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1. Crystal — Make your team’s organization crystal clear Joeffrey Arruyer
2. Postmen 2.0 — Free shipping software & API for eCommerce businesses Zoey
3. WifiLink — Share WiFi & hotspot access without using a password Masayoshi Tajima
4. Nodestory — Watch, create and share stories that don't disappear Kevin William David
5. Endlesss Studio — Live collaborative music studio and social network Tim Shaw
6. Claquette 2.0 — An easy-to-use GIF and video utility for the Mac. Thomas Zoechling
7. Virus Cafe — Make a friend in 2 minutes Feross Aboukhadijeh
8. Better Wiki — A curated directory of best practices from great companies Chris Messina
9. Kangaroo Doorbell Camera — Affordable doorbell camera with theft coverage protection Dhruv Garg
10. AER Dryer — Smart, cordless hair dryer with AI optimal heating Bulut Sakchak
11. Palabra — No-code friendly workspace for your automated emails Karen Serfaty
12. Chroma Slide — Colorful arcade game, all ad-revenue goes to COVID-19 relief Dakota Goldberg
13. Search Bar for Classroom — A search bar for the Google Classroom assignments stream Micah Cantor
14. Readit — Organize your content. Save, read and share articles Alberto Moral
15. Parsify Desktop — Extendable calculator for the 21st century ⚡ Antoni Kępiński
16. Sol — Become more mindful of your time Insh
17. Satchel — Guides to the best SaaS tools Kat Manalac
18. Pomosh for macOS — Your next awesome Pomodoro Timer Steven J. Selcuk
19. FLIPMITS — Convertible handwear for everyday adventures. Matthew Angorn
20. AmaLinks Pro — All-in-one WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates Matthew Allen
21. JazzKeys — Send a message in Jazz! Tor Castensson
22. Motivational Quotes and Pictures — Best place to download quotes and status for social media Tejas Bhatt
23. LIVRESQ — eLearning authoring tool Ana Maria
24. On Equation Finance Calculator — Finance & valuation calculator David Lloyd
25. Remote Work in Cliq — Bring your office into Cliq Kevin William David
26. #TheShowMustBePaused — The music industry is blacking out Tuesday Chris Messina
27. EatOkra — Find local Black owned restaurants urban_mermaid/Carla
28. Commenze — Fully customizable comment sections for any website Matthew Randle
29. SaaSFrame — Inspiration library for SaaS marketers & product designers Antoine Milkoff
30. Fikafy — Meet professionals nearby Arslan Rafique
31. BLM Badge — A customizable website badge to show your support. ✊✊✊ Graeme
32. MicCheck — Be aware when your microphone is active in the background Amardeep Singh
33. Calmaria — Breathing exercise for you to relax during this rough time ABDZ
34. Cheddar 2.0 — A reinvented Cheddar network, available on all platforms Jon Steinberg
35. Talk to Customer — Validate your idea with potential customers in 3 steps Vladimir Dubinin
36. Covid Confessions — What are your self-isolation sins? John Barker
37. e4e5 — Casual, minimal chess app Serge Zaitsev
38. Mic Drop — Mute your mic in any app. sarah semark
39. DatabaseLog — MongoDB Analytics to track your site performance David Essex
40. Telegram Book Club — We suggest one book every day Stefano
41. fablement — Create and read interactive stories with no programming KSeanJBz
42. Neum Notes — A simple neumorphic notes app Bilal Tahir
43. Otter Live Notes — Record, transcribe, and take live notes on podcasts & videos Chris Messina
44. Crawlify — AI powered data extraction APIs. Hassle-free data retrieval. Sandra Ionescu
45. INCOX — Self-service task automation platform for SMBs Partha Chandran
46. Otis — Your digital marketing assistant Chris Messina
47. TripsGuard — COVID19 travel restrictions worldwide Mickey Haslavsky
48. iwanttobuybitcoin — The easiest, fastest, and safest way to buy crypto. Kevin William David
