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1. HUMANS — Discover the web homes of the people who build the internet jacob
2. AskMakers — Aggregated place for Q&A with experienced makers💡 Taishi Kato
3. Figgy — A better native Figma app for Mac with dark mode ✨ Raven Yu
4. Verifybar — Easy checksum validator Walterion
5. LaTeX Search — A quick lookup for LaTeX code. Arnav Bansal
6. Dops — Automate your software development lifecycle Charlie G.
7. Dot Browser — A sleek web browser, with robust built-in ad blocker. EnderDev
8. ScriptSlide — Perfect presentation without memorizing scripts. Junghyun Park
9. InitEye — Build AI-powered image search for your app in a few minutes. Azer Koçulu
10. Numbers — Find a fact about a number in your new tabs. Sahithyan
11. Newslettrs — Subscribe and read newsletters in one place Monish Kumar
12. SliceMap — Mapping all of the dollar slices in NYC Jonah Allibone
13. Faces — Avatars without background Bogdan Slomchinskiy
14. — fashion shopping app Irakli Jokhtaberidze
15. Catapult — Live Streaming, VoD, and OTT Video Platform Cole Morgan
16. Onepager Online Classified Ads — A Modern Take on a Traditional Advertising Tactic Andy Rosenberg
17. Peel for iPhone 11 Pro — The original super thin case now available for iPhone 11 Pro Marshall Haas
18. Tagmate — Discover & host meetups near you Shivam Sai Gupta
19. dripdrip — Become aware of your water usage Kyle McDonald
20. Red Bill — AR App For Kids! shyam vishwakarma
21. Goal Planner — Accomplish your quarterly goals/OKR's, in 13 weekly sprints Felix
22. Subcolor — Generate colors between two colors İbrahim Telman
23. Orchestly — Automate and optimize your routine business workflows Kevin William David
24. Figma Dither — Add dithering effects to your images right there in Figma ✨ Victor Aremu
25. Captions by Typito — Create on-brand captions for your video instantly! Jijo Sunny
26. Seat Surfing — Nomadic community where you can find buddies to work with Shun Yamada
27. 2020GIFs — Deepfake yourself into the 2020 election Nick Abouzeid
28. SuperMini — Credit card size 10,000mAh power bank Chris Messina
29. Cosight — Find out what people think about you Andrew Tye
30. — Find and listen to artists performing near you this week 🎶 Alex Yaseen
31. Bookcademy — Book summaries as fun, useful & practical courses Daniel Morales
32. Dadroit API Studio — A fast and light designer for HTTP APIs Aaron O'Leary
33. Free — Host your JS application, now FREE to get started Karl Clement
34. Bit — Share components in team and collaborate to build faster Ravi Sethia
35. beat2beat — Meet people with the same music taste Igor Starodubtsev
36. Olive Gives — Helps round up your digital spare change for charity Marisa Paramita
37. Flow — The Blockchain for Open Worlds ⛓️🌎 Neeraj Thakur
38. UPoint — A simple and fun game based on touching the black points. Bedirhan Karadoğan
39. Encompass — Brush your teeth in under 20 seconds Kristofer™
40. gitix — Decentralized git profiles - like Github but for all Friedger Müffke
41. — A digital museum for digital art 🖼 AJ Adams
42. CKBK — It's like Spotify but for cookbooks Aaron O'Leary
43. — Sleep better and reduce stress Raz Karmi
44. Post to Google Photos — Upload any image online to Google Photos with a right click Brandon Wu
45. — A free HTTP based JSON Storage. vasanthv
46. altmails 2.0 — Stop giving out your email address online. Kesara
47. 123Metrics — Straightforward, privacy centered & reliable website metrics Remus Negrota
48. Serpstat Website SEO Checker — Check your website's SEO, analyze competitors and keywords Eugene Lata
49. OffScreen — Less phone, more focus. Allen Wang
50. Arcane Maps — Blockchain-based alternative to Google Maps Aaron O'Leary


52 分钟前 Figgy: Dark Mode + More for Figma — A better native Figma app for Mac with dark mode ✨ 2 votes
52 分钟前 Remote Drive & File Browser for Mac — Stream video and audio from Mac to your iPhone/iPad. 2 votes
20 小时前 HanziHu — Let’s learn hanzi(汉字, Chinese characters) Hiromichi Nomata
2 天前 SoapBox Sidekick — Your team's sidekick to help have more productive meetings 78 votes
2 天前 Reply 2.0 — Automate your personal emails + calls + tasks Oleg Campbell
3 天前 AI Meeting Assistant by SoapBox — Your team's sidekick to help have more productive meetings Brennan McEachran
3 天前 Jottit — Organiser for your lists, notes and sketches Jaz King
