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2021-04-17 Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 395: Up To Bat Uncategorized ‧ Kristen Zitani
2021-04-17 Share of the Week: Moonlight PS4 ‧ Kristen Zitani
2021-04-16 New NieR Replicant gameplay showcases intense 2-on-1 boss fight PS4 ‧ Stephanie Chang
2021-04-16 How to become a glorious warrior in Chivalry 2’s closed beta PS4 ‧ Alex Hayter
2021-04-16 Genshin Impact launches on PS5 April 28, brings 4K support, enhanced textures, and more PS5 ‧ Zhenzhong Yi
2021-04-16 New Resident Evil Village demo comes to PS4 and PS5 April 17 PS5 ‧ Kellen Haney
2021-04-15 Change the course of history with Wanderer – a time travel PS VR adventure PlayStation VR ‧ Sam Ramlu
2021-04-15 Days Gone PC gameplay revealed, launches May 18 General ‧ Kevin McAllister
2021-04-15 Tools Up! announces Garden Party, a trio of DLC episodes PS4 ‧ Norbert Litwiński
2021-04-15 Flip, grind, and bust tricks through your own adventure in OlliOlli World this winter PS4 ‧ Simon Bennett
2021-04-14 Creating Returnal’s otherworldly enemies: VFX-driven tentacle tech and deep-sea inspirations PS5 ‧ Harry Krueger
2021-04-14 The official Drone Racing League Simulator launches today PS4 ‧ TK
2021-04-14 Mass Effect Legendary Edition: A detailed look at visual enhancements to the celebrated trilogy PS5 ‧ Jay Ingram
2021-04-13 Leveraging DualSense controller features in Hood: Outlaws & Legends Uncategorized ‧ Jamie Smith
2021-04-13 Aloy Arrives in Fortnite as the latest member of the Gaming Legends series PS4 ‧ Michael House
2021-04-13 PS5 April Update brings new storage options and social features PS5 ‧ Hideaki Nishino
2021-04-12 Final Fantasy XIV Online’s PS5 open beta arrives tomorrow: here’s what you need to know PS5 ‧ Matt Hilton
2021-04-12 Temtem welcomes you to Cipanku Island in new update, live tomorrow PS5 ‧ Guillermo Andrades
2021-04-10 Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 394: Crash Landing Uncategorized ‧ Kristen Zitani
2021-04-10 Share of the Week: Golden PS4 ‧ Kristen Zitani
2021-04-09 The music of Returnal: an interview with composer Bobby Krlic PS5 ‧ Gillen McAllister
2021-04-09 PlayStation Store: March 2021 top downloads PlayStation Store ‧ Brett Elston
2021-04-09 Neo: The World Ends with You comes to PS4 on July 27 PS4 ‧ Adam Pelc
2021-04-08 Abandoned, a cinematic survival sim, hits PS5 later this year PS5 ‧ Hasan Kahraman
2021-04-07 Curse of the Dead Gods welcomes Dead Cells into its Temple PS4 ‧ Margaux Saly
2021-04-07 Street Fighter V Spring Update brings news on the hermit Oro and Soul-Powered Rose PS4 ‧ Dan Louie
2021-04-07 DC Universe Online introduces World of Flashpoint April 15 PS4 ‧ Ted Stone
2021-04-07 Borderlands 3’s variety-packed Director’s Cut DLC hits April 8 PS4 ‧ Graeme Timmins
2021-04-07 Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Rebalancing, tuning, & mechanical improvements PS4 ‧ Jay Ingram
2021-04-06 Build an automated city for cute robots in The Colonists out on PS4 May 4 PS4 ‧ Jemima Crow
2021-04-06 Oddworld: Soulstorm – Multiple endings and improving your Quarmic score PS4 ‧ Lorne Lanning
2021-04-06 Breathedge: Five gameplay tips for space survival, out tomorrow PS4 ‧ Leo Hellenbrand
