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5 小时前 Tripsy 2.0: Travel Planner — Now with documents, dark mode, sharing and much more. 43 votes
10 小时前 WaterMinder 4.0 — Hydration tracking redesigned Kriss Smolka
10 小时前 Ayoa — Mind mapping, creativity and task management rolled into one Jan Benton
2 天前 Credder Chrome Extension — Review news articles, authors, and outlets on the go Robin Wauters
2 天前 Span — A new way of managing energy from a former Tesla employee Aaron O'Leary
2 天前 Startup First Users — How billion & million dollar companies got their first users Leon Pals
2 天前 SnapCall — Install interactive call buttons on any web page in 3 mins ⚡ Alex. Delivet
2 天前 ParJar — Send crypto to your friends without the clunky wallet Lindsey Winder
2 天前 Zenbeats — A cross platform music making app Raz Karmi
2 天前 Instagram Line Break — Simple clean line breaks for your Instagram captions Jaydan Urwin
2 天前 Learnember — Remember and organize what you learned 🤔 Gökhan Geyik
2 天前 Lead by Writing — A handbook on being a great manager by Slite and friends 304 votes
2 天前 Animal Text — Get a cute animal text on a random day Weiwei Hsu
2 天前 Podcast 9 — A powerful podcast app with audio snippets and transcripts Kevin Natanzon
2 天前 Listtta — A new way to consume content based on your real interests. 1 votes
2 天前 Google Shopping — Find the best products, prices and places to buy Chris Messina
2 天前 Speech Blubs — Speech encouragement and improvement app for children Ales Blatnik
2 天前 Silver Sharers — Connecting older homeowners with long-term renters Suzanne Noble
2 天前 Workflows by Humble Dot — A free team communication tool that eliminates meetings. Hiten Shah
2 天前 Plotify — Spotify playlists from movie plots 🍿🎶 Tristan Viney
2 天前 JotForm Mobile Forms — Robust forms that work anywhere 573 votes
2 天前 LifeFuels — The smart nutrition bottle that fuels your day Raz Karmi
2 天前 Orca — An all electric jet-ski by Taiga ⚡️ Aaron O'Leary
2 天前 Bloom — Video fitness app for emotional health niklas jansen
3 天前 Hendricks Horatio — Hendricks, the gin company has launched a smart speaker Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
3 天前 Tonic — Daily personalized reads Matthew Ogle
3 天前 Bloom: Self-Care Exercises — Video fitness app for emotional health 168 votes
3 天前 Portal TV — Smart video calling on your TV from Facebook Aaron O'Leary
3 天前 Descript Podcast Studio — It's how you make a podcast. Andrew Mason
3 天前 Bloom — Video fitness app for emotional health 85 votes
3 天前 Signum 2.0 — Be in the know on emerging new trends - powered by AI Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
3 天前 Hyperping Status Pages — Beautifully simple monitoring and status page service Leo Baecker
3 天前 We Learn Code — A free eBook on learning how to code 💻 Neeraj Thakur
3 天前 MeetFox — Seamless meetings, online scheduling, video calls & payments Matic Uzmah
3 天前 Permanent Record — Edward Snowden's explosive memoir is now available Aaron O'Leary
3 天前 HelpCrunch Knowledge Base — Deliver instant answers to customers 24/7 with help articles Kevin William David
3 天前 Hyperping Status Page — Beautifully Simple Monitoring and Status Page Service 97 votes
3 天前 AI-Generated Faces — 100K free AI-generated faces without copyright 19 votes
3 天前 Karmic OSLO — The electric love child of a bike and a scooter Tyler Hayes
3 天前 Movie Showdown — Multiplayer movie trivia game 125 votes
3 天前 Pocket SaaS — Quarterly earnings+SaaS metrics of public cloud companies Yasmin Razavi
3 天前 Breaker for Android — Social podcasts are now available on Android Leah Culver
3 天前 Mind Mapping 3D — Make organized thinking easy & fun Dante Martin
3 天前 2.0 — Link shortener for your business. Custom domains, teams, API Andrii Kostenko
3 天前 TawkTube — Turn YouTube into a podcast Adel
3 天前 Byte Vitae — Generate great looking resumes for developers Alberto Vilva.
