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2020-12-13 Bankoff Card — Banking without banks Elmir Aliyev
2020-12-13 Podcast Cover Art — Discover the world’s best podcast cover art Mubashar Iqbal
2020-12-13 Airboxr — No-code querying and data-enrichment interface for GSheets. Chris Messina
2020-12-13 Onward — A set of combined Calendar & Reminder iOS 14 widgets Vladimir Kucherenko
2020-12-13 Colour Contrast Checker — Check the contrast between different colour gainst WCAG Vasilis Baimas
2020-12-13 Abridge — Record your medical conversations and understand them better Jan
2020-12-13 ILLU — Build Private And Engaging Voice Communities Krish Chelikavada
2020-12-13 Kue — kue is no-bullsh*t, design and tech news for busy designers. 3 votes
2020-12-13 OwlOCR 4.0 — Near instant text recognition for Mac! 130 votes
2020-12-13 YouPay for WooCommerce — Supercharge your customer's buying power & increase sales 🚀 16 votes
2020-12-13 Nuvoe Pod & Bottle — A bottle and pod to purify your water with UV-C 22 votes
2020-12-13 Macmilano Shelvio — the newest modular shelf to organize your bike and gear 34 votes
2020-12-13 HIIT Workout Tool — Simple & customizable tool for the best online HIIT workouts 8 votes
2020-12-13 EmojiScope — Your daily horoscope, in emoji form! 3 votes
2020-12-13 Concierge — The easiest way to buy a car Chris Messina
2020-12-13 FarbVélo — An easy random color explorer to generate color harmonies David Aerne
2020-12-13 Neve — A WooCommerce friendly & lightningfast/AMP WordPress theme. Ionut Neagu
2020-12-13 Newsdrop — Digital newspaper with minimalist news summaries Bruno Pavelja
2020-12-12 Dino Fit — Jump in real life to jump in game Kevin William David
2020-12-12 Dropover — Easier drag & drop on your Mac Chris Messina
2020-12-12 Jot — Jot is the fastest app for notes & sketches 96 votes
2020-12-12 Figma Stories — Share your Figma creations as a story 3 votes
2020-12-12 Streamly — Watch your favourite concerts from any angle. Rich Allen
2020-12-12 Synapse Medicine — Easy access to reliable drug information Nadjib Bennaï
2020-12-12 Frozen Goodies — An advent calendar to get the chance to win daily prizes 65 votes
2020-12-12 Ping Instant Messenger — For confidential communication Bojan Savikj
2020-12-12 Midikaos — MIDI files library collected at the end of the 20th century 1 votes
2020-12-12 Validated Ideas — Simple SaaS ideas, fleshed out Chris Messina
2020-12-12 Wistory — Embed stories in your app or website katerina nikerina
2020-12-12 WA! Gmail Add-on — Get your prospect full story at a glance. Henri Chabrand
2020-12-12 ChristmasPrism — Find houses with holiday lights in your area ✨ Mike Kane
2020-12-12 LineCounter — Counting lines of code shi jizhi
2020-12-12 SEO Asked — An archive of Googlers tweets & answers on SEO. Matthis
2020-12-12 MicroSaaS Acquisition eBooks — Free collection of 10 MicroSaaS Acquisition eBooks. 171 votes
2020-12-12 Robomart — On-demand mobile stores Ali Ahmed
2020-12-11 Xmas Trivia by Springworks — Bring the holiday spirit to your Slack or MS Teams workspace Abhash Kumar
2020-12-11 Poly Capture — A time-lapse screen recorder for macOS. 146 votes
2020-12-11 Xmas Trivia app for Slack & MS Teams — Bring the holiday spirit to your workspace w/ Xmas quizzes 86 votes
2020-12-11 UI Flow Cards — Construct web pages with ease, using 163 UI Flow Cards Fatih Güner
2020-12-11 WP Snow Effect — Add animation effect of falling snow to your WP site Csaba Kissi
2020-12-11 Content Editor 2.0 by Surfer — Deliver the most relevant pages for any keyword 223 votes