2021-04-05 PlayStation Now games for April 2021: Marvel’s Avengers, Borderlands 3 and The Long Dark PlayStation Now ‧ Adam Michel
2021-04-05 The FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships returns for 2021 Season Uncategorized ‧ Kazunori Yamauchi
2021-04-03 Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 393: It Takes Three Uncategorized ‧ Kristen Zitani
2021-04-03 PS5 named official console of the NBA 2K League PS5 ‧ Steven Roberts
2021-04-03 Share of the Week: Expressions PS4 ‧ Kristen Zitani
2021-04-01 Players’ Choice: Vote for March’s best new game PS4 ‧ Justin Massongill
2021-04-01 Returnal: hands-on preview PS5 ‧ Gillen McAllister
2021-04-01 The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced comes to PS5 on June 8 Uncategorized ‧ Dominic Davies
2021-03-31 PlayStation Plus games for April: Days Gone, Oddworld: Soulstorm, and Zombie Army 4: Dead War PlayStation Plus ‧ Adam Michel
2021-03-31 Brew your perfect beer in new sim Brewmaster PS4 ‧ Jemima Crow
2021-03-31 Introducing the Expeditions update for No Man’s Sky PS4 ‧ Sean Murray
2021-03-31 The Spring Sale comes to PlayStation Store PlayStation Store ‧ Georgina Mangan
2021-03-31 Surviving the indie gauntlet with Undermine PS4 ‧ Clint Tasker
2021-03-31 Meet The Trickster, Dead by Daylight’s show-stealing new Killer, live now PS4 ‧ Thomas Carpentier
2021-03-30 Destruction AllStars interview: the PS5 tech that brought the car brawler to life PS5 ‧ Gillen McAllister
2021-03-30 What kind of detective to become in Disco Elysium – The Final Cut PS4 ‧ Chris Priestman
2021-03-27 Share of the Week: Changing Seasons PS4 ‧ Kristen Zitani
2021-03-26 How Doom 3’s combat experience has been sharpened up for PS VR PlayStation VR ‧ Ken Thain
2021-03-26 What Demon’s Souls can teach stunt performers about human movement PS5 ‧ Eric Jacobus
2021-03-26 Puzzle platformer Hoa leaps onto PS5 and PS4 this July PS4 ‧ Paul Hartling
2021-03-26 A Ghost of Tsushima movie is in the works PS4 ‧ Nate Fox
2021-03-25 Five tips to find your bearings in Balan Wonderworld PS4 ‧ Noriyoshi Fujimoto
2021-03-25 Start your own alchemy shop with Potion Party on April 8 PS4 ‧ Konrad Kunze
2021-03-25 Immortals Fenyx Rising – Myths of the Eastern Realm launches today on PS4 and PS5 PS4 ‧ Mikel Reparaz
2021-03-25 Smelter is a retro-inspired platforming-strategy hybrid, out April 22 on PS4 PlayStation 4 ‧ Justin Pfeiffer
2021-03-25 Ready up with MLB The Show 21 gameplay details PS4 ‧ Ramone Russell
2021-03-24 Make your move in Auto Chess when it launches on PS5 March 30 PS5 ‧ Weiming Zhao
2021-03-20 Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 392: Breaking the Wall Uncategorized ‧ Kristen Zitani
2021-03-20 Share of the Week: Little Nightmares II PS4 ‧ Kristen Zitani
2021-03-19 Crimsonland dev discusses the twin-stick shooter’s cult hit longevity PS5 ‧ Tero Alatalo
2021-03-19 Cozy Grove docks into harbor on PS4 April 8 PS4 ‧ David Edery
2021-03-19 New details on Marvel’s Avengers PS5 enhancements, Black Panther, and more PS4 ‧ Andy Wong
2021-03-19 Forspoken comes to PS5 in 2022 PS5 ‧ Takeshi Aramaki
2021-03-19 New It Takes Two gameplay footage blooms from the garden PS4 ‧ Josef Fares
2021-03-18 Head into battle with high-tech style in Scarlet Nexus PS4 ‧ Sam Wilkinson
2021-03-18 The medieval madness of Rustler rides to PS4, PS5 later this year PS4 ‧ Lucas Croft
