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1. AnyTrans — Fast data and file transfer from Phone to Phone Kevin William David
2. Stokify — Store management app for small businesses Akanimoh Idio
3. Linqo — A new way of sharing articles kazumicho
4. iOS 13 GUI — Free collection of UI components and screens of iOS 13 Chris Messina
5. Buzz! Times Tables — A little educational game to help kid learn times tables. Callum Boddy
6. Sun Chaser — The first alcohol-free drink that actually gives you a buzz Jocelyn Stradiotto
7. Sonar by Templarbit — Uptime check with built in security monitoring Bjoern Zinssmeister
8. FoodRazor — FoodRazor, an invoice management platform to lower costs. Cheryl Teo
9. Artbreeder — An online and collaborative tool for creativity. Özgür Şahin
10. — Shortcuts and hacks for your favorite tools Dennis Müller
11. Bambú 2.0 — Sleep stories, meditation and journal for Spanish speakers. Mauricio Morales
12. The Ultimate Mac User Book — The guide that should be in the box with every new Mac Ton
13. Hearling — Text to speech for everyone Nick Pierson
14. Pikaso — Screenshot Twitter like a pro Soheil
15. BrandSailor — Marketplace for brandable domain names Saief Mahmud Sakib
16. MakeStories — Create visual stories for web quickly and beautifully! Kevin William David
17. Know Your Worth — Know how much people are getting paid Srebalaji Thirumalai
18. Devsync — Visually edit CSS. Live-sync the result with your editor. Will Willems
19. PlanMoreTrips — Github for travel planning - no more spreadsheets! Chris Messina
20. NURVV Run — Improve your technique, to run faster and reduce injury risk Raz Karmi
21. Think Up — Daily affirmations and motivation Hrishikesh Pardeshi
22. Baitblock — Never get distracted on the internet again Ahsan Ejaz
23. The Twitter Sentiment Index — Twitter graphing public opinion of presidential candidates CJ Ezinne
24. Enjin Platform — Create next-generation blockchain games and apps Ilija Rolović
25. Shipped — An issue tracker that 2-way syncs with Slack threads 💬 Luis Del Giudice
26. DraftXR — The InVision of Virtual Reality Justin Mitchell
27. Tit for Tot Breastfeeding Emoji App — Breastfeeding emojis - Normalize. Support. Laugh. Sarah Pagura
28. Land of Meaning — An interactive visual guide of Jordan Peterson's lectures Guillermo Bresciano
29. Datapad — Search & calculate with your data Cem Roso
30. Chaf — Chat with strangers using GIFs Denis Anisimov
31. Sorry Babe — Send a personal apology with a GIF Simon Rahm
32. Face ID Respirator Masks — Unlock your devices with a mask that looks just like you. Nadia Eghbal
33. uLouder for iOS 2.0 — A digital megaphone in your pocket Demirhan Erim
34. Linguix — Check grammar instantly in real-time on your favorite sites Chris Messina
35. Achieve — A super simple goal progress and habit tracker Christopher Toh
36. JivoChat — JivoChat is an all-in-one business messenger. Rich Peterson
37. Coronavirus Tracker — Track the coronavirus outbreak and travel safe Hari
38. Calendar by 44 — Blazingly fast calendaring Andrew Mutavdzija
39. Heepz — All-inclusive travel packages. Flight, hotel, food, and fun. Truong Kevin Pham
40. Invite Codes — Find and share invite/referral codes for apps and services Amiit
41. Transak — Allow users to buy/sell cryptocurrency in your app Yeshu Agarwal
42. Enkel RSS Reader — The clean and simple RSS Reader James Newman
43. SwitchGlass — Customizable app switcher for Mac Seb Jachec
44. Control - For Orienteers — Shows your route on orienteering map Petri Tilli
45. Chess Master — A real-time move calculator for online Chess Armen Stepanyan
46. PepperTab — Notes, todos, calendar & weather on your new tab Chris Messina
47. Counter, by Alles. — A simple, privacy-friendly and versatile visitor counter. Archie Baer
48. Vetter — Test if your emails will be spammed, using real accounts. Sandaruwan Gunathilake
49. Catchar 2.0 — The world’s largest Augmented Reality community Dan Zaitsev
50. 66Analytics — Self-hosted analytics, heatmaps & session recordings. AltumCode


9 小时前 Baitblock for Chrome — Never get distracted on the internet again Ahsan Ejaz
