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1. Tibber — Lower your electricity bill Jake Crump
2. Xiaomi Black Shark 2 — Xiaomi's new gaming focused smartphone Amrith Shanbhag
3. Xiaomi Redmi Go — A $65 smartphone from Xiaomi Aaron O'Leary
4. HeroSnatch — User-friendly workout tracker for CrossFit athletes Lisa Dziuba
5. BreatheSonic — Use music to improve your breathing Alex Fox
6. Snacknews — The news you care about, summarized with AI Julien Martin
7. Pushever — Test iOS push notification easily Axel Kee
8. Aquarelo — Improve, convert and scan your colors. Giovanni
9. Teamdeck — Schedule your team track their time & vacations in 1 tool ???? Tom Gorski
10. Work In Product — Find the best Product Management Jobs in London ???????? Rik
11. Sunlight — Give your team access to courses, books and events worldwide Jonathan Tzou
12. Mille — Will help you learn french words and pronunciation Mark Vosman
13. Book for Leeflets — Create a single-page website for your book. Jason Schuller
14. MadLipz — Create, view & easily share funny short-form video parodies Robleh Jama
15. Metatask — Simple workflow and process management Chris Messina
16. Arrangr for HubSpot — Arrange a proactive meeting instantly in HubSpot Adam Scott Perl
17. Grow — The psychometric habit builder Bojan Savikj
18. bild — A connected creative world in your pocket. Brandon Stuch
19. Digitox — Digitox is designed to improve your digital well-being. Cihan Turkay
20. Debt Snowball Calculator — Plan your debt-free journey Jesse Flores
21. GetVokl — Create your own live-video streaming channel. Gisella Walter
22. March Madness Bracket — A free to play march madness application Jim Butler
23. This Resume Does Not Exist — Resumes generated by a neural network Jake Crump
24. Thredd — Get recommendations from people who share your interests Ronny Li
25. Lightsync — Sync your philips hue to your music Marcel
26. Basement — Basement is a social app for your close friends. Ferminrp
27. The New iPad Air — Apple's refreshed iPad Air, thinner and with pencil support Aaron O'Leary
28. The New iPad Mini — Apple's refreshed iPad mini now with Pencil support Shaun Trennery
29. Subcafe — Text-only social network focused on comment threads. Lucian Marin
30. Cherry Pie — Chrome extension to craft the perfect pull request Shlomo Kraus
31. RequestCreative — Instantly set up a storefront for your freelance business David Miranda
32. Mock — Instantly create video mockups from screen recordings Lee Martin
33. LandingStock — A collection of free images for your landing page Craig Barber
34. TradeNikki — Keep track of your day trading Takeshi Hui
35. Doorport — Unlock your door using your smartphone Aaron O'Leary
36. Materia Wooden Bikes — A super-lightweight, hand crafted wooden bike Māris Antons
37. Macaron — Recognize people and backgrounds to recreate stunning photos Ferdinand Hao
38. Retest — Cross device website testing made simple. Pulkit Madan
39. MissTime — The world clock in your pocket Tolecen Tao
40. Parlay Sports — Social sports betting for everyone Sampurna Basu
41. Webiny Serverless CMS — Open source, dev-friendly and powered by GraphQL and React Kevin William David
42. EasyTravelShare — Create a travel blog in one minute Mathijs
43. Social Puppy — A week-by-week guide to raising an awesome dog. Lars
44. Top UX School — Find the best UX / HCI master's programs in the world Kai-Ting Huang
45. Palbum — Continue playing an album from the last track you heard António Ramadas
46. Bold Metrics — SaaS metrics calculator for marketers and product managers Dyego Vasconcelos
47. Pager Team — Get system outage notifications the instant they occur Chris Messina
48. Balto — Create march madness pools with ease Kat Manalac
49. Caption AI — AI powered personal assistant for Instagram captions Jinesh Shah
50. ModularScale — Set more meaningful font sizes with a modular type scale. Vip Sitaraman


24 小时前 The Journey — Sharing the struggles behind today’s leading businesses. Dylan Langlois
2 天前 AppOnboard Studio — Create app demos in an instant. No code required. Lucy Guo
2 天前 Webiny CMS — Open source serverless CMS powered by graphql and react Kevin William David