3 天前 — A manager’s co-pilot for 1:1s, meetings, feedback & goals 🚀 951 votes
3 天前 Flying Pages for WordPress — Load inner pages instantly, intelligently! Gijo Varghese
3 天前 Lokalise for Intercom app — Multilingual support chat for Intercom by Lokalise (free) Stewart Rogers
4 天前 Eureka — On-demand consumer research made fast and affordable Julia Enthoven
4 天前 CBD Sleep Gummies by Casper — Casper's latest product to help you sleep is CBD gummies Aaron O'Leary
4 天前 WPHelpful — Collecting ratings and feedback from your WordPress users Paul Jarvis
4 天前 Equal Parts — Cookware with on-demand guidance. Andrea Hernández✨
4 天前 — Earn bitcoin while blocking trackers like GA and Mixpanel Dylan Bathurst
4 天前 Skillx — Lifelong learning using interactive micro-courses Meghna Saxena
4 天前 AppFollow 5.0 — All-in-one service to win in the app stores Raz Karmi
4 天前 Zepel — A full fledged JIRA alternative for product teams Kevin William David
4 天前 Walnut — Learn anything with interactive videos and quizzes Harrison Lo
4 天前 Password-protected forms by JotForm — Say goodbye to unwanted form submissions Aytekin
4 天前 Booste — Run performance desktop apps from any device. Erik Dunteman
4 天前 BEET — Drum machine game with 200+ spicy beats 🌶 Daniel Kuntz
4 天前 — Simplify your work, to-do's and communications Tristan Pollock
4 天前 Terms & Conditions Generator — Attorney-approved terms and conditions generator Andrea Giannangelo
4 天前 ContentFly 2.0 — Hire a writer for your business for only $250/mo 489 votes
4 天前 Simulator by GoPractice! — Learn growth and data-driven product management in Simulator 1263 votes
4 天前 Gatekeepr — Grow your brand with deep analysis on social media 1 votes
4 天前 Matlock Extension — Detect the Open Source libraries running on websites Robleh Jama
4 天前 The 2020 Startup Sales Playbook — The definitive guide for early-stage sales teams 🚀 Chad Whitaker
4 天前 TextMate 2.0 — Powerful and customizable text editor for Mac Chris Messina
4 天前 Dealflow by Micro Acquisitions — Automate your small business acquisition pipeline Ryan Kulp
4 天前 Feast — Home cooking delivered straight to your door 👩‍🍳 Aaron O'Leary
4 天前 Mitto — Mitto is a prepaid card for young people Aaron O'Leary
4 天前 Mindful Affirmations — Practice positivity through positive affirmations Joan Cardona Serra
5 天前 Dark — Holistic language, editor, and infra for building backends Hiten Shah
5 天前 Our Place — Beautiful kitchenware for your home. Just add food. Suzy Ryoo
5 天前 Bookself — The social reading app 📚💬 359 votes
5 天前 Don't Drop the Soap — Life hacks, slang & other cool $#*! learned from Prison 30 votes
5 天前 Hilarious Prison Book — Life hacks, slang & other cool $#*! learned from PRISON 8 votes
5 天前 Trusting Trust — Trusting Trust is a 5 minute Etheruem blockchain based game 10 votes
5 天前 WPfomify — Boost Conversions with social proof marketing for WordPress Kevin William David
5 天前 Open Banking API Tracker — Tracking +130 open banking and PSD2 APIs Gertjan De Wilde
5 天前 Scyre — Connect and collaborate with others in the startup community Eric Tsai
5 天前 Spider Pro — The easiest way to scrape the internet. 1311 votes
5 天前 Mixkit Art — Art & Illustration that is completely free 1125 votes
5 天前 Splash Search — Advanced search for Unsplash Alex Sideris
5 天前 — Advanced tool for change detection on any website. 145 votes
5 天前 JotForm 4.0 — Build forms anywhere, anytime. 841 votes
5 天前 reel — Bamboo toilet paper that does good and feels good. 178 votes
5 天前 Smartchat — Capture, convert & close customers from your website 24/7 9 votes
5 天前 Sortify — Organize tabs and regain elegance with one simple click 70 votes
5 天前 Hibernately — Delete inactive contacts from Intercom & MailChimp Dimo Trifonov
5 天前 Morning Person News — New tab with top headlines from multiple sources Efrat Weidberg