2020-12-11 Aye illustrations — 20 vector, minimalistic, black & white illustrations 112 votes
2020-12-11 Catchar for XR companies — We run communities and application stores for XR companies Dan Zaitsev
2020-12-11 Algolia's New Docs Search — Search documentation like never before 🔎 Chris Messina
2020-12-11 Free Palms Illustrations — 43 free PNG hands to illustrate any idea Anastasiya Yavorskaya
2020-12-11 Newsletter Crew — Podcast, blog, and community for newsletter creators. Yaroslaw Bagriy
2020-12-11 Custom Poetry — The perfect personalized gift for this holiday season Kiki Schirr
2020-12-11 Idea Pioneering 1.01 — A practical guide on generating hellishly good ideas. Chris Messina
2020-12-11 Custom, Personalized Holiday Poems — The perfect personalized gift for this holiday season 3 votes
2020-12-11 International Piano Players Club — Global, user submitted map of public and semi-public pianos Brian
2020-12-11 People Not Platforms — Follow people, not platforms Daniel Metcalfe
2020-12-11 Rateababe — Onling dating journal. We make sure you never forget <3 Christian Lauridsen
2020-12-11 Knit Xmas Edition — Mingle and socialize during virtual events Konrad Urban
2020-12-11 Most Days — Life improvement platform Brent Franson
2020-12-11 Twitter Thread Scheduler from OneUp — Schedule Twitter threads - with images supported Davis Baer
2020-12-11 Slideflow — Turn your Google Slides into a website in seconds. Shinnosuke Ito
2020-12-11 Google Form to Chatbot — Turn your Google Form into a chatbot and collect responses Hossein Shams
2020-12-11 QuantifyNow — Superior statistics for 10x faster decision-making Markus Repetschnig
2020-12-11 NoteView — Easily share results from Jupyter notebooks Sanket Chauhan
2020-12-10 Ava Closed Captions — Make online meetings/videos 1-click accessible for the deaf Thibault Duchemin
2020-12-10 NoteView for Jupyter — Easily share analysis from Jupyter notebooks 42 votes
2020-12-10 Web Analytics by Cloudflare — Free, privacy-focused web analytics. Alexander Isora 🦄
2020-12-10 Characterz — Biggest diverse mix and match 3D illustration library Samuel Briskar
2020-12-10 Oculisa — AI & Big Data based website leads analytics for sales growth Andrew Bondarenko
2020-12-10 Microlink 3.0 — Browser as API Kiko Beats
2020-12-10 Edu-pal — Quick, effortless feedback for Google Meet lessons Markus Zhang
2020-12-10 Create Node CLI — CLI that generates new Node.js CLI tools in a jiffy Ahmad Awais ⚡
2020-12-10 Figside — Ship Websites with Figma Baptiste Adrien
2020-12-10 Amber — Bitcoin on autopilot 625 votes
2020-12-10 UserLeap — AI-powered, continuous research for product teams Dylan Field
2020-12-10 LogicLike — Improve logical thinking through engaging brain games Chris Messina
2020-12-10 Virtup — We organize fun remote team events that build togetherness Vignesh Palaniappan
2020-12-10 Hologram — Amazing widgets and wallpapers for your Mac desktop! 193 votes
2020-12-10 Sorted³ for Mac — One place to hyper-schedule your entire day Harry Ng
2020-12-10 Viewst — Create professionally‑designed ads from scratch in minutes Kevin William David
2020-12-10 Test — Test Evan Kelso
2020-12-10 ProtoPie for Figma — Add powerful, conditional interactions to your Figma designs 291 votes
2020-12-10 Modern Memories — Letters written today. Delivered in the future. 26 votes
2020-12-10 — Grow your piano skills with each Google search. Marian König
2020-12-10 On Deck Chief of Staff Fellowship — Where Chiefs of Staff go for support & to build superpowers. Chris Messina
