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1. — Connecting Global Companies with REMOTE Talents in Asia Ha Dao Thi Thu
2. WaveTrackR v3.0 — Streamline your recruiting and candidate acquisition Luís Cajão
3. Footnote — Your Reading. Remembered. Ruben Murray
4. Leica M10 Monochrom — Monochromatic camera with purpose-built black & white sensor Joe Lesina
5. Business Name Generator — Generate your business name in just 3 seconds Kevin William David
6. Crouton — Simple meal planner and recipe organiser Devin
7. Treck 2.0 — The simplest lead generation tool Parker Ituk
8. EthVigil Tutorials — Learn and build on Ethereum in real time Swaroop Hegde
9. Reddex — A toolkit for YouTube Reddit narrators Tyrel Chambers
10. shrtcode V2 — Secure & reliable privacy-friendly online tools 🔗 An
11. Eggradient 2.0 — Randomly discover the silly named gradients Kevin William David
12. Windo — A tool for timezones Alex Ray
13. FrameIT — Custom framing made simple Ben Rush
14. Nototo — Notetaking for visual learners Jerald Lim
15. Front and Center — Classic Window Layering for the Mac Anand Rajaram
16. Submarine Two — More than a Reddit app. Desktop-quality multitasking for iOS Julian Weiss
17. Bear Focus Timer — Pomodoro Method + White Noise + Bears Anna
18. Statfluence — Build your audience and grow your influence on WhatsApp Ralph Lasry
19. — Free email verification for Salesforce Jason Miller
20. — Launch, distribute, & grow your podcast with ease 🎙️ Jamie Ashbrook
21. Quire Sublist — The ultimate sublist that changes everything Peggy Chang
22. All Windows Appear — Click one window, see all other related windows Martin Lexow
23. Village — See discussions, questions and conversations around you Ahmed Elabbasy
24. MicroAcquire — A free & anonymous startup acquisition marketplace Andrew Gazdecki
25. MagEZ Bar — Wirelessly charge and organize your devices effortlessly Kevin William David
26. Vocly — Learn vocabulary in 50 languages with fun games Lieu Dang
27. Slidekitty — View any Instagram profile or hashtag feed as a slideshow Raymond Yip
28. Manifest — A simple grid-based pinboard for note taking. Jonathon Toon
29. CloudNovel — A game engine where you can make games without coding. Sonya Fung
30. Partyherd — Discover new people offline via concept parties Shashwat Verma
31. Undiet Tracker — Track your weight loss progress Tomislav Krnic
32. haRdGB — The hardest RGB trivia game ever. Justin Matsnev
33. Spotify for Pets — Music for you and your pet, based on the music you love Amrith Shanbhag
34. JamBuddy — Find and collaborate with musicians around you thru Spotify Takayuki Suzuki
35. Half chess — A casual chess game where games only last 5 minutes Naval Saini
36. DoHQ Action Texting — Take your audience on an adventure via text Jack Zerby
37. CityBook from — A city guide, reimagined Jip
38. Become an Indie Hacker — The ultimate resource for starting profitable side projects Channing Allen
39. Jobflow — Get the tech job you deserve Nicolaj
40. MeetWhen — Figure out meeting times across timezones without the hassle Sarvasv Kulpati
41. Keychron K6 — A compact 65% wireless mechanical keyboard Kevin William David
42. Content Strategy Template for 2020 — From planning to tracking. A fully editable PPT template Lakshmanan Raman
43. CunningBot — Find available domain names in a cunning way Johnson Liu
44. HireSweet — AI-powered search to help startups hire passive candidates Robin Choy
45. Bitsms — Send Bitcoin offline via SMS Gautham Ganesh Elango
46. Crypto Nickname Generator — Generate a nifty crypto nickname in a jiffy Ilija Rolović
47. ctrlspace — Spotlight search for actions Thayallan Srinathan
48. Riva — Increase your next job offer 🤑 Sawyer Curtiss
49. Dadwell & Co. — A podcast at the intersection of creativity and fatherhood. Antonio García
50. Monadd — Address management for people who move Jessica G. Mendoza


9 小时前 Dark Mode Everything - Unisex T-Shirt — Show your love for dark mode apps with this shirt! 🌑💻📱 Michael Gill
2 天前 Zanco Tiny T2 — The world's smallest mobile phone 194 votes
2 天前 Hard G — Find and save GIFs on your Mac Aaron Vegh 📎