3 天前 Aware - Be aware of your daily activity — Free and easy way to track and analyze your daily activities Parker Klein
3 天前 Aware - Simple Daily Habit Tracker — Free and easy way to track and analyze your daily habits Parker Klein
3 天前 Free Email Signature Generator - cloudHQ — Create an email signature with logo, social icons, and video 63 votes
3 天前 ReferralMagic — Turn your users and customers into referral magnets. Matic Uzmah
3 天前 Signal by Drafted — Get introductions to companies as you browse career pages Zach Robinson
3 天前 Aware — Free and easy way to be more aware of your daily activities Parker Klein
4 天前 Dreem 2 — A next generation headband to sleep better Ben Lang
4 天前 Email Signature Generator by cloudHQ — Free email signatures with logo, video, social icons & more! Naomi Assaraf 🔥
4 天前 Healthy Living — Secure way to track your food intake & sport activity daily Nadia Kaloyanova
4 天前 ruff 2.0 — Ruff is your writing's best friend at home and on the go Bardi Golriz
4 天前 Insense Creative Studio — AI-optimized video editing Tristan Pollock
4 天前 The Product Podcast — Tune into all things Product Management Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia
4 天前 Record3D — Make 3D Videos using your iPhone, view them in AR and more📈 Chris Messina
4 天前 Tooth. — Eco-Friendly oral care. Delivered Joshua Oates
4 天前 Tiny Mix — NPR Tiny Desk — mixed up, one song at a time. Dan Mesa
4 天前 linkfru. — Blazin’ fast way to create and share content online. 🔥 Dan
4 天前 Sprout Photo — A different new way to launch a beautiful portfolio. Arthur Baklachyan
4 天前 LnknBio — Have multiple links on your Instagram bio Martin Outes
4 天前 Moonrakers — A game of ship-building, temporary alliances, & negotiation. Andy Seavers
4 天前 Store by DayOne — Custom built, credit based internal merchandise stores. Conor McKenna
4 天前 Fix Posture — TensorFlow blurs your screen when your posture needs fixing. Ezra Mechaber
4 天前 Absurd Design Membership — 30 new surrealist illustrations to use in your projects 💡 Andrian Valeanu
4 天前 2.0 — AI-driven engagement tracker and coach for Slack-based teams Oksa Zavoyko
4 天前 Dutchie — Order online from the best dispensaries in your area. Aaron O'Leary
4 天前 Kuda — An online only bank in Nigeria 🇳🇬 Aaron O'Leary
4 天前 Linear — The issue tracking tool you'll enjoy using Charlie Irish
4 天前 Ultimate Prison Guide — A book about the craziest things learned from Prison Andrew Medal
4 天前 Aragon — Create and manage organizations on the blockchain Neeraj Thakur
4 天前 Ultimate Prison Guide-- "Hilarious Book" — Life Hacks, Politics, Slang, Workouts, & More! 🔋🍲🤬💪 Andrew Medal
4 天前 Formstatic — HTML form processing for static websites Gilbert Pellegrom
4 天前 Cyanite PLAY — Discover music based on your videos and mood Bas Grasmayer
4 天前 The State of Growth Marketing — Why companies adopt growth marketing and you should too. Lisa Dziuba
4 天前 Dish — Organize and share your favorite restaurants Jimmy Amash
4 天前 EB Synth — Animate your paintings and bring them to life John Kappa
5 天前 Document Generator by Qwilr — Beautiful business documents, all in one click ✨ Janine Saunders
5 天前 Thread — Ad-free, intimate social networking Daniel Fang
5 天前 ChargeStripe — Accept credit card payments from your mobile device. Sadel Pierre
5 天前 Jointl — Get feedback on prospective employees like never before James Hughes
5 天前 DesignwithAI — AI Driven logos for your brand Kevin William David
5 天前 Write — clean, simple and distraction-free writing environment Arjun
5 天前 SimpleForm — A decentralized alternative to Google Forms Dmitri Kyle Brereton
5 天前 Updatefy 2.0 — Transform Google Sheet into embeddable widgets Maxi Gimenez
5 天前 MadKudu for Zapier — Zapier brings the automation, MadKudu the intelligence guillaume cabane
5 天前 Help A Stranger Out — Anonymous, decentralized acts of kindness towards strangers. Hideko Kulp
5 天前 Haystak — AI powered technical analysis Ulrik Hansen
5 天前 Active Leather Case for iPhone 11 — Water resistant leather for the new iPhones Chris Messina
5 天前 VeoLuz — A generative art tool visualizing the paths of photons Jared Forsyth
5 天前 Superchill — Progressive muscle relaxation meditation app Björn
5 天前 JumpStory — Faster way to find the perfect image for every purpose Richard
5 天前 Jam Toys — A kid friendly musical playground Robbie Tilton