2020-12-10 Nebula — Nebula is a charming and easy to use colour picker. David Norris
2020-12-10 Qobrix — Next generation real estate software Andria Karaolia
2020-12-10 Carousel Maker by Contentdrips — Create carousel posts for IG & LinkedIn from your browser. 213 votes
2020-12-10 Contract Cardinal — Contract management that doesn't suck. 3 votes
2020-12-10 Balloon — Virtual events platform 331 votes
2020-12-10 The Best Year Club — A commitment to making 2021 the best year ever. Dan Edwards
2020-12-10 #TrelloAnnualReport — Your team's year on Trello - visualized! Robin Warren
2020-12-10 FriendlyFace — Personalized face wear maps your face on a mask or gaiter Ash Bhoopathy
2020-12-10 Range Sync for Chrome — Make check-ins easier by bringing in recent app activity Braden Kowitz
2020-12-09 Storrito for Facebook Stories — Auto story posting for Instagram and Facebook 57 votes
2020-12-09 Fellow + Zapier Integration — Meeting automation made easy with Fellow + Zapier ⚡️ Alexandra Sunderland
2020-12-09 Ready Player Me Cyberpunk Edition — Create a lookalike cyberpunk avatar from a selfie Timmu Tõke
2020-12-09 Link N Run — Create short links for most used URLs & share inside company Sebastian Hodge
2020-12-09 Elementor Cloud Beta — Fastest way to create WordPress sites, now in the Cloud. Adithya Shreshti
2020-12-09 Founders' Club — Meet top indie founders around the world. Anthony Castrio
2020-12-09 Surge - anonymous P2P on steroids — 100% decentralized & secure P2P file sharing client bruce li
2020-12-09 Twtpoll Polls as Chatbots — Because sometimes you just need to ask one question. Felipe Coimbra
2020-12-09 Nine — Self-service subscription e-commerce for products Chris McClelland
2020-12-09 Listle 2.0 — Personalized video news 1018 votes
2020-12-09 Klima — Go carbon neutral Markus Gilles
2020-12-09 Typefully — Write & publish great tweets, without distractions Chris Messina
2020-12-09 Joonbot — Build custom conversations that convert without code Alex. Delivet
2020-12-09 Mercury Treasury — Automated cash management for high-growth startups immad
2020-12-09 — Powerful workflow automation tool Kevin William David
2020-12-09 Back — The world's first platform for automation-first operations Christoph Janz
2020-12-09 ibble — Short-form video convos sparked by trends, events, or news. Raymond Kaminski
2020-12-09 Palcast — Better Spotify Wrapped for podcast fans Ricky Yean
2020-12-09 Coding Rooms — Real-time platform for teaching programming Chris Messina
2020-12-09 buylow — Free shopping extension that instantly finds the best price. Matt Talmage
2020-12-09 Beatsy — Augmented reality music visualizer for iOS Matt Bierner
2020-12-09 Linear Release Roadmaps — Next level for builders Karri Saarinen
2020-12-09 Surge — 100% anonymous, decentralized & secure P2P file sharing app bruce li
2020-12-09 Echo — Capture your digital memories from any platform Conner Nudd
2020-12-09 Glue — Automatic knowledge hub for navigating the creative process Dzianis Pomazau
2020-12-09 Cabana 4 — Design system for Figma Marcus Andrew
2020-12-09 Froala Charts - makers of Froala Editor — The most comprehensive charting library for your application David Greene
2020-12-09 Mapbox GLJS V2 — Interactive, customizable 3D maps in your browser Paul Veugen
2020-12-09 vPark Travel (Tour of San Francisco) — Virtual tours with local guides in moving 360 environment Darren Gozali
2020-12-09 Free Christmas Face Filter Builder — Create your own Christmas or holiday-themed AR face filter Cristina Ferrandez