10 小时前 Think Up - Positive Affirmations — Daily affirmations and motivation Hrishikesh Pardeshi
2 天前 LIFX App 4 — Control your smart bulbs intelligently 87 votes
3 天前 Achieve - Goal Progress & Habit Tracker — A super simple goal progress and habit tracker Christopher Toh
3 天前 Brightr — An emoji driven exploration platform Matt Mason
3 天前 Linguix Grammar Checker for Chrome — Check grammar instantly in real-time on your favorite sites 253 votes
3 天前 The archer 2 — Mobile game Wassim Ben
3 天前 Selftalker — Sometimes you need to talk with yourself @shmlkv
3 天前 Gmail Summarization — Extracting the most important sentences from an email thread Argyrou Argyris
3 天前 BestFit — The app provides individual training plans with an algorithm Artem Titarenko
4 天前 Status Buddy — Keep track of Apple's system statuses right in your menu bar 111 votes
4 天前 NewsTab — This extension is for those who needs news from all sources. Tushar Vaghela
4 天前 Domais — Backorder expiring domain names Askar Fuzaylov
4 天前 Cya On The Road — Authentic experiences with flexibility Fred Meng
4 天前 BestFit: Gym Workout & Fitness — The app provides individual training plans with an algorithm 38 votes
4 天前 MyGIFValentine — It's better to GIF than receive. Ken Yarmosh
5 天前 Rise Sleep — 100 years of sleep science for more energy & productivity Hrishikesh Pardeshi
5 天前 Lupus Online — Play Werewolf with your friends and online players. Luca Virgili
5 天前 shiftscreen — External display for your iPad/iPhone! Yannik Schrade
5 天前 Hobbi — A new photo sharing app from Facebook Aaron O'Leary
5 天前 'X for Y' Idea Generator — Pitch a startup idea in 60 seconds David Newell
5 天前 Veed - Translate Video — Automatically translate any video into any language online. Sabba Keynejad
5 天前 — Serve relevant content to visitors, make them take action Kevin William David
5 天前 Fiverr Logo Maker — The first logo maker that is powered by actual designers Ben Lang
5 天前 Magicdocs — Turn proposals into beautiful websites Phelipe
5 天前 Rise: Track Sleep & Circadian — Wake up & fall asleep better Hrishikesh Pardeshi
5 天前 CyberLeads — Find fast growing companies to do business with Alex Sideris
5 天前 All-new Goodnight Journal — Online journal meets community Chris Messina
5 天前 shiftscreen app — Use your iPhone with your monitor! 21 votes
5 天前 GameSnacks — Fast games for emerging markets Ani Mohan
5 天前 Date Parallel — Better dating faster Russ Haywood
5 天前 NooxVision — Like Google Analytics, but for retail stores Jona Rodrigues
5 天前 Literary Map — Post literary moments and follow your books around the world AlkimistX
5 天前 Matchmaker Coffee — Fall in love with your custom coffee, designed just for you! Suneal
5 天前 Instant Measure — Infra-red distance measurement on your iPhone X Ravi Damani
5 天前 Meme 2020 — A meme campaign for all candidates. Stephen T. Johnson
6 天前 Freshpaint — Automatically collect data & retroactively send to 80+ tools Kat Manalac
6 天前 NuoScan — The Nuo Protocol Explorer Varun Deshpande
6 天前 6nomads remote jobs — Unlisted job board with 700+ verified engineers Denis Shershnev
6 天前 PrivaKeeper — Private & Encrypted Files, Notes, Passwords, 2FAs app Khoa Nguyen
6 天前 Interactive Customer Service Report 2020 — Customer service metrics and insights in the form of web app Agnieszka
6 天前 Delta Exchange — Crypto Derivatives Exchange with up to 100x Leverage 📈 Neeraj Thakur
6 天前 Spinneret — Record and automate anything on the web Zachary Denham
6 天前 myYogaTeacher — Helping you sleep better, reduce stress & get back in shape! Kevin William David
6 天前 No Meat Today — Eat less meat: track, attract 🐮, decide! Chris Messina
6 天前 InfoPost — Fight fake news with Advanced AI on your phone Dev Sharma
6 天前 — A simple (and free) goal and project manager. Thomas McGee
6 天前 56k Photo — The world's slowest photo app Jonathan Kaufman
6 天前 Subscription Score — Never regret subscribing to a mailing list again 💌 Aaron O'Leary
6 天前 Henlo — Connect with others in public and private group chats. Dalton Edwards
6 天前 Health Guide — Medically-backed, approachable health content for patients Alexis Ohanian
7 天前 Ramp — Corporate cards built to reduce burn Nick Abouzeid
