers tactical warfare on a world-wide scale


2 天前 Konami announces Contra handheld console and mini arcade cabinet will be launching this year
2 天前 Archlion Saga is charming and accessible RPG for those new to the genre
5 天前 Nintendo Switch Lite offers better battery life and improved portability
5 天前 Latest update for MU Origin 2 adds all-new Clan Battle Royale mode
5 天前 Charming food-themed puzzler inbento comes to us from Golf Peaks developer
5 天前 Teppen cheats, tips - Full list of EVERY Unit and Action card
5 天前 Dr. Mario World is out right now for iOS
5 天前 Dr. Mario World hands-on video - "Your second opinion"
5 天前 Dead By Daylight Mobile review - "A rough port with room to grow"
5 天前 Pulse-pounding sci-fi shooter Subdivision Infinity DX flies to Switch next month
5 天前 Minion battler Dungeon Break sneaks into early access on Android
5 天前 Classic board game BATTLESHIP will torpedo onto Nintendo Switch this July
5 天前 Fan-favourite characters from Rooster Teeth's RWBY series are headed to Knights Chronicle
5 天前 Dr. Mario World cheats, tips - How to play for free
5 天前 Open world adventure Stranded Sails casts off this October
5 天前 Dr. Mario World cheats, tips - Expert tips for beginners
5 天前 Teppen review - "Ryu and Morrigan play cards"
5 天前 F1 Delta Time hosts a special auction in celebration of this year’s Formula 1 French Grand Prix
5 天前 Show off your fashion sense in Royal Chaos’ latest fan art contest
5 天前 Dragon Quest Builders 2 review - "An inventive and engrossing sequel"
5 天前 The Ultimate Guide to TEPPEN
5 天前 Innovative memory-based puzzler Silly Memory takes you on a charming adventure through space
5 天前 Acclaimed retro platformer The Messenger gets a free sun-soaked expansion today
5 天前 European Google Play Indie Showcase 2019: Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

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