2020-12-09 Froala Charts — The most comprehensive charting library for your application 63 votes
2020-12-09 vPark Travel — Virtual tours with local guides in moving 360 environment Darren Gozali
2020-12-09 Wonder — Wonder is a virtual space where people can meet and talk. Leandro
2020-12-09 Portfoleon Timeline — Plot your projects on a timeline for free 296 votes
2020-12-08 2.0 — Find the perfect remote job, work from anywhere Niels Vugteveen
2020-12-08 Everypixel Patterns — Customizable seamless patterns for designers 193 votes
2020-12-08 AirPods Max — New over the ear headphones from Apple Aaron O'Leary
2020-12-08 Visme — All-in-one design platform for you & your team Kevin William David
2020-12-08 Twilio for Slack — Enable SMS conversations with Slack+Twilio 954 votes
2020-12-08 Notion TrackerSuite — 12 high-performing digital systems in Notion Zoe Chew 🇲🇾👩💻🎹📕
2020-12-08 Collaboration from CloudApp — Collaborate with commenting, annotations, and faster sharing Joe Martin
2020-12-08 Arranged Marriages — Uber for marriage 16 votes
2020-12-08 Headlime 2.0 — Professional marketing copy for anyone Danny Postma
2020-12-08 No Code Chart — Free no-code tool to create and export chart to your website Engjell Sela
2020-12-08 E-Commerce Benchmark Report — Customer support for E-commerce during COVID explained 115 votes
2020-12-08 NDesk — Install and run Javascript/Node.js projects in a GUI 5 votes
2020-12-08 Wristcam — Lightweight camera system for WATCH Chris Messina
2020-12-08 The Personality Reveal — Infer your personality from written text. Felix Melchner
2020-12-08 Codebooks — Beautiful project documentation, instantly. Noah Wilson
2020-12-08 IPO Watch — Track upcoming IPOs Daniel Ni
2020-12-08 Video Downloader for Linkedin — Download and save Linkedin videos without login Endrit Rushiti
2020-12-08 AllyVolt — Democratizing EV charging stations Kshitij Agarwl
2020-12-08 Blocksy — A lightningfast, innovative and supercharged WordPress theme Andrian Valeanu
2020-12-08 v1 — Share open time slots with links. Customers book in 3 clicks Vincenzo Belpiede
2020-12-08 Finch — Payroll and HR API 311 votes
2020-12-08 Highways — Connect your conversational tools to the rest of your stack. Colin Longworth
2020-12-07 — Reddit meets MTV, discover music videos! 678 votes
2020-12-07 Lloyd — Waze for your career Felix Wong
2020-12-07 Accessify — Manage access to all the services your team uses Laura Smith
2020-12-07 Accessible Advent Tracker — Tracking down all #AccessibleAdvent, so you don't have to. hannahhh
2020-12-07 Unite 4 for macOS — Turn any website into an app on your Mac in seconds. Binyamin Goldman
2020-12-07 Video to Article — Turn your video into an article and share or embed it online Aaron O'Leary
2020-12-07 Roombuddy — Find and match your perfect roommate Toma Rareş
2020-12-07 Feed Preview — Preview your assets on the Product Hunt feed 179 votes
2020-12-07 UIGiants — Show and find UX/UI design talents, not dribbble shots 194 votes
2020-12-07 Cyberpunk Theme iOS 14 Icons — Handcrafted cyberpunk, futuristic, and sprawling icons! Pizza Yap
2020-12-07 Lovewick — A couples app to play your way to lasting love 1 votes
2020-12-07 Newsletter Spy — A database of 20,000+ Substack newsletters Jakob Greenfeld
2020-12-07 Video to Article by TypeStudio — Turn your video into an article & share or embed it online Aaron O'Leary
2020-12-07 OnlyFams — Create private communities for your fams 1447 votes
2020-12-07 Graphue — Presentation templates for every purpose 676 votes