5 天前 React Rainbow Components — Build your web application in a snap. Tahimi Leon
5 天前 React Figma — Render React components to Figma Ilya Lesik
5 天前 Becooked — Managing recipes made simple Andi Weiß
5 天前 Shift — Shift electricity use to the least carbon intense grid times Seb Jachec
5 天前 Easometric Figma Plugin — With Easometric it's really easy to create isometric layers. Aaron Iker
6 天前 Mockadillo — Mock your entire API in minutes. Nenad Lukic
6 天前 Digital Brain — All-in-one automated workspace powered by your web history. Raz Karmi
6 天前 Strikefree Music — 5 free unique, royalty-free tracks for your videos / week Bart Proost
6 天前 HUMANS — Discover the web homes of the people who build the internet jacob
6 天前 AskMakers — Aggregated place for Q&A with experienced makers💡 Taishi Kato
6 天前 Figgy: Dark Mode + More for Figma — A better native Figma app for Mac with dark mode ✨ 2 votes
6 天前 Bookcademy — Book summaries as fun, useful & practical courses Daniel Morales
6 天前 Figgy — A better native Figma app for Mac with dark mode ✨ Raven Yu
6 天前 Remote Drive & File Browser for Mac — Stream video and audio from Mac to your iPhone/iPad. 2 votes
6 天前 LaTeX Search — A quick lookup for LaTeX code. Arnav Bansal
6 天前 Verifybar — Easy checksum validator powered by blockchain Walterion
6 天前 Dops — Automate your software development lifecycle Charlie G.
6 天前 Dot Browser — A sleek web browser, with robust built-in ad blocker. EnderDev
6 天前 ScriptSlide — Web based Teleprompter editor with smartphone controller ✨ Junghyun Park
6 天前 Faces — Avatars without background Bogdan Slomchinskiy
7 天前 dripdrip — Become aware of your water usage Kyle McDonald
7 天前 Trip to Carbon — A carbon footprint calculation API for travel. 78 votes
7 天前 Olive Gives — Helps round up your digital spare change for charity Marisa Paramita
7 天前 Tesmo Kickstand — World's Smallest, Invisible & Portable Laptop Stand 54 votes
7 天前 HelpSpace — A support ticket system for the modern age. 184 votes
7 天前 Fast Habit Print — Print a page. Track your habit. Free and simple. 139 votes
7 天前 7shifts — Modern employee scheduling for restaurants 48 votes
7 天前 InitEye — Build AI-powered image search for your app in a few minutes. Azer Koçulu
7 天前 Newslettrs — Subscribe and read newsletters in one place Monish Kumar
7 天前 SliceMap — Mapping all of the dollar slices in NYC Jonah Allibone
7 天前 Actions — Keep track of what you're doing 50 votes
7 天前 Numbers — Find a fact about a number in your new tabs. Sahithyan
7 天前 Salmondo — Simple web app designed to help users with career decisions 21 votes
7 天前 — fashion shopping app Irakli Jokhtaberidze
7 天前 Tagmate — Discover & host meetups near you Shivam Sai Gupta
7 天前 Red Bill — AR App For Kids! shyam vishwakarma
7 天前 Subcolor — Generate colors between two colors İbrahim Telman
7 天前 Peel for iPhone 11 Pro — The original super thin case now available for iPhone 11 Pro Marshall Haas
7 天前 Goal Planner — Accomplish your quarterly goals/OKR's, in 13 weekly sprints Felix
8 天前 Free — Host your JS application, now FREE to get started Karl Clement
8 天前 SoapBox Sidekick — Your team's sidekick to help have more productive meetings 78 votes
8 天前 — A free HTTP based JSON Storage. vasanthv
8 天前 Reply 2.0 — Automate your personal emails + calls + tasks Oleg Campbell
8 天前 Orchestly — Automate and optimize your routine business workflows Kevin William David
8 天前 — A digital museum for digital art 🖼 AJ Adams
8 天前 beat2beat — Meet people with the same music taste Igor Starodubtsev
8 天前 Encompass — Brush your teeth in under 20 seconds Kristofer™
8 天前 gitix — Decentralized git profiles - like Github but for all Friedger Müffke
8 天前 Captions by Typito — Create on-brand captions for your video instantly! Jijo Sunny