5 天前 TaxJar — Automate your sales tax calculations, reporting, and filings 13 votes
5 天前 iPhone 11 Pro — Apple's newest flagship devices with brand new cameras Aaron O'Leary
5 天前 iPhone 11 — Apple's new iPhone 11 Amine Benjelloun
5 天前 Apple Watch Series 5 — The new Apple Watch with always-on Retina display Adithya Shreshti
5 天前 iPad (7th Gen) — New features for Apple's most popular tablet Jake Crump
5 天前 NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro — A fighting stick with 20 classic SNK fighters pre-installed Aaron O'Leary
5 天前 Stripe Corporate Card — The corporate card for fast-growing businesses. 💳 Edwin Wee
5 天前 BANG! — Two-player SMS-based duel game Timo Sheridan
5 天前 The Polaroid Lab — Turn your smartphone photos into polaroids Aaron O'Leary
5 天前 Refined Prime Video — Browser extension that adds useful features to Prime Video Niklas Higi
5 天前 Decent Budget — Personal finance & budgeting application for individuals. Rolandas Barysas
6 天前 Inspired: Social-Good Misfits — Co-creating inspiring stories that drive social change Josh Hemsley
6 天前 Vivaldi Browser for Android – Beta — The first mobile version of Vivaldi browser 🚀 Jon McCullough
6 天前 Loggd — Privacy-first journaling where only you can read the posts Evan Duncan
6 天前 Microsoft To Do 2.0 — All new design to officially replace Wunderlist Kristofer™
6 天前 Airchat — A better alternative to Drift chatbots. Finally! 🤖 Chris Messina
6 天前 Conversions by FullStory — Create better digital experiences and improve conversions Hanna Woodburn
6 天前 Habbi Habbi Bilingual Learning System — An easy way to teach your kids Chinese, Spanish + more Jonathan Tzou
6 天前 — Requests for pitches from top angels & VCs every week 🤑💌 Matt Henderson 🚀
6 天前 Nokia 2720 Flip — The classic flip is back with 4G Chris Messina
6 天前 SubscriptionZero — Declutter your Inbox by combining your newsletters emails Jevin Sew
6 天前 Inyo — Automating tasks freelancers don’t like to do. alban
6 天前 Twisty Tongue — Twist your tongue with totally tricky tongue twisters. Veronica Belmont
6 天前 Joynt — Empowering micro-creators to make money 💪 Vishnu V
6 天前 Vivaldi for Android – Beta — The first mobile version of Vivaldi browser 🚀 Jon McCullough
6 天前 Figmac — Figma desktop app delivering a more natural Mac experience Norm
6 天前 WillPower — App to train a stronger mind Callum Weir
6 天前 Intenseye — Workplace safety with power of the AI video recognition 🚀 Sercan Esen
6 天前 HitCal — The fastest way to schedule a one-to-one meeting aracena
7 天前 Puma Heart Rate Smartwatch — Puma's first smartwatch, built for the social athlete Calum Webb
7 天前 Puma Fi — Self lacing shoes by Puma Aaron O'Leary
7 天前 Finn Slack Bot — Finn makes doing things with lists easy and a bit more fun Chris Messina
7 天前 Grounded — App to help weed smokers quit or take a tolerance break Christopher Onuigbo
7 天前 — Buy any stock with any amount of money. Commission-free. Seth Louey
7 天前 ampUp — Reserve or host an EV charge today Matt Bloom
7 天前 TenWords — Learn a foreign language by reading the news online Tomas
7 天前 Swatcher — Make procreate swatches easily Joseph Schultz
7 天前 Umpyre — Messaging for humans - get paid for your attention Brenden Matthews
7 天前 Garmin Venu — A classy, beautiful OLED smartwatch for an active lifestyle Calum Webb
7 天前 POW! — Take charge of your menstrual cycle securely 💪 Benedicte Raae
7 天前 Color System Plugin for Sketch — Light and dark mode directly in your design with one click Søren Clausen
7 天前 Amazfit GTS — Latest generation of fitness wearable from Amazfit Daivat Dholakia
7 天前 GoSun Chill — Portable cooler to keep food cold or frozen, dry & organized Daivat Dholakia
7 天前 CakeHR — Modern all-in-one HR software Rich Peterson
7 天前 Acascope — Free and complete school management solution Solomon Abey
7 天前 WhatsAppr — Generate WhatsApp message URLs & send bulk messages easily Shawn Pereira
7 天前 Sony Walkman NW-105 — Updated Walkman with the latest audio & wireless technology Calum Webb
7 天前 Sony Xperia 5 — A wider phone experience in a sleeker design 📱 Amrith Shanbhag
7 天前 Superpersonal — Personalised styling and virtual fitting room Raz Karmi
7 天前 WeHateCaptchas — Keep the bots out without annoying your users Dalton Edwards
7 天前 DuckDuckSometimes — Redirect a percentage of your Google searches to DuckDuckGo Alex Sideris
7 天前 Clippy — Yes, Clippy from Microsoft Office is back — on macOS! Steven J.