2021-03-18 Next-gen VR on PS5: the new controller PlayStation VR ‧ Hideaki Nishino
2021-03-18 Play at Home 2021 update: 10 free games to download this Spring Uncategorized ‧ Jim Ryan
2021-03-18 How to become a superstar detective in Disco Elysium – The Final Cut, out March 30 PS4 ‧ Chris Priestman
2021-03-18 New Heavenly Bodies gameplay trailer reveals two challenging scenarios PS5 ‧ Alexander Perrin
2021-03-18 Puzzling Places, the 3D jigsaw puzzle game is coming to PS VR PlayStation VR ‧ Daniel Sproll
2021-03-17 Surreal narrative adventure Where the Heart Leads hits PS4, PS5 on July 13 PS4 ‧ Todd Keller
2021-03-17 Nour: Play With Your Food’s sous chef: an interactive soundtrack PS4 ‧ Maximilian C Mueller
2021-03-17 The world is your canvas in Chicory: A Colorful Tale, coming to PS5 and PS4 this spring PS4 ‧ Greg Lobanov
2021-03-17 Worldbuilding for asymmetrical spy co-op in Operation: Tango PS4 ‧ Liz Macdonell
2021-03-17 Indies take the spotlight with a day of new reveals and updates PS4 ‧ Shuhei Yoshida
2021-03-17 This week on Destruction AllStars: Bluefang Challenge Series and Season 1 sneak peek PS5 ‧ George Rule
2021-03-17 Returnal: Four mysteries from the new story trailer answered PS5 ‧ Greg Louden
2021-03-17 Mega March promotion comes to PlayStation Store PlayStation Store ‧ Peter Boda
2021-03-17 Rainbow Six Siege’s latest season Crimson Heist starts today PS4 ‧ Gillen McAllister
2021-03-17 Introducing Haven, a new Montreal-based independent studio General ‧ Jade Raymond
2021-03-16 Psychological horror adventure Sanity of Morris out next week PS4 ‧ Matthijs Kramer
2021-03-16 Your guide to survival in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6: Primal PS4 ‧ Michael House
2021-03-16 Dark Alliance brings Dungeons & Dragons to life in an explosive action RPG, coming June 22 PS4 ‧ Jeff Hattem
2021-03-15 Mundaun invites you to a world of hand-drawn horror on PS4 tomorrow PS4 ‧ Michel Ziegler
2021-03-15 Severed Steel – a new FPS big on bullet time and stylish gunplay PS4 ‧ Matt Larrabee
2021-03-13 Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 391: Short and Sweet Uncategorized ‧ Kristen Zitani
2021-03-13 Share of the Week: Inspiring Women PS4 ‧ Kristen Zitani
2021-03-12 Crash 4 dev shares top 10 skins to celebrate launch on PS5 PS5 ‧ Lou Studdert
2021-03-12 Skater XL reveals iconic Embarcadero Plaza level, available now PS4 ‧ Dain Hedgpeth
2021-03-12 The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos launches next week PS4 ‧ Megan Starks
2021-03-11 Outriders dev reveals new lore video, reacts to demo reception PS4 ‧ Toby Palm
2021-03-10 I’m Your GPU – Crafting the digitally-infused pop of Astro’s Playroom PS5 ‧ Kenneth C M Young
2021-03-10 We Were Here Forever continues co-op puzzler series with new entry PS5 ‧ Lucia de Visser, Managing Director & Co-founder, Total Mayhem Games
2021-03-10 Threading together the Sackboy: A Big Adventure theme PS4 ‧ Joe Thwaites
2021-03-06 Genshin Impact version 1.4 celebrates love and life with the Windblume Festival PS4 ‧ Zhenzhong Yi
2021-03-06 Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 390: Fully Immersed Uncategorized ‧ Kristen Zitani
2021-03-06 Share of the Week: Vertical PS4 ‧ Kristen Zitani

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