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1. 2019-2020 Ultimate Yearly Reflection — 188 questions to reflect, integrate, & set yearly intentions Kyle Kesterson
2. Rewound — Give your iPhone an iPod click wheel Aaron O'Leary
3. DotPass — Pretty secure unique passwords with patterns on iOS and Mac Lars Gafvert
4. Lesssss Card — The safe layer between you and your smartphone. Luter Filho
5. Nyrvana Chocolate — The world's first smart chocolate Lindsay Fuce
6. Simple Decisions for Slack — by Simple Poll. Never let another decision get lost in Slack Wilhelm Klopp
7. Third — A plugin that lets you import, lit, and render 3D in Figma Victor Aremu
8. EmuCast — Micro-Video Chat for remote and distributed teams Sean Hama
9. Tide — Smart business current accounts Ivo Kanev
10. ChatBot for LiveChat — Add chatbots to LiveChat without coding Agnieszka
11. TheCE — A fun and interactive engagement tool Kevin William David
12. Return of the Likes — Instagram likes and comments available again! Teo Lozan
13. Generated Photos API — Generate worry-free, diverse models on-demand using AI Chris Messina
14. Store Feedback — Give and get unbiased feedback for your Shopify Store Fu Fei
15. Startup School Winter 2020 — Learn how to start a startup with YC for free Kat Manalac
16. Tribe — Shop with integrity. Put your money where your heart is. Sara Juliet Fruman
17. Panion — Meet people with common interests wherever you go Melanie Aronson
18. Afflytics — Affiliate analytics dashboard Ryan Bales
19. Toaster Bath Bomb — A bath bomb shaped like a toaster and smells like a Pop-Tart Daniel Greenberg
20. Pinterest 100 — 100 trending searches from Pinterest Quincy Lun
21. for iPad — Everything you loved about on iPhone, but BIGGER 😎 Emery Wells
22. Sociallymap — Qualitative automation & content workfow for Social Media Florent Hernandez
23. CALA — Build your fashion brand Ryan
24. — Discover and try new Lightning Network apps ⚡ Rui Gomes
25. Canary — Warn Slack teams against nsfw messages using AI Gareth
26. The VC Platform Field Guide — A short manual for VCs to help startups succeed Abadesi
27. Podcasting Resource Guide — Top 200 tools & resources podcasters use to grow their show Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
28. Squirrly SEO Focus Pages — Waze for navigating Google Ranking factors Florin Muresan
29. FORM Swim Goggles + Polar Heart Rate — See your heart rate while you swim 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️🥽❤️ Paul Barszcz
30. Screenshot PRO — Easily search and organize your screenshots (iOS App) Giuseppe Travasoni
31. Biteable — The simple video editor that lives in your browser Chris Frantz
32. Open Stacks — Browse transparent Tech Stacks and add your own JT⚡️
33. TideTask — Control your procrastination and never miss a task again Bart Boch
34. CSSBattle Custom Battles — Your targets, your battle kushagra gour
35. City Kit — Illustrated and animated cities from around the world Nick Etemadipour
36. Dapp Store by — Discover, use, and enjoy dapps with ease 🍃 Joseph Holguin
37. Figma Mobile Upload — Snap a photo, drop it in Figma. Joel Califa
38. — High-quality social esports for amateurs and normal people Kat Manalac
39. Llama Sounds Advent Calendar — Fake llamasounds for each day until Christmas Hannes Oud
40. RadioPublic PRO — Podcast marketing tools for listener relationship management Jake Shapiro
41. Knorish — Launch online stores for selling courses and content Tristan Pollock
42. Mubert AI Music API — Royalty free music for your app & business Tristan Pollock
43. Fonts Ninja — Try fonts discovered on websites in any design software Chris Messina
44. efile4Biz — Easily file and deliver 1099, W-2 and ACA forms online Denise Rivera
45. Hull for Zapier — Hull stitches the data, Zapier triggers the workflows guillaume cabane
46. Orchid — Build and deploy documentation sites that grow with you Casey Brooks
47. ZenDen — Stress less about your home tasks. Alice Avery
48. Bravo Studio — Mobile prototypes just got real Toby Oliver
49. Internal — Manage personal relationships in Slack Ian Scalzo
50. DeBounce — Remove hard bounces from your email list. Iman Hejazi