2 天前 App Onboard — Create app demos in an instant. No code required. Lucy Guo
2 天前 — 300+ Free online courses to choose from. Guillaume Bardet
2 天前 Chairrate — Run effective meetings and ask for feedback Max Ardine
2 天前 — Endlessly unique ambient music Ozgur Ozer
2 天前 RequestSOS — A medical emergency alarm for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch Adam Foot
2 天前 Isotope Mail Client — Microservice based mail client built with ReactJS and Spring Marc Nuri
2 天前 Tooqan — Find out how effective your meetings are Anna Partyka
2 天前 Spicetify — Command line tool to customize Spotify client Nguyễn Xuân Khánh
2 天前 Album Manager — Quickly delete useless photo albums 61
3 天前 Programming Guides — Get to know what topics to learn in Language before starting keyul
3 天前 Blair — Financing students through Income Share Agreements. Constantin
3 天前 Earworm Audio Flashcards — Study flashcards hands and eyes free John Holland
3 天前 PathBase — A career advisor powered by AI Chris Messina
3 天前 Twubbler — See what others see when they look at Twitter Guillaume Bardet
3 天前 PathBase (Beta) — AI career advisor Chris Messina
3 天前 SuperPay Recurring — Recurring payments for customers made simple Che Sampat
3 天前 UniClip — A universal clipboard for iOS, macOS & tvOS using iCloud ???? Adam Foot
3 天前 Figgle — Save content from any app and keep it in one place Philip Nagel
3 天前 Swit — A team collaboration hub with chats and tasks Josh Lee
3 天前 Exclusive Calculator — Find out if you should release your game as an exclusive Kovah
3 天前 Lax.js — Create beautiful & smooth animations when you scroll Alex Fox
3 天前 — A simple, decentralized crypto exchange Vincent Weißer
3 天前 Vue-jazzicon — A dead-simple Jazzicon component for Vue Shubham Yadav
3 天前 Weather Dock Express — Mac Weather app with Photorealistic animations Roger O'Brien
3 天前 Unshaky — Dismiss duplicate key hits on MacBook butterfly keyboards Kunal Bhatia
3 天前 Animade — High quality pre-made influencer animations for cheap ???? Lucas Hogendoorn
4 天前 First Tweets — Discover the first ever Tweets in History ✨ An
4 天前 Plink — Social & Matchmaking platform for gamers. Chris Messina
4 天前 Juice FX — Easily turn your pixel art into VFX for your video game. Pete
4 天前 TownSquare News — Personalized news without the echo chamber Keziah Imbeah
4 天前 Instagram to Google Sheets Export — Export your Instagram insights, posts into a Google Sheet Josh Bitossi
4 天前 Code Sketch — A notepad for your code ideas ????️???? kily zhou
4 天前 Hello Goodbye — Stop annoying spammy helpdesk widgets Bruce
4 天前 Dip Social — Check-in and chat at your favourite locations ???????? Raghavendra Reddy
4 天前 Stur — Create, share and chat about events with friends JON TVRDIK
4 天前 Opus 0.2 — Sell digital products to your followers David Banys
4 天前 Awesome Gradients Maker — Create awesome gradient wallpapers for your smartphone Yohan Boitel
4 天前 Ledavio — Moodboards a step beyond Mike Battistella
4 天前 Vow Sticker Pack — Cute iMessage stickers to cheer up your day Angelika
4 天前 Slapdash — Fastest way to work across your cloud apps ⚡️ Ivan Kanevski
4 天前 Refined Twitter Lite — UI improvements and new useful features to Twitter Lite Giuseppe
4 天前 Setsquare — Beautiful, simple, modern school websites. Dan Bramall
5 天前 — Increase your website sales rapidly ???? Taleh Karimli
5 天前 Hemlock — Visualize your competitor's content calendar. Gregg Blanchard
5 天前 Stardew Valley Mobile — The super popular farming game now on mobile Aaron O'Leary
5 天前 pbnj — Speed dating every night at 8:30 pm EST Scott Hanlon
5 天前 DestroyPix — Glitch paint photo destroyer for iOS Sam Sabri
5 天前 Gridbox v5.0 — Powerful visual bootstrap builder for designers & developers Ramakrishna Anand
5 天前 Scream Go Hero — A voice-controlled endless game ????️???? Amrith Shanbhag
5 天前 Lighten 2.0 — Brand new mindmapping tool supporting hand-drawn style Sikay Chung
5 天前 Obsidian Tees — High quality shirts for the daily minimalist. Mikhail St-Denis
5 天前 Orchestra 1.0 — An open-source robotic process automation system ???? Nick Abouzeid
5 天前 Made with Glide — A collection of amazing apps made with Glide Ben Tossell
5 天前 — A new beautiful podcast app for supporting creators ???????? Kat Manalac