2020-12-07 Lovewick - Couples App — Fun question cards and date ideas to grow and stay in love 185 votes
2020-12-07 Windy — Transform every HTML element on any website to Tailwind CSS 476 votes
2020-12-07 Riffbase — Save snippets of Spotify tracks Iury Dias
2020-12-07 Discover New Tunes — Upload a lineup image and discover new artists and music Mayer Seidman
2020-12-07 ArticleFinder — Find different view points of the same story Nikhil Sharma
2020-12-07 Health Stats — Dashboard for Apple Health data Sven Navez
2020-12-06 Neighborly 2.0 — Local social network advocating neighbourhood co-operation Jamie Livingstone
2020-12-06 Connectly: QR Card — Share or collect business cards with qr code in your phone. Ümit Kaş
2020-12-06 Icons8 Christmas Photos — Free studio stock photos for the holidays Ivan
2020-12-06 Rise — Employee wellbeing marketplace for remote work and employees 70 votes
2020-12-06 Cantanding Fun Online Karaoke 🎤 — The simplest and most complete online karaoke 🎤🎤🎤 Daniel Peris
2020-12-06 Ethical Shopper — Make ethical shopping choices as an informed customer. Bakar Tavadze
2020-12-06 Wasp-lang Alpha — Develop web apps in React & Node.js with no boilerplate Mubashar Iqbal
2020-12-06 Fun Christmas Photos — Free studio stock photos for the holidays Ivan
2020-12-06 Friendtainer — Digital assistant that reminds you to contact your friends 52 votes
2020-12-06 SyntaxMeets — Create rooms, call friends and code together simultaneously 20 votes
2020-12-06 servr — Enrich your app by serving custom domains 138 votes
2020-12-06 Cantanding Online Karaoke — Sing Karaoke online with friends Daniel Peris
2020-12-06 Townscaper — A fun & relaxing town-building game Richard Viewegh
2020-12-06 Scalero — Crack the email creation workflow Brant Cebulla
2020-12-06 Flowbar 2.0 — Multi-functional browser organizer & note taking tool Talha Altinozek
2020-12-06 hire.AR — A job board for augmented reality jobs. Chris Messina
2020-12-06 Discover Weekly Autosaver — Autosave your Discover Weekly playlist from Spotify Vladimir Strilets
2020-12-06 Prosocial Design Library — UI elements that could help users get along. John Fallot
2020-12-05 My Site Archive — The simplest way to archive your website. Steve Polito
2020-12-05 Instrumental — Practice tracker for learning any instrument Robin Bilgil
2020-12-05 Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro — Wireless gaming earbuds with an in-ear sealed design Calum Webb
2020-12-05 Epomaker GK96S — A compact, wireless mechanical keyboard Kevin William David
2020-12-05 Roy — A simple & delightful color picker for designers Clark Dinnison
2020-12-05 BreadMe — Take the guesswork out of planning your bake days. 58 votes
2020-12-05 Tellast — Write stories collaboratively with others 8 votes
2020-12-05 Cap — Moderate your site usage. Get control of your browsing back. 14 votes
2020-12-05 Cow Pilot — Your deadline driven to-do list Marian Beck
2020-12-05 JUXT — Zen Hip-hop quotes on the go! 4 votes
2020-12-05 effy — A community for 30-second voice messages Seunggi KIM
2020-12-05 Moderate — Identify, mute, and block trolls in your Twitter feed Chris Messina
2020-12-05 — Discover new Japanese artists and music through your Spotify Devendra Tambat
2020-12-05 Associated Podcast — Broadening access to VC by interviewing junior investors. Lois Ollerenshaw
2020-12-05 6ToDos — Simple 6 todos list, write them, complete them. Arslan Rafique
2020-12-05 Koali Me — Find out how people feel about you! Guillermo Vazquez

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