7 天前 YTCount 3.0 — Stay up to date with your favorite YouTube channels Björn Antonissen
7 天前 Superposition for Figma — Extract design tokens from sites, use them in Figma. Kilian Valkhof
7 天前 Levitate — Grow your business by staying top of mind. Nathan Ganser
7 天前 Actions by Sherlock — Product-led growth on steroids. Derek Skaletsky
7 天前 Lunacy Designer 5.0 — Free all-in-one vector graphic design editor Ivan
7 天前 The Startup Shop — Open your personal shop with your startup custom items Chris Messina
7 天前 Checkaso — Platform to make your ASO work and convert 📈 Savelii Kovalenko
7 天前 Google Ad Highlighter — A Chrome extension that highlights ads inside search results Alex Vale
7 天前 Janus — Your daily productivity heatmap Nurgazy Nazhimidinov
7 天前 Agree Not To Focus — Help yourself keep accountability for focusing Wesley Bevins
7 天前 Uloo — A habit tracker to achieve your goals together with mentors. Thomas Schranz ⛄️
7 天前 Partnership API by Partneroid — Get data on company partnerships, competitors and analytics Kevin William David
7 天前 News Monitoring — Get more press by monitoring articles with filters & alerts Matt Henderson 🚀
7 天前 Motion — Never get distracted on the internet again Kat Manalac
7 天前 Search Ads on Shopify App Store — A new way to advertise to Shopify’s 1 million+ merchants Robleh Jama
7 天前 Agile Guy for Trello — The Swiss army knife for agile teams! Jérônathan Semelane
7 天前 Breathe Meditations for Mac — Immerse yourself in nature. Increase pleasant feelings. Juan Pablo González Hermosillo
7 天前 Fooodie — Tinder for Restaurants Jorde Guevara
7 天前 Once — Create interactive stories on the web Jeremy Le Van
7 天前 Review Showcase — An auto-updating review widget for your website. 108 votes
7 天前 Autocode — Build app-to-app API workflows with automatic codegen 359 votes
7 天前 — The best remote jobs from Global companies for Asians Ha Dao Thi Thu
7 天前 Textify Keyboard for Apple Watch — Type & send messages from your wrist Malek Amiri
7 天前 Samsung Galaxy S20 — Samsung's new camera-centric flagship line Calum Webb
7 天前 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip — Samsung's new foldable phone Calum Webb
7 天前 Samsung Galaxy Buds+ — The next generation of Galaxy Buds is here Jake Crump
8 天前 Envoy Rooms — Room booking made easier for you and your team Alexis Ohanian
8 天前 BlockResume — Safe, private and encrypted resume builder Khoa Nguyen
8 天前 Flare — Flare is your backup in a bracelet Sara de Zarraga
8 天前 V-Coptr Falcon Drone — A new drone for a new decade Dario AppSapp
8 天前 Botnet — A social network simulator Billy Chasen
8 天前 Recast Studio — Video creation tool for marketers 🚀 Kevin William David
8 天前 Formatted Email Subject Lines by cloudHQ — Popping email subject lines in bold, italics, strikethrough Naomi Assaraf 🔥
8 天前 Jam! — Binge more. Pay less. With friends! 😍 John Backus
8 天前 Ivy Documents — File management made simple using tags Henry Zhou
8 天前 Duoflag 1.0 — Migrate to top countries in Quality of Life Rankings Beto
8 天前 Infinideas — Infinite feed of crowdsourced ideas from the web Sandoche
8 天前 Roland Taiko 1 — An electronic drum that lets you practice in peace 🥁 Amrith Shanbhag
8 天前 Picsel — Selects the best picture for your dating profile Matyas Lustig
8 天前 EquityBee — Get the funding you need to exercise your stock options Ben Lang
8 天前 Nido — Slack for college students 230 votes
8 天前 Phone Call Translator — Translates your voice calls into 29 languages in real-time Chris Messina
8 天前 Kitchen Zen — Bringing the power of AI to your kitchen Robert Kotcher
8 天前 RE:SHARE by StoryChief — Trigger your co-workers and fans to reshare your content Valeri Potchekailov
8 天前 GIF Explainer — Explain anything with a GIF Dmitri Popov
8 天前 Landing Pages by ConvertKit — The easiest way to launch your next creative project 370 votes
8 天前 Datree 2.0 — Enforce best practices and security policies on every commit 251 votes
8 天前 Ciara — Conversation assistance for the ambitious salesperson. Konstantin Krauss
9 天前 CloudApp for iOS — Create and share screen recordings, and images from anywhere Nick Abouzeid