5 天前 Orchestra 1.0 by B12 — An open-source Robotic Process Automation (RPA) system ???? Nick Abouzeid
5 天前 Mystic Mondays — The magic of tarot in your pocket Chris Messina
5 天前 Tesla Model Y — The new SUV by Tesla starting at $39K ⚡ Amrith Shanbhag
5 天前 Social Proof & Urgency tools — Useful tools to increase website conversions ???? Taleh Karimli
5 天前 Brain Builder — Easily create and deploy custom vision AI solutions Greg Vanthong
5 天前 Squibler — Write & publish your book in 30 days Grant Trahant
5 天前 BBQ HandBook — All-in-one grill and BBQ guidelines for various cuts of meat Cristian Barlutiu
5 天前 Barcode Basics — Easy to use, professional quality barcode software for macOS Rob Stott
5 天前 Stack Roboflow — Coding questions pondered by an AI. Brad Dwyer
6 天前 Hyperspektiv 2.0 — Psychedelic glitch fx Anthony V
6 天前 Firework — A new way to watch short-form videos on mobile Cory Grenier
6 天前 RADICLE — Collect art and interact with the art community Antonio Meic
6 天前 Genius Pack Supercharged — A smarter carry on luggage with a 100% polycarbonate shell. Genius Pack
6 天前 Retrochat — Slack bot for running retrospectives with action items Adam Zapaśnik
6 天前 Insta360 evo — 360 Camera with eyes just like yours Adithya Shreshti
6 天前 Zoho Office Suite — Zoho's new office suite of apps. Kevin William David
6 天前 Animated Icons Pack — A pack of 100 animated vector icons. Dmitry Dementey
6 天前 UnDeck — Beautiful, free resources for your next deck. KP
6 天前 Upvoty — User feedback in 1 simple overview ???? Mike
6 天前 RadioGarden — An interactive map of live radio stations across the globe. Vip Sitaraman
6 天前 Tinkersynth — Create and purchase unique generative art Josh Comeau
6 天前 Slack Foundry — A bot to help you with the basics of using Slack Aaron O'Leary
6 天前 Crossfont — Easy-to-use font editor for Mac Aaron Elkins
6 天前 Culrs 2.0 — Thoughtfully crafted and easy-to-use color palettes Arnob Mukherjee
6 天前 Blook — = Medium + Books + Paypal kohheepeace
6 天前 KraftNow — Next generation email template editor Darshan Bhatt
6 天前 WTF should I do in? — Find recommendations suggested by locals ???? Bruno Costa
6 天前 The Juggernaut — A premium publication for untold South Asian stories Kat Manalac
6 天前 Fast Playback for Facebook Videos — Control Facebook videos playback speed on Android Guy Griv
6 天前 Nomad Text — Get SMS anywhere while traveling. Nicolás Serrano Arévalo
6 天前 Video Call API — Add 1-click video calls to any product, easily kwindla
6 天前 The Infatuation iOS 5.0 — Restaurant reviews & guides Chris Messina
6 天前 Toky Instant Call — Start voice calls directly within Intercom Messenger Os Sánchez
6 天前 Travelchime — Google Docs for planning your trips with friends. Kat Manalac
6 天前 Black 3.0 — The blackest black acrylic art paint Chris Messina
6 天前 Cord-Cutter Express — Find the perfect cable replacement Hiten Shah
6 天前 Supernova V6 — Turn sketch into iOS, android, react and flutter in minutes Jirka Třečák
6 天前 Paydrt — Business management suite for bloggers Joshua Smith
6 天前 SPF — Mac app that lets you display a dark overlay over the screen Tanner Christensen
6 天前 Lessons in Herstory — A new AR app that puts women back in the history books Raz Karmi
6 天前 YoRemote — Remote jobs for developers Henrique Alves
6 天前 Kwikcal — Allow clients to schedule meetings directly in your calendar Michael Wilson
7 天前 Where is Carmen Sandiego? — You can try to catch Carmen Sandiego in Google Earth Théo Créach
7 天前 Upmetrics 2.0 — Create professional business plans quickly vinay kevadiya
7 天前 Google Lookout — An app that identifies objects for the visually impaired Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
7 天前 andcards Kiosk — An app to help manage meeting room bookings Igor Dzhebyan
7 天前 Compass by Jobtome — Analyze and identify your predominant type of intelligence. Francesco Cutolo
7 天前 Microsoft X Cloud — Microsoft's new game streaming service Aaron O'Leary
7 天前 The Startup Calculator — Explore when your startup will hit profitability Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
7 天前 Charts — The most comprehensive collection of charts for Sketch Ruslan Latypov
7 天前 Rolando: Royal Edition — A completely remastered version of the classic game Zoe Chew ????????????‍????????????