8 天前 Seat Surfing — Nomadic community where you can find buddies to work with Shun Yamada
8 天前 AI Meeting Assistant by SoapBox — Your team's sidekick to help have more productive meetings Brennan McEachran
8 天前 — Find and listen to artists performing near you this week 🎶 Alex Yaseen
8 天前 SuperMini — Credit card size 10,000mAh power bank Chris Messina
8 天前 2020GIFs — Deepfake yourself into the 2020 election Nick Abouzeid
8 天前 Dadroit API Studio — A fast and light designer for HTTP APIs Aaron O'Leary
8 天前 Bit — Share components in team and collaborate to build faster Ravi Sethia
8 天前 UPoint — A simple and fun game based on touching the black points. Bedirhan Karadoğan
8 天前 — Sleep better and reduce stress Raz Karmi
8 天前 altmails 2.0 — Stop giving out your email address online. Kesara
8 天前 Adzooma — Automate, manage & optimise your advertising in less time 653 votes
8 天前 Flow — The Blockchain for Open Worlds ⛓️🌎 Neeraj Thakur
8 天前 CKBK — It's like Spotify but for cookbooks Aaron O'Leary
8 天前 UDAPTOR — Transfer your data between services with no effort 109 votes
8 天前 RSVP Keeper — Online RSVP's made easy 84 votes
9 天前 The Essential Email Planner — A better way to organize and plan your email newsletters 82 votes
9 天前 Signal by Drafted — Get introductions to companies as you browse career pages Zach Robinson
9 天前 — Turn Facebook pages into newsletters. 93 votes
9 天前 Post to Google Photos — Upload any image online to Google Photos with a right click Brandon Wu
9 天前 Serpstat Website SEO Checker — Check your website's SEO, analyze competitors and keywords Eugene Lata
9 天前 Free Email Signature Generator - cloudHQ — Create an email signature with logo, social icons, and video 63 votes
9 天前 ReferralMagic — Turn your users and customers into referral magnets. Matic Uzmah
9 天前 Dreem 2 — A next generation headband to sleep better Ben Lang
9 天前 Email Signature Generator by cloudHQ — Free email signatures with logo, video, social icons & more! Naomi Assaraf 🔥
9 天前 Tooth. — Eco-Friendly oral care. Delivered Joshua Oates
9 天前 Insense Creative Studio — AI-optimized video editing Tristan Pollock
9 天前 GMass — Send email marketing campaigns INSIDE Gmail. 2282 votes
9 天前 VisualEyes — Attention heatmaps powered by AI 🔥 318 votes
9 天前 The Product Podcast — Tune into all things Product Management Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia
9 天前 OffScreen — Less phone, more focus. Allen Wang
9 天前 Arcane Maps — Blockchain-based alternative to Google Maps Aaron O'Leary
9 天前 Record3D — Make 3D Videos using your iPhone, view them in AR and more📈 Chris Messina
9 天前 Tiny Mix — NPR Tiny Desk — mixed up, one song at a time. Dan Mesa
9 天前 linkfru. — Blazin’ fast way to create and share content online. 🔥 Dan
9 天前 Sprout Photo — A different new way to launch a beautiful portfolio. Arthur Baklachyan
9 天前 Moonrakers — A game of ship-building, temporary alliances, & negotiation. Andy Seavers
9 天前 DesignwithAI — AI Driven logos for your brand Kevin William David
10 天前 Kuda — An online only bank in Nigeria 🇳🇬 Aaron O'Leary
10 天前 Store by DayOne — Custom built, credit based internal merchandise stores. Conor McKenna
10 天前 Fix Posture — TensorFlow blurs your screen when your posture needs fixing. Ezra Mechaber
10 天前 Absurd Design Membership — 30 new surrealist illustrations to use in your projects 💡 Andrian Valeanu
10 天前 2.0 — AI-driven engagement tracker and coach for Slack-based teams Oksa Zavoyko
10 天前 Aragon — Create and manage organizations on the blockchain Neeraj Thakur
10 天前 Formstatic — HTML form processing for static websites Gilbert Pellegrom
10 天前 The State of Growth Marketing — Why companies adopt growth marketing and you should too. Lisa Dziuba

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