8 天前 Samsung AirDresser — Closet that cleans and straightens your clothes for you Calum Webb
8 天前 GitHuman — Decentralized alternative to GitHub and GitLab Aaron O'Leary
8 天前 Epilepsy UX — Check if your designs are safe for people with epilepsy Alex Sideris
8 天前 ProofGain — Supercharge your conversions with a simple social proof tool Liam Roberts
8 天前 Sonny Portable Bidet — Sustainable alternative to wipes & paper for better hygiene Daivat Dholakia
8 天前 Rotten Tomatoes Overlay in Prime Video — Overlays Amazon Video with Rotten Tomatoes user ratings Hooghkirk
8 天前 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 — Latest generation of Galaxy watch with a fresh new look. Daivat Dholakia
8 天前 Placeuse — Find and book spaces for any production, meeting, or event. Alex Rodrigues
8 天前 Superside — Hassle-free design for Enterprise teams Rebekah Choi
8 天前 Fido — The safest and most minimalistic smart lock Daivat Dholakia
9 天前 Profiler — A twitter-based reference platform Shun Yamada
9 天前 EdPlace — Trach your child's revision and academic performance Will Lord
9 天前 Lists — Make decentralised lists for any purpose Cabinet
9 天前 Threema — The messenger that puts security and privacy first Calum Webb
9 天前 RestHuman — Simple secure app for API management + testing for humans Aaron O'Leary
9 天前 DNotes — Write notes anywhere, powered by Blockstack Michael
9 天前 Balance: Meditation — Meditation that adapts to you Kristofer™
9 天前 Updoots — Extension to organize websites easily into shareable folders AkaSoggybunz
9 天前 Brick Mania — Fun brick-breaker game with 300 levels Rimas Trumpa
9 天前 TrashApp — Find nearby trashcans and stop polluting the environment! Haylee Schäfer
9 天前 Colorlane! — A game with jumping, rotating and lots colors! Stein Ove Helset
9 天前 League Tables — Easily check standings for the top European soccer leagues Brindon
9 天前 Switch — Zap between your favorite apps lightning fast. Victor Aremu
9 天前 Sonero — AI based platform to help people communicate effectively Kanish Raajkumar
9 天前 Tame — The all-in-one event platform for websites, RSVP and more Murat Mutlu
9 天前 VoTalk — Voice-based social media platform Mohamed Fekry
9 天前 Flat — Instantly sell your home Aaron O'Leary
9 天前 Tame 2.0 - Event Planner — One event platform for small events and large conferences Murat Mutlu
9 天前 Slo — Slow mode for Slack Stas Kulesh
9 天前 Plink — Plink makes smart podcast links. Scott Mathson
9 天前 H O W L — Avatar-based video chats with new people around the world. mihir
9 天前 Herbitat — Home farming made easy. Daivat Dholakia
9 天前 Freebies.ByPeople — Commercial-use freebies for devs & designers. Kevin William David
9 天前 Razer Blade Stealth 13 — World's first gaming ultrabook Calum Webb
10 天前 Flawless Feedback 2.0 — Leave visual feedback on live iOS apps together with team Lisa Dziuba
10 天前 ProductPing — Get product vote and comment notifications Maxim Ananov
10 天前 Tame 2.0 — Automate your event planning and plan better events! Murat Mutlu
10 天前 psdPhotos — Image editor with offline capabilities, built on Blockstack Aaron O'Leary
10 天前 Popular & Effective Interview Questions — Directory of 300+ questions to conduct better interviews Ivan Podgurskiy
10 天前 Social Share Preview — Check social media link previews while you browse Armin Ulrich
10 天前 Apple Music Web App — Apple Music is now available to stream on the web Chris Messina

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