2 天前 Zanco tiny t2 — The World's Smallest Phone 12 votes
2 天前 BFT - Bear Focus Timer — Pomodoro Method + White Noise + Bears Anna
3 天前 Waveland — Broad spectrum CBD teas for all seasons Lindsay Fuce
3 天前 A better Insta — Get rid of your ghost followers and inactive accounts. Marisol Vázquez
3 天前 Nighthawk — Powerful and personal companion to the official Twitter app 39 votes
3 天前 yuuflow — Simple yet flexible project management Tom Miller
4 天前 — Bank that fights medical debt with a free $5K emergency fund Ben Lang
4 天前 GraphQL Zeus — GraphQL client/code generator with autocomplete library ⚡ Tomek Poniatowicz
4 天前 Sable — Free bank account and credit card for internationals Kat Manalac
4 天前 Live Price Converter — Scan and convert price tags to your currency in real time. Miles Au
4 天前 Yac — Take your time back from Zoom & Slack NaveenKumar Namachivayam
4 天前 The Unofficial Apple Archive — An archive of ads, videos and historical Apple material Pietro Brugnera
4 天前 Screenie 2 — Search the text inside your screenshots Noah
4 天前 Quotechimp — Google Forms for quotes with live pricing Alessandro Trezza
4 天前 Copilot — Smart budgets and subscriptions tracker for iOS Andres Ugarte
4 天前 Nativizer — Convert any web application into native iOS & Android apps Levon
5 天前 Joovv — Enhance your health with red light therapy Lindsay Fuce
5 天前 AARP Money Map™ — Step-By-Step Plans for Your Finances Drew Falkman
5 天前 AARP MoneyMap — Take control of your unplanned expense Drew Falkman
5 天前 Joov — Enhance your health with red light therapy Lindsay Fuce
5 天前 Saleor Commerce — The world’s fastest-growing open-source e-commerce platform Milosz Jarosiewicz
5 天前 Upflow — Cash collection, made easy. Kevin William David
5 天前 Remote Work 2020 — The ultimate guide and report for remote work in 2020 Kevin William David
5 天前 Icons8 for Figma — Find the perfect icon without ever leaving Figma Ivan
5 天前 — Prevent short link services from tracking you 👀 simon_frey_eu
5 天前 Bannerbear — Auto-generate IG Stories, Pinterest Pins and more Jon Yongfook
5 天前 Winston — The typewriter simulator for macOS Chris Messina
5 天前 Event Finda — Find events near you, and all around the world. Johnny Bell
5 天前 ClickSwipe — An app that swipes on Tinder every time you click your mouse Daniel Greenberg
5 天前 WP Landing Kit — Turn WordPress into a landing page powerhouse Jason Schuller
5 天前 PlayVi — A better way to create collaborative Spotify playlists 🙌 Doğacan Bilgili
5 天前 Tuple — The best remote pair programming experience on macOS Leonard Bogdonoff
5 天前 AARP MoneyMap(TM) — Take control of your unplanned expense Drew Falkman
5 天前 Channels Stack — The curated library of YouTube educational channels. Alexander Olssen
5 天前 Timecap — Limit the time you waste Ziggy Crane
5 天前 Kiara Translation — Real-time language translation for Slack for 100 languages Daisuke Ishii 石井 大輔
6 天前 FastReply — Finally a lightweight template system for your emails! joseph
6 天前 Poof — Say no to endless checklists. Achieve your goals consciously Kevin William David
6 天前 Cosmic-Watch — The World’s first 3D astronomical clock & stunning skyguide Neeraj Thakur
6 天前 DueFocus — Get rid of distractions & focus on tasks that really matter Kevin William David
6 天前 QuickAnalytics — Simply the easiest & prettiest Wix analytics App François Patry
6 天前 Founders Bundle — All the tools you need in one subscription Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
6 天前 Foreignrap 2.0 — The #1 spot to discover and enjoy international rap music Murat Mutlu
6 天前 BrainyTab — Bookmark manager that makes you smart(er) Ria Blagburn
6 天前 Wunderlust — Beautifully share upcoming trips and discover insider tips Praga Govender
6 天前 EditMode — Update website texts in real-time and get a sharable link. Abraão Azevedo
6 天前 SalesTable — Upgrade your sales process with this Google Sheets based CRM Hiten Shah
6 天前 StoryChief SEO Writing Tool V2.0 — Increase your Google ranking by 300% with guided assistance. Valeri Potchekailov
6 天前 2020 Intention Setting Guide — Create a 2019 retrospective and get clarity for 2020 Chris Messina
6 天前 Quacku — An ephemeral Twitter. vasanthv