7 天前 — Colorize black and white photos with power of ML Alexander Kozhevin
7 天前 — Facebook Messenger sequences and growth widgets for creators Mani Karthik
7 天前 Askdata — Ask questions in natural language and find answers in data ⚡ Chris Messina
7 天前 IKEA ThisAbles — 3D printable add-ons to make furniture accessible by IKEA Aaron O'Leary
7 天前 HiBy W5 — The most powerful bluetooth HiFi amp for audiophiles Kevin William David
7 天前 Keeple — Share your stuff with friends for free or $$ Michael Rumiantsau
7 天前 The Angel Philosopher — A compilation of Naval's wisdom, knowledge and thoughts. Sharath Kuruganty
7 天前 Sloth Facts — Learn everything there is to know about sloths Jonathan Porter
7 天前 Credo360 2.0 — Figure out who to trust by looking at a social credit score Maia Bittner
7 天前 Tune by Google — AI-powered Chrome extension that hides toxic comments Chad Whitaker
7 天前 Coterie — Party supplies delivered right to your door Andrea Hernández
7 天前 Faradise — Enterprise solution for furniture and E-com brands Anastasia Kopylova
7 天前 Warby Parker Virtual Try-On — You can now try on our eyeglasses using your iPhone X Hannah Zachritz
7 天前 Keystroke Pro — Keypress visualizer for macOS Martin Lexow
7 天前 Updatefy — Convert a Google Sheet into a embed update page. Maxi Gimenez
7 天前 Cursor Pro — Mouse highlighter & magnifier for macOS Martin Lexow
7 天前 Pint — Smaller more affordable electric mobility by OneWheel Kristofer™
7 天前 Houseparty Chrome Extension — See who's on Houseparty while you browse Jeff Needles
7 天前 Sathorn — An advanced music player for iPhone Stephen Bodnar
7 天前 Character Count — A weekly podcast from Twitter about businesses ????️???? Amrith Shanbhag
7 天前 Withings Sleep — A sleep tracking mat by Withings Aaron O'Leary
7 天前 Unomaly — Anomaly detection to learn your environment's current state Tony Albanese
7 天前 Fake faces — A tool to browse similar fake faces Evgeniy Chernyshov
7 天前 Instagram 2019 Content Spotlight — Stats, lessons, & tactics from world’s best marketers Miruna Dragomir
7 天前 Time is Ltd — One click productivity analytics inside of Slack Aaron O'Leary
7 天前 Perfect Dude — Helping you to be the perfect partner YannisDC
7 天前 Microverse 2.0 — The global school for remote software developers. Kevin William David
7 天前 The Growth Machine by Yaguara — Combine your company data and goals in three simple steps JD Crabtree
7 天前 Pensato — An app to explore over 1400 musical scales and modes Raz Karmi
7 天前 Dubler Studio Kit — A real-time vocal recognition MIDI controller Kelly Angood
7 天前 Workplace List — Crowdsourced list of places to work around the world ????️ Petr Nagy
7 天前 Symbol Design System 2 — Design with components based on Sketch nested symbols Denis Shepovalov
7 天前 Zokyo — GitHub Chrome Extension to track and manage issues Vincent Liu
7 天前 PracticeBank — Learn-by-doing personal finance for kids ???? Anthony Dito
7 天前 Product Resources List — The biggest list of free product management resources Hiten Shah
7 天前 Voiceflow — Build voice apps in your browser without coding Nick Abouzeid
7 天前 Vacuum Data — Instant access to open/public data from a one-stop place. Siefat
7 天前 Puzzle Swap — A calming game where you switch tiles to reveal an image Sergi Molina Mellado
7 天前 traduora — Translation management platform for teams Anthony Najjar Simon
7 天前 Web Dev Education Platform — Build, share, learn, and thrive in front-end development Chris Messina
7 天前 Keeper — Automatic tax write offs for freelancers Kat Manalac

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