49. MerryMint — Virtual activities for remote teams Kat Manalac
50. Shark.Health — Conquer your lazy self while on quarantine Justin Mitchell


16 小时前 $20 Kangaroo Doorbell Camera — World’s most affordable Doorbell Cam w/ pkg theft coverage Dhruv Garg
17 小时前 SnackJones — The best in better-for-you snacks delivered to your doorstep 27 votes
17 小时前 Founder Self Care Toolkit — Best tools to stay safe and healthy when launching a startup Ciprian BORODESCU
2 天前 MicCheck (macOS only) — Be aware when your microphone is active in the background Amardeep Singh
2 天前 On Equation — Finance & valuation calculator 60 votes
2 天前 Audio Ruler — The new way of measuring distances with your iPhone Tomek Poniatowicz
2 天前 UX Assist 2.0 — Workflows for designers 165 votes
2 天前 $20 Doorbell Camera by Kangaroo — The world’s most affordable camera doorbell 5 votes
2 天前 Eat Okra — Find local black owned restaurants 73 votes
3 天前 Memex 2 — Bookmarking for power users. History search & annotations Oliver Sauter
3 天前 — Log and monitor your projects Arvind Singh
3 天前 HAIMKE — Turn bullet points to text Ben Lang
3 天前 AuthPass — Simple, open source, cross platform password manager 😅️ Herbert Poul
3 天前 Write with HAIMKE — Turn bullet points to text Ben Lang
3 天前 X0PA ROOM — AI enabled video interview on demand Nina Suri
3 天前 — A must-read weekly briefing on Silicon Valley funding news. Edith Yeung
3 天前 Miny.App — Free, simple and privacy friendly URL shortener. Varun Khanna
3 天前 Ohwrite — Meet your writing goals by writing with your friends John Smythe
4 天前 The Community Chat Summit — Online summit with the world's top community builders. ⓂMatt hartman
4 天前 Cronycle 2.0 — Discover, curate, share & act on knowledge in one workspace Kevin William David
4 天前 Cronycle — Discover, curate, share & act on knowledge in one workspace Kevin William David
4 天前 eCommerce Labels By ModeMagic — Create urgency, social proof & trust in your shopify stores Chris Messina
4 天前 eCommerce Labels & Stickers By ModeMagic — Create urgency, impulse, FOMO & trust in your Shopify stores 12 votes
4 天前 Nesto — Pomodoro timer with embedded music and notifications. Ilyas Assainov
4 天前 Entropy — entropy is a CLI that helps you get control of your life 💪 Gyanendra Mishra
4 天前 Bodega Bay Hard Seltzer — Low calorie alcoholic drinks for healthy Hedonists Charlie Markland
4 天前 Fair Remote — A remote job board Raul Popadineți
4 天前 VoteVibe — Embeddable reactions and like buttons as a service. Jamie Lottering
4 天前 Glide — Create an app from a Google Sheet in five minutes, for free Denis Dinkevich
4 天前 Graspp — Point at text and translate it with your phone Alex Borisov
4 天前 Insider Home Alerts: Save big on a home — Limited-time chances to save $1000s. Membership is free. Sharon Pope
4 天前 Habbit — A simple habit tracker to build streaks and earn badges Mohammad Rehaan
4 天前 Hyfe — AI cough frequency tracking app Iulian Circo
5 天前 Themes for Kirby — Build a fast website with Kirby CMS without coding. Kevin William David
5 天前 Scam Spotter by Google — An informative tool to help people spot scams and avoid them NaveenKumar Namachivayam
5 天前 PreMiD — Show what you're doing on the web on your Discord status. fror
5 天前 LiveVoice — Smart live audio streaming. Affordable for everyone. Johannes Wigand
5 天前 Bootstrap Design — The missing design companion for Bootstrap 4 Nate Davis
5 天前 PiBar for macOS — Manage your Pi-hole(s) from your macOS menu bar amiantos
5 天前 PlayPauseBe — A revolutionary tool to practice yoga mindfully Umberto Mezzadra
5 天前 BlackHole — A virtual audio driver that routes audio between apps Tyago Neres
5 天前 Spacetime — Be the first to know about space launches Gaxxey
5 天前 Tuck — Dock windows to the edge of your screen Maxim K.