6 天前 Order Bump — Display an irresistible offer in your Shopify Plus checkout Xavier Armand
6 天前 PR Requests — Get quoted by elite journalists when they write new articles Matt Henderson 🚀
6 天前 Audio Snack — Create snack-sized audio from your favorite movie or song Aijaz Ahmed
6 天前 PLYR — Collegiate sports recruiting made simple. Marko Crnkovic
6 天前 Walling Web Clipper — Save quick notes, bookmarks and images to your Walls Aaron O'Leary
6 天前 Bookaspace — The easy way to book your next rehearsal space! David Flgl
6 天前 Soylent Stacked — Complete Focus + Energy + Protein Kristofer™
6 天前 Nocturnal — Have more control over your screen at night 🌙 Josh Jon
6 天前 TrialJar — Get 1-year free trial on all business tools in one account. Ken K
7 天前 Theseus — Theseus is a Python library for marketing cohort analysis Eric Seufert
7 天前 Client. — Requirement collection for freelancers and agencies. Sandeep Suresh
7 天前 Testy — An app to test your Android device Robert Levonyan
7 天前 Dreame — Your bucket list visualized. A tool to manifest your dreams. Ben Lang
7 天前 Navigator 1.0 — Make meetings feel like the best part of work Tony DeVincenzi
7 天前 AirGlow — Create magical videos to share 📸✨ Benben Li
7 天前 Rank Track by Brandoverflow — Simple and Beautiful Rank Tracker and SERP monitoring tool. Kevin William David
7 天前 Renderproxy — Make your app crawlable without a single line of code Francesco Agosti
7 天前 YT Tracker — Export real-time YouTube metrics to Google sheet 📗 Ganapathy Vignesh
7 天前 Doublicat — Face swap AI-tool for GIF lovers 👥 Chris Messina
7 天前 Wolff — Ridiculously small PHP framework for building web apps 🐺 Usbac
7 天前 InstaRemind — Quickly create Apple Reminders Stefan Adams
8 天前 Notey — Make quick notes within Google Chrome Finn
8 天前 Prep - Surf University — Choose the best university for you Sunim Acharya (arya_minus)
8 天前 ZenPod Pro — Turn your Airpods Pro case into a fidget spinner 57 votes
8 天前 Extension Rank — Discover extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers Ruslan
8 天前 Daily Talks — Create fun chatrooms to meet new people itsmejaved
8 天前 Prep — Choose the best university for you Sunim Acharya (arya_minus)
8 天前 Marketer Magic — Maximize traffic with a personal experience per visitor Rory Mouttet
8 天前 Airplus - advanced options for Airbnb™ — A Chrome extension to improve Airbnb search 12 votes
8 天前 NoCodeAPI — Build third-party application APIs with NoCode Mohd Danish
8 天前 Furious Five — Intense 5-minute bodyweight routines Chris Messina
8 天前 MetCount — Track your CrossFit workouts on your Apple Watch Brett Kuprel
8 天前 Airplus — Advanced options for your Airbnb™ search Michele Michelassi
8 天前 Calmind — Be smarter, less stressed, and healthier—just by listening! Vladimír Krajčovič
8 天前 Retrica — Find your favorite filter and take a perfect photo Jeeae Park
9 天前 BreatheIn — Learn to breathe better Dmitry Mashkin
9 天前 Mutrics GB-30 — Ultra-slim smart audio glasses for gamers Yang Wang
9 天前 ripplet — freelance local services - ask or provide help to others Chris Messina
9 天前 Roam Research — A note-taking tool for networked thought Gunar C. Gessner
9 天前 Shopafor — Socially connected gift registry making gift buying easy Chris Herbert
9 天前 Beedii — Hand drawn emoji font with 40+ emojis and icons Nitish Khagwal
9 天前 Significant Otter — Tap your Apple Watch to share your mood with your partner 💑 andresmh
9 天前 Underwear Worker — Remote Jobs that are not 💩 28 votes
9 天前 VJ for your home — Experimental web app that generates trippy visuals Peter Dijkstra
9 天前 Zest — Curated conversations with 4 other people over wine tasting 43 votes
9 天前 OneBag — Create custom packing lists for your trips Tracey Anne
9 天前 Synced — An app to explore & mark meaningful places Tejas
10 天前 Check Your Pulse — A tech and startups newsletter that makes you feel human Sari Azout
10 天前 React Milkshake — A ReactJS boilerplate including authentication Jake Prins
10 天前 react-announcement — Push out beautiful website announcements in React 📣 Kristoffer Andreasen
10 天前 David’s Disposable — Take your photos and wait for them to develop NaveenKumar Namachivayam