9 小时前 Learn to Code Bundle — The best intro to programming courses on Teachable Ankur Nagpal
16 小时前 Product-Market Fit Checker — Find out instantly if you have product/market fit 47 votes
2 天前 Slides 5 — Create, edit and keep static websites online. 🌟 Andrian Valeanu
2 天前 WeSupporter — All in one social media tool for political campaigns G Moorthy
2 天前 KamiBaby — A trusted baby monitor for those precious first few years Nikolai Lebedovsky
2 天前 Orsolo — Productivity without all the added team features Daniel 💻
2 天前 ProfitWell Benchmarks — See how you stack up against other subscription products. Hiten Shah
2 天前 Homely — A shared task manager perfect for college students Umar
3 天前 Background Image Generator — This is a simple background image generator. 6 votes
3 天前 New HomeBiogas Generation — A system that turns your waste into energy & fertilizer Nikolai Lebedovsky
3 天前 Space by JetBrains — The integrated team environment Gareth Wilson
3 天前 PowerSearch — Supercharge browser text search with productivity features Tomas
3 天前 CCPA Compliance Checklist — Easily check how or if you need to comply with CCPA. Gertjan De Wilde
3 天前 Vidyard — Free video hosting without limits or ads Jesse Ariss
3 天前 Generato — Design applications visually - generate code in seconds 🚀 Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
3 天前 XEV YOYO — 3D Printed Electric Car 🚘⚡️ Nikolai Lebedovsky
3 天前 Authpack — User login system installed with 8 lines of code. Jack Scott
3 天前 Unite 3 for macOS — Turn websites into apps and change the way you use your Mac Binyamin Goldman
3 天前 Classy Craig — A more beautiful Craigslist experience Justin Rockmore
3 天前 Pine — Your personal journal. Everywhere. Henrikas Kuzmickas
3 天前 Orba — A musical instrument designed for your hands by "Artiphon" Ram
3 天前 Mightier — Biofeedback games to help kids improve emotional regulation 1 votes
3 天前 eazydone — Workflow management tool Mateusz Kwiecień
3 天前 Singleton UI Kit — Stylish and playful layouts for beautiful landings Chris Messina
3 天前 Navver — A navigation app with live weather radar. Daniel Slapelis
3 天前 Works For All — Find a central meeting place for everyone in the group Najmuzzaman Mohammad
3 天前 PhotoJoke — Image recognition & jokes finally combined into one app Jamie Turner
3 天前 /egg — The missing egg timer command for Slack Harvey
3 天前 Knowflow — Mindmapping with cards and concepts Dima Neiaglov
4 天前 Accountable Buddy — Helping you reach your goals, as your accountability partner Max Lockwood
4 天前 Desircle — Project management built for designers by designers. Ivan Achille
4 天前 Accelomemer — Make your bicycle sound like a motorcycle with this new app! ASL Games
4 天前 Pixela — Record and Track your habits or effort. All by API. アロハのmatsuu🐧
4 天前 Freelancify — Self-Management for freelancers Lukas Hof
4 天前 Postoplan — Free system for managing social networks and messaging apps Alex Bozhin
4 天前 Neon — Real-time color & gradient picker Swapnanil Dhol
4 天前 TEMPEST — A revolutionary personal weather system 💦☀️⛅️ Nikolai Lebedovsky
4 天前 POSTOPLAN — Free system for managing social networks and messaging apps 308 votes
4 天前 Accountable Boss — Helping you reach your goals, as your boss Max Lockwood
4 天前 Flöckbud Sports App — Meet other athletes, create & join workouts, discover flocks Luiz Moreira
4 天前 BioLinky — Yet another link tool? Yeah.. But better, and totally free! sander belaen
4 天前 Pager — Alerts for Reddit Joshua Turner
4 天前 SimpleMeditate — Getting meditated has never been this beautiful Ido Sharon
4 天前 MOODZ — Ultimate travel gallery to inspire your next vacation 47 votes
5 天前 GoDial — Turn your phone into a Call Center Avijit Sarkar
5 天前 Kronos InTouch DX — Say hello to the time clock of the future Ken Savage
5 天前 Azio Fokal Keyboard — A wireless mechanical keyboard with a control knob Nikolai Lebedovsky
5 天前 RetailMeNot Genie — Instantly apply the internet's best coupons at checkout Chris Messina
5 天前 Bookmyat — Get the Twitter username you've always dreamed of Maxence GS
5 天前 Citation Saver — Link directly back to content you highlight on a page. John Leung
5 天前 Mechvibes — Play mechanical keyboard sounds as you type Nguyễn Hải