5 天前 Avochat — Support your customers with live chat + SMS for business Shane
5 天前 Belief Challenge — Social media for open-minded people. Test your own ideas. Athena Adamos
5 天前 Dropshipper — Launch and manage your own dropshipping business Joseph Riviello
5 天前 Next Up — A podcast alarm to help you wake up engaged Landon Mitchell
5 天前 QuickStart — Bookmark-based browser start page Chris Messina
5 天前 Essential — A beautiful, minimal, distraction-free meditation app Yan Sidyakin
5 天前 Sidewalk Drinks SF — Plan a pub crawl during the pandemic! Trey Francisco
5 天前 SuperFit — Make your fitness content stand out. Leo Kwan
5 天前 BackThen — The private family photo journal app Guillaume Commagnac
6 天前 — Discover and animate icons, images, backgrounds, and more Jared Epicpower
6 天前 Zynn — Ultimate platform for short-form videos Jacqueline von Tesmar
6 天前 CouponScout — Get notified when your discount codes leak Blake Puryear
6 天前 Cabana — A mobile hotel that travels with you Leandro
6 天前 Eeyo 1 by Gogoro — The ebike redesigned from the road up Jake Crump
6 天前 Sony ZV-1 — A $750 digital camera built for vloggers Calum Webb
6 天前 HP Reverb G2 — HP & Microsoft's new no-compromise VR headset Calum Webb
6 天前 Unweb — Adblock for distracting crap like feeds and related content Louis Barclay
6 天前 Neatly — Digital asset manager for Google Drive Andrea Gambier
6 天前 Form King — Free forms service for static websites Steven Dixon
6 天前 Drinking Bingo — Play movie bingo with your friends during self isolation Tim Jones
6 天前 Truth{set} — Measuring the quality of consumer data Alexandra Velasquez
6 天前 Zettlr — A Markdown Editor for the 21st century. Loay Amin
6 天前 TooDeep — Express your emotions anonymously. Bens Hilaire
6 天前 Let's Garden — A simple garden journal app for iOS. Jason Merino
6 天前 Genuine Impact — Find your next great investment idea 228 votes
6 天前 Infolio — A no-nonsense task management and team collaboration Chris Messina
6 天前 Belvo — Easiest way to connect bank accounts to an app in Latam Kat Manalac
6 天前 Dude With Sign — A guy named Seth who makes meta comments via cardboard signs 1 votes
6 天前 CodeCrumbs — Code snippets for your Webflow! Noah Raskin
6 天前 Brave Together — Private and unlimited video calling by Brave. Joaquin Gonzalez
6 天前 The Corona Button — Buy the button. Place your link. Support the WHO relief fund Kevin William David
6 天前 YouTube With Friends — Sync and watch YouTube videos with friends. Steven Te
6 天前 Mental Models — Thinking tools to help you navigate life better Shireen Jaffer
6 天前 The Safety by JUDY — Safety has arrived. Literally. Starting at $45. Nik Sharma
6 天前 Supabase (Alpha) — An open source Firebase alternative Aaron A
7 天前 #VoteByMail — Register to vote by mail in two minutes Cam Woodsum
7 天前 Referral Booster — Employee referrals in Slack - with automated job boosts Kevin Corliss
7 天前 ProductFlare — Kickass roadmaps & product management software Kevin William David
7 天前 AI Voice Actors by Replica Studios — Expressive text-to-speech voice Cameron Smith
7 天前 MustVote — Register to vote by mail in two minutes Cam Woodsum
7 天前 Made in Turkey 2.0 — Online companies based in Turkey selling products worldwide. Levent Aşkan
7 天前 — A powerful visual drag and drop editor for email signatures Chris Messina
7 天前 Botsify Video Call Support — Botsify introduces video calls for better customer support Dima Braven
7 天前 Trofi — A community group buying platform for local grocery delivery Noah
7 天前 AudioMass — A full-featured web based audio editor 🎶 Dronca Raul
7 天前 — Frictionless sharing between devices (using your browser) Sebastian Kersten
7 天前 Krew — AI-augmented livestreams with independent PTs and physios Jose Martin Quesada
7 天前 Mirage — Detect if an image has been edited then revert it. Akshat Jagga
7 天前 How do I learn this? — Discover the best online resources to master any skill! 🚀 Jae Beom Bae
7 天前 Safara — Book hotels. Earn points. Travel for free. 119 votes
7 天前 Portal — A tiny editor portal inside your browser Will Willems
7 天前 WFH Jobs — Remote jobs aggregated from Twitter Mohd Danish
7 天前 The Unofficial MicroConf Video Directory — 100+ MicroConf videos now searchable and filterable Corey Haines
7 天前 The 2020 Conversion Benchmark Report — Discover your conversion potential via AI insights. Oli Gardner
7 天前 Gappsy — No code mobile app builder like Bubble with faster drag/drop Michael P Kramer
7 天前 Vote Mask — Wearing a mask saves lives, your vote does too. Joaquin Gonzalez
7 天前 Centro — Slack centric sales and communication Ryan Hitchler
7 天前 Census — Your customer data, in all your tools ⚡ Nathan Kontny
7 天前 HBO Max — Where HBO meets so much more Chris Messina
7 天前 Offsyte — Book your next amazing team outing, both virtual & in-person Emma Guo
7 天前 Helio — Open source music composition software 139 votes
8 天前 Netlify Build Plugins — Optimize your site & boost developer workflow at every build Robert Fenstermacher
8 天前 PrivJs — Sell your NPM packages Prasanna Mestha
8 天前 Remote Work != Future of Work — Growing list of companies that embrace remote work. Salil Sethi
8 天前 WorkDesk — Bring your team to cloud. Work from anywhere, anytime . Ankush Madaan
8 天前 Obsidian — A powerful knowledge base that works on local Markdown files Erica Xu
8 天前 Collab — Make music together, while we're apart. Made by Facebook. 🎵 Jason Toff
8 天前 Collab for iOS — Make music together, while we're apart 🎵 Jason Toff
8 天前 Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i — Anew laptop with a detachable keyboard & e-color pen Calum Webb
8 天前 RetroTool — Remote retrospectives made easy, simple, fun and effective. Amadeusz Starzykiewicz
8 天前 Supabase — An open source Firebase alternative Aaron A
8 天前 Chromastro — Cyberpunk style space shooter game Artin A.