10 天前 The Offline Writing App — The only writing app that forces you to disconnect. Niko Lazaris
10 天前 weTabletop — The biggest event directory for tabletop gamers. Joe Masilotti
10 天前 Destato Clock + 1.1 — A simple minimalistic digital clock extension for Chrome Tinjo Thomas
10 天前 LetterWell — Buy and sell ad space in email newsletters Chris Messina
10 天前 Origin Marketplace — Power hundreds of decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplaces Mahesh Shrestha
10 天前 File Pack — Secure your private files on iOS Vinícius Soares
10 天前 AccuFit 2.0 — Free custom workouts for any place, goal, muscle, difficulty Logan Koshenka
10 天前 Banter — Stay in touch with your friends through video messages Richard Chu
10 天前 React Milkshake Firebase — A ReactJS boilerplate including authentication 58 votes
10 天前 Assembly — Recognition platform that helps scale company culture. Tyler Simpson
10 天前 Preselectd — Stable relationship by your loved ones! Adham78
10 天前 WordPress Security Scanner — Check if your WordPress site has known vulnerabilities Chandan Kumar
10 天前 Timelin9 — Flexible, timeline-based web analytics Mario Callejas
10 天前 WAVE Meditation for Kids — The first immersive meditation experience for kids. Mason Levey
10 天前 Caliverse — Calisthenics exercise app Daniels Pitkevičs
10 天前 — A simple web currency converter 💱 Mattia Marcon
10 天前 Youtube Music Remote — Control YouTube from anywhere in your browser. shraey chikker
2020-01-10 The New Consumer — A newsletter about how and why people spend time and money. Dan Frommer
2020-01-09 Docket — Meeting collaboration software for meeting agendas and notes Drew Beechler
2020-01-09 Jepto — Your digital marketing assistant that never sleeps Dale McGeorge
2020-01-09 Free Help Center — Get a free self-hosted Help Center for your product Dominik Ferber
2020-01-09 Gutcheck — Measure your users' first impression Brenden Mulligan
2020-01-09 My Startup Name — Free + simple framework to name your next project or startup Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
2020-01-09 Nocodery — The nocode job board Kevin William David
2020-01-09 Emvi — Knowledge management for companies and teams of all sizes Daniel Schramm
2020-01-09 Clodui — Cloud based static hosting service Rajeesh C V
2020-01-09 Velocifire M2 — Portable Customizable Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Under $50 11 votes
2020-01-09 SPELLL — Spelling & grammar checker for Figma. Tekeste Kidanu
2020-01-09 Conversion Checklist — Improve conversions and sales. Gene
2020-01-09 Seedtable — An authentic voice into European tech, business and politics Gonzalo Sanchez
2020-01-09 Design Password — Easy to remember password generator for designers Vova
2020-01-09 GrowSurf 2.0 — Create a custom refer-a-friend program for your site Kevin
2020-01-09 OneBar for Helpdesk — Use AI to build an FAQ bot from your Slack history Maxim Leonovich
2020-01-09 Libpixel — One image, any size, every device. Chris Messina
2020-01-09 JabMix — Self-defense and martial arts training app Mike Petrosyan
2020-01-09 Spokin — Yelp for people with allergies Graham Kahr
2020-01-09 Urlfy — Make your urls smaller Firmino Changani
2020-01-09 Sales Email Gatekeeper — Eliminate sales emails from your inbox, once and for all Zach Shapiro
2020-01-09 Herb & Olive CBD Olive Oil — Get ready to experience what real olive oil tastes like william blonna
2020-01-09 Terace — Quickly generate landscape/texture ideas through your phone 2 votes
2020-01-08 Impossible Pork — A new range of vegan pork substitutes from Impossible Aaron O'Leary
2020-01-08 Quantitative Home Buying Guide: Bay Area — A framework for deciding when/where/how to buy a home Sharon Pope
2020-01-08 Zoho WorkDrive — File storage & content collaboration tool for modern teams Kevin William David
2020-01-08 vCita 2.0 — Manage clients, appointments & payments from one single app Ben Lang
2020-01-08 All Design Conferences — A list of all front-end and design conferences Pablo Stanley
2020-01-08 Airtable Web Clipper for Chrome — Add content from a web page to an Airtable database Jeroen Ransijn

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