9 天前 Hoop — Make new friends on Snapchat 👻🔥 Amrith Shanbhag
9 天前 PloyRef — Automated employee reference checking Stanley Ojadovwa
9 天前 Explore by — Free chart maker & visual exploration for spreadsheet data Kevin William David
9 天前 Noisli 3.0 — Your digital place for focus Stefano Merlo
9 天前 Painland — Helping entrepreneurs to have problems — worth solving Matteo Mosca
9 天前 PDFBlade — The developer-friendly HTML to PDF API Andrew Schmelyun
9 天前 Subly — Free automated tool to add captions on video. Nil Koirala
9 天前 Whatnot — The safest place to buy & sell collectibles Kat Manalac
9 天前 Fantasy Invest — Daily fantasy sport meets the stock market Innokenty Nesterenko
9 天前 Fidlio — Collect feedback and know what to build next Chris Messina
9 天前 Morse — Create, shout out, and discover nearby events in real time Lorenzo Buosi
9 天前 Cloudapp for iOS — Manage your screenshots, annotations & notes from anywhere Nick Abouzeid
9 天前 Remark — Convert long blog post into one short remark using NLP 302 votes
9 天前 MicroHabits — Build habits that stick 164 votes
10 天前 Destinations by Remote Year — Take your job on a month-long work & travel experience 💻 Jenna Winn
10 天前 Meerkad — Hand-picked remote jobs curated by the community Arsen Ibragimov
10 天前 AI Image Enlarger — Enlarge photos/images without losing quality 1696 votes
10 天前 Xpired — Fastest expired domain finder Joseph Abraham
10 天前 Lyfcoach — Ask the community to roast your finances & goals Hardeep
10 天前 DopeKicks — The 1st waterproof cannabis shoes 🌲👟 Kevin William David
10 天前 Good First Issue — Make your first open-source contribution Hiten Shah
10 天前 Suited — Look your best in your suit with instant fit advice Chris Messina
10 天前 Text Keyboard for Apple Watch — Type & send messages from your wrist Malek Amiri
10 天前 Juked — Everything you need to follow esports in one place Ben Goldhaber
2020-02-08 Mission-X — Mission achievement for the modern team 🔥 Michael Spyratos
2020-02-08 The Scientific Meal Planner — Free meal plans optimally balanced for health and longevity Daniel Burnette
2020-02-08 Text For Humanity — Send a text you would love to get, to a stranger. Miyanda Nehwati
2020-02-08 Scale Search by Solfej — Searchable library of over 6000 different scales Shayan Javadi
2020-02-08 VANGOGH — Generate color palettes using keywords, powered by AI Poobesh Gowtham
2020-02-08 Spindrop — An Internet radio app with an intelligent mashup DJ Michael Yang
2020-02-08 Motipio — A platform to connect with professionals of your field Roman Klimuk
2020-02-08 Allergify — Food allergies community Santi Barbat
2020-02-08 Unbounded — Serverless NoSQL database you query with JavaScript Chris Messina
2020-02-08 Moviebase — Discover, find and track your favorite movies & TV shows. Chris Krueger
2020-02-08 Lunch Auction — Raise money for charity by selling an hour of your time Denys Grabchak
2020-02-08 Passport Index Mobile App — World's passports in your pocket Passport Index
2020-02-08 G.old — Jewelry from discarded smartphones. Gauthier Nadaud
2020-02-08 Wificoin — Pay-as-you-go inflight wifi in over 5000+ airplanes. Chris Messina
2020-02-07 What is the cost of my project? — Know the technology cost of your project Manan Vora
2020-02-07 Wificoin - Inflight Wifi App — Pay-as-you-go inflight wifi in over 5000+ airplanes. 52 votes
2020-02-07 Pathfix — The easiest way to add integrations to your SaaS Kevin William David
2020-02-07 Lowdown — Auto-generate newsletters from Slack community content Steven Hylands
2020-02-07 — A new way to share all your links. ✌️ Ipatov Anton
2020-02-07 Wing Assistant — A new kind of assistant that never says "I don’t understand" Tristan Pollock
2020-02-07 Happyfeed 3.0 — Simple journaling app with a social twist 🌀 Matt Kandler
2020-02-07 Wificoin Inflight Wifi — Pay-as-you-go inflight wifi in over 5000+ airplanes. 18 votes
2020-02-07 HomeFlow — Make home buying easy with a self-paced home buying platform Laura Moreno
2020-02-07 Foxo — Where health connects Luke Fletcher
2020-02-07 Biteplay — Create highly targeted Youtube ad campaigns in 5 minutes Henrique Chappuis

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