8 天前 Basil — Making restaurant dine in safer, faster, and easier. Noah Finer
8 天前 Savory — Bookmark manager for Chrome David Essex
8 天前 AdWords Keyword Generator — Instantly generate thousands of targeted longtail keywords Ryan Badger
8 天前 Thryve AI — Retain more of your users with artificial intelligence. Morgan Young
8 天前 Infinity — Organize everything in one place. Saski's Nerdtalk
8 天前 Serverless Express — Easily host Express.js apps on AWS serverless infrastructure Austen Collins
8 天前 AURA Strap for Apple Watch — Measure hydration levels & body composition on your Watch Chris Messina
8 天前 SocialBook Background Remover — Remove the background of any image for free Chen
8 天前 Localizer — Free self-hosted open-source crowd-translating service Nikita Kolmogorov
8 天前 Emoji Go — The first Emoji Keyboard to support Emoji v.13.0 Tony Catapano (Tonnoz)
8 天前 Realme X3 SuperZoom — A new flagship smartphone with a 60X wide-zoom camera Calum Webb
8 天前 No Code Pages — Make multiple websites without coding or designing on Notion 442 votes
8 天前 Paletro — Enable command palette (⇧⌘P) in any application on macOS Abner Lee
8 天前 rand(meme) — Meme-as-a-service Stanley Nguyen
8 天前 Clustered Cloud — End-to-end DevOps platform with built-in container hosting. Sindre Paulsrud
8 天前 VSpace — Collect, store, and share useful links with your team 🚀 Alexander Isora
8 天前 73px Figma Design System — A figma-first design system and wireframe builder. Jordan Banafsheha
8 天前 Summer of Product — Learn the Product skills you need to accelerate your career. 97 votes
8 天前 Artify Editor — Create designs in no time & enjoy our massive assets library Chris Messina
8 天前 Zonka Feedback — Create world-class customer, employee & patient experiences Kevin William David
8 天前 Bend — The simple way to stretch every day. Jeff Pellicano
8 天前 Colco — Social collaboration platform for professionals & startups Abhishek
8 天前 CleverCookie — Learn to become money smart. It's free. Forever. Innocent Akhidenor
8 天前 E-commerce Experts — Hire developers with strong e-commerce portfolios Galina Divakova
8 天前 Localites Community — Empowering local and authentic travel. Meghraj Suthar
8 天前 Something In Common — The playlist game. Matthew Hall
8 天前 Tranzlate — Localization made easier. Jesus Galvan
8 天前 Mixroom — Spotify for unfinished music 184 votes
9 天前 CatchUp — Effortless calling by Facebook Jake Crump
9 天前 Alethea.AI — for DeepFakes Arif Khan
9 天前 Covid-19 Controls 1.0 — Lockdown measures and tourists restrictions around the world Mohit Shah
9 天前 Red Mango — Gamify your goals Curtis Peters
9 天前 Uneed - No Code — A list of hand-picked tools for no-code developers Thomas Sanlis
9 天前 Save Code — Chrome Extension to save code snippets that work Mishka
9 天前 Onboarding Joei — B2B Reality TV. An original docu-series. Joei Chan.

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