5 天前 Anatomy Podcasts — Rotten Tomatoes for podcasts Michael Goland
5 天前 JolieFAQ — A beautiful, pixel perfect FAQ in seconds ❤️ Chaïb Martinez
5 天前 Omoguru — Improves dyslexics reading skills in an enjoyable way Vanja Andrić
5 天前 Catch Elf Move — Catch Elf on the Shelf on camera moving in your home Sarah Boland
5 天前 Slack Cleaner — The ultimate tool for deleting files from Slack. Miroslav Maksimovic
5 天前 Fronty — Image to HTML converter powered by AI Tigran Vardanyan
5 天前 The 50 Best Record Stores In The US — New Vinyl Me, Please coffee table book Tyler
6 天前 Musicspace — The simple way for musicians to manage their music catalog Karan
6 天前 Viyo — Turn any device with a browser into a security camera Geoff Chan
6 天前 My Final Wish — A place to let others know how you'd like to be remembered Gary Willmott
6 天前 Paul Graham's Essays Visualized — Startup and entrepreneurship advice from PG in visual form Anna Vital
6 天前 Stick — Zero-fee commission platform for private equity Vic Koch
6 天前 Freelancember — 31 days of free gifts for freelancers Charlie Irish
6 天前 TimeStack — Time tracking & invoicing for freelancers Cornelius
6 天前 Whereby — Freedom to work from anywhere. Chris Messina
6 天前 FaceMaze — Free web interface for accurate face detection Przemek Matylla
6 天前 Whereby 5.0 — Easy video meetings on the go Chris Messina
6 天前 Cannabiscope — The future of cannabis menus and e-commerce Chris Messina
6 天前 TurnUp — Live & shared playlists 🎶 made simple ✅ Baptiste Arnaud
6 天前 Wavechat — Record and share micro podcasts w/ your friends Dennis Stücken
6 天前 7 Minute Workout — Daily bodyweight exercises Robleh Jama
6 天前 Panda — Star in TV shows with your best friends Nick Abouzeid
6 天前 Podcave — A complete toolkit for your podcast. Brad Nolan
6 天前 Pixelworm — Ensure your design is implemented right. Selim Savsar
6 天前 Shoe Hero — A Fitbit app to easily track the lifespan of your shoes Brandon R Him
6 天前 The Great CEO Within — The tactical guide to company building Alex MacCaw
6 天前 WhatsApp + — Reminders in WhatsApp NaveenKumar Namachivayam
6 天前 Word Game — Practice vocabulary like a champ. Sourav Badami
7 天前 Handwrite — The easiest way to send authentic handwritten cards. Dan Bogachek
7 天前 Figma Auto Layout — Design more, resize less Josh Dunsterville
7 天前 Privacy Alert by Instart — Check if your personal information is at risk on websites Andy Wyatt
7 天前 Alphahōm Care Go — Personal alarm designed for your peace of mind Ted Li
7 天前 Scout — Travel planner that combines Google Maps and Sheets/Docs Chris Messina
7 天前 Toothy — A mini dentist in your pocket 👄 Volodymyr Yahenskyi
7 天前 Imgur Melee — Discuss & watch gaming clips Amrith Shanbhag
7 天前 Chad's Calling — Chad will get you out of any uncomfortable conversation Jack Zerby
7 天前 Fennec Messenger — Connecting kids and families with smartwatch support Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
7 天前 Template Universe by CodeSandbox — Kickstart new coding projects with one-click⁠—no setup. Gareth Wilson
7 天前 Productive Work Schedule Generator — Based on science of sleep, productivity & social psychology Chris Messina
7 天前 twiice — An edible coffee cup available in New Zealand Aaron O'Leary
7 天前 Productive Work Scheduler by CoWop — Based on science of sleep, productivity & social psychology 14 votes
7 天前 Free Knowledge Base by Dashly — Optimize your customer support with Knowledge Base by Dashly Valerie Fenske
7 天前 ReadItNever — Say goodbye to 1000+ unread; auto-archive your reading lists Chad Stovern
7 天前 Botfront — Build bots in any language with natural language 178 votes
7 天前 Nexit — Road trips the way you always wanted Ben Jebara
7 天前 2019 Wrapped by Spotify — The songs you loved most this year, all wrapped up. Jess Chen
7 天前 Productivity Scheduler by CoWop — Based on science of sleep, productivity & social psychology Chris Messina
7 天前 Andrew Yang App — Get your latest political news and stats Bryan Wang
7 天前 Form Builder by Webiny — Visual form builder. OpenSource, serverless and dev-friendly Sven Al Hamad
7 天前 Good Sign-Offs Gmail Extension — 100+ ways to tell someone goodbye. Angel Velasco
7 天前 StackShare API — Clearbit for tech stacks: data for 1.5M+ companies Yonas
7 天前 Vue ReactiveSearch — Free, open-source Vue components for building search UIs Kevin William David
7 天前 KB Labs — Turn any idea Into a prototype Raz Karmi
7 天前 Most Productive Work Scheduler — Based on science of sleep, productivity & social psychology 4 votes
7 天前 Article Reminder — Save articles and set a reminder to read them. Zeeshan Ahmad
7 天前 Andrew Yang — Get your latest political news and stats Bryan Wang
7 天前 Preppr — Scheduler for Instagram, Facebook & Twitter Jurg Benders
7 天前 Drift Video for Mobile — Record fast, personalized videos on the go Hiten Shah
7 天前 Senior meet Junior — Connecting senior and junior devs over side projects Leonard Bogdonoff
7 天前 Webiny Serverless CMS: Form Builder — Visual form builder. OpenSource, serverless and dev-friendly 3 votes
7 天前 StackShare API (Beta) — Clearbit for tech stacks: backend data for 1.5M+ companies Yonas
7 天前 — Getting organized has never been this easy 171 votes
7 天前 Datamade — Get custom datasets on-demand Matt Waite
8 天前 Craiglist for Mobile — Finally browse Craigslist on your phone Gabriel Lewis
8 天前 Tech Top 10 by The Information — Today’s top 10 tech stories, analyzed for you Jessica Lessin
8 天前 Audio card by MyPostcard — Mail a 60 second audio recording in a personalized card Maud Arnold
8 天前 Snapchat Ads Automation by Revealbot — Save time and automate your best Snapchat Ads strategies Mikhail Trofimov
8 天前 Portable Echo Input — A new battery powered Echo Aaron O'Leary
8 天前 Save time using Zendesk articles right within Intercom he9qi
8 天前 2019 State of One-on-ones Report — How over 200 managers approach 1:1 meetings 💬 93 votes
8 天前 Rio Water-propelled Heated Eye Massager — Get rid of your eye fatigue in 10 minutes! 👁 Nikolai Lebedovsky
8 天前 Delphia — Invest your data in the stock market to accelerate returns Andrew Peek
8 天前 Product/Market Fit Survey by Sean Ellis — Check how close your product is to Product/Market fit 335 votes
8 天前 Harpoon v3 — Next generation time-tracking and billing software Andy Johnson
8 天前 Naker.Form — Make your form efficient and formidable for free Lisa Dziuba
8 天前 Tim — AWS cost management for busy developers Jason Kim
8 天前 Echo Input — A new battery powered Echo Aaron O'Leary
8 天前 Tim — AWS Cost Management For Busy Developers Jason Kim
8 天前 Freshsales Mobile CRM — Your full-fledged CRM, to go Nivas Ravichandran
8 天前 AntEater — Team CRM on Gmail/Outlook & Slack always up-to-date using AI Alex Ackermans | AntEater
8 天前 The Forever Floatride GROW — A plant based shoe from Reebok 🌱 Aaron O'Leary
8 天前 Mate 5 for iOS — Powerful translator app with desktop-grade Safari extension Thomas Schranz ⛄️
8 天前 Waking Up for Web — Now you can meditate from your desktop Chris Messina
8 天前 Below the Fold — Important stories *not* making headlines Nick Abouzeid
8 天前 HDR Plus+ — Choose best exposures with a tap and shoot great HDR images Todea Gross Ioan Vasile
8 天前 Face recognition widget for your website — Authorize your website users using facial recognition 51 votes
8 天前 Mate for iOS 5 – Anniversary Update — Seamlessly translate in Safari, Mail, Notes, PDFs, & any app Thomas Schranz ⛄️
8 天前 Product/Market Fit Survey — Check how close your product is to Product/Market fit Sean Ellis
8 天前 The North Star Playbook — The ultimate North Star guide ⭐ Chris Messina
8 天前 Pepo Conversations — Pepo is the place for crypto conversations Jason Goldberg
8 天前 Repixel — Retarget *someone else’s* website on Facebook Ads Kevin William David
8 天前 Bullshit Product Generator — Your million dollar product idea is... Steve Robbins
8 天前 Charityvest — Your personal charitable giving fund. Ashby Foltz
8 天前 MyTabs — Store and manage browser tabs KeMonté Jones
8 天前 Steller — Discover, create & share stories Jordan Foy
8 天前 Simple Scraper — Turn any website into an API in just a few seconds. Mike
8 天前 Delegate — Take back your time ⏰ Pavan Sethi
8 天前 Apowersoft Background Eraser — Automatically remove background from image. Jill Janet
8 天前 Liramail — Design your brand emails within minutes with Liramail Editor Dharmesh Gohil

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