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1. PickIt — Minimalist color picker & palette organizer Sean R
2. Roostoo — Simulated crypto exchange and mock trading competitions Chris Messina
3. Tico Powerbadge — Generate video meeting URLs for your web visitors in 1 click Howie Young
4. Crisis Response Matching - COVID-19 — Donation matching platform in response to the Coronavirus Karan Kanwar
5. Background Eraser — Remove image background automatically Md Amirul I
6. Unmix — Separate vocals, drums, bass, and synth from music with ML Artur K
7. CovidCamp — Connect with your neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kai Micah Mills
8. Sourceful — A search engine for publicly-sourced Google docs Matthew Salamon
9. Coronavirus Pandemic Simulation — Simulate pandemic visually and test scenarios on browser. Ahmet Koyun
10. — Sharable, distraction free markdown editor. Jake Bown
11. Little Places — Independent businesses mixing it up during COVID-19 Jason Ford
12. Spectrums — Share what matters to you. Sean Moffatt
13. Coronavirus 3d — Free 3d model of SARS-Cov-2 (MIT License) Alejandro León
14. SpacedTime — Remember the important things in your life James Lee
15. Stones — A fun app to help you form healthy habits Victor Khodalov
16. The Awareness Chatbot — COVID self-assessment, find nearby test sites and donate Mayank Nagpal
17. Private Kit by MIT — Slow the Coronavirus without giving up individual privacy Gertjan De Wilde
18. Frames 2.0 — Save time developing your web design project with a kit Chris Messina
19. Blink Mind Desktop — Full featured mindmap and outliner app. Rui Zhou
20. Todo Kanban Board — Manage project tasks using plain text markdown file. Duc N.
21. Quarantine Together — Meet new people virtually and stay connected in quarantine Ada Nguyen
22. TrueBonds — Make funeral arrangements online Pedro Acosta
23. Wavejam — Make music with friends from home! Horacio Bolz
24. Free Split-Sheet Generator For Musicians — Helping writers get paid for the songs they create Karan
25. Apple COVID-19 — Up-to-date guidance and information for people across the US Chris Messina
26. TytoCare — On demand medical exams. Anytime. Anywhere. Muhammad Waqas
27. Stay Home, Take Care — A social distancing care package to take care of yourself. Alisha Ramos
28. PodHound — AI-powered podcast discovery John Biggs
29. COVID Near You — Visualized maps to help identify hotspots of COVID-19 Jake Crump
30. CoronaWhy — Globally distributed, fully remote COVID-19 AI task-force Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
31. Withlocals Live — Stuck at home? Book online activities with locals worldwide Bram Krommenhoek
32. Save Your Bookstore — Help your local bookstores not go out of business Paras Chopra
33. Cardybot — A Slackbot that sends signed birthday cards for remote teams Steven Dixon
34. AidTable — Crowdsourced list of discounts to help you during COVID-19 Joro Yordanov
35. Messenger Coronavirus Community Hub — Stay connected and informed about coronavirus, by Facebook. Leandro
36. Corona Coach — Your digital coach to deal with Coronavirus anxiety Thomas Schranz ⛄️
37. NHS Offers — All deals for UK health workers during the Covid-19 crisis Andrew Burton
38. Corona Reader by Panda — Read the latest news and find useful resources about COVID Ahmet Sülek
39. 120 Places to Post Your Startup — Ranked by domain and page authority Cody
40. Learn From A Chef — Help chefs affected by COVID & improve cooking skill at home Querida Qiu
41. Covid-19 stats by country — Coronavirus tracker by country 📈📊👀 Mariano Pardo
42. WhileAtHome COVID-19 Resource Hub — Clearinghouse for credible COVID19 resources, info & actions deray mckesson
43. Icebreakers 3.0 COVID-19 edition — Bond with your remote working team with fun Q&A on Slack Ellen Choi
44. C-19 COVID Symptom Tracker — Self-report COVID-19 symptoms & help slow the spread 🇬🇧 Chris Messina
45. Clockk — Clockk automates timesheets for freelancers & agencies ⏰🔥💰 Chris Messina
46. Give & Get Local — Support local businesses by buying digital gift cards Christina Zhu
47. Homefront Supply — Protecting frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19 Samantha Radocchia
48. Virus Fight Club — Play the hero and save the world from coronavirus Hugo Filipe Ribeiro
49. PRCLbot — Automate Github pull requests to changelog generation flow Mukul Chaware
50. WFH Care Package — Care packages to boost morale and alleviate stress. Taylor Robinette


22 小时前 BlinkMindDesktop — Full featured mindmap and outliner app. Rui Zhou
23 小时前 — Let’s Come Together to save our favorite cups of coffee. Andy Eblin
24 小时前 Virtual Festivals by Festival Hunt — Find virtual festivals & music live streams 96 votes
2 天前 Frames 2.0 - Web Design Kit for Sketch — Frames saves time developing your web design project. 22 votes
2 天前 ScraperAI — Extract Structured data from any website Xavier Geerinck
2 天前 Wellnest Journal — Guided journaling for students. 141 votes
2 天前 WhileAtHome COVID Resource/Info Hub — Clearinghouse for credible COVID19 resources, info & actions deray mckesson
3 天前 Avatar API — Put a name and face to that email. Chad Fullerton
3 天前 Hubub — Host better conversations around video. Edward Jenkins
3 天前 VSLeague — Simulated sports broadcasting platform Dane Sirois
3 天前 Keep Your City Smiling — Gift boxes that benefit struggling local businesses. Sam Eitzen
3 天前 CrewPay — Hassle-free 1099-MISC filing and contractor payments. David Horne
3 天前 US Stimulus Package in Action — Money printer go brrr Chad Fullerton
3 天前 Pop — Local groups and stories Alex Kehr
3 天前 Primer Library — The best digital learning resources for homeschooling. Steven Dixon
3 天前 Find My Pasta — Report and track empty supermarket shelves Jack Solomon
3 天前 Naby — News app that uses social media to curate must-read stories. Yalcin Ozdemir
3 天前 Flat Icons — 20,000 unique, customizable icons with free lifetime updates Paul Jansen
3 天前 Best Digital Marketing of 2019 — 50+ Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You Daniel Eckler
3 天前 Frontend Mentor — Improve your coding skills by building real projects Chris Messina
3 天前 Tab Suspender for Safari — Reduce memory, CPU & battery usage by suspending unused tabs Bruno
3 天前 Flat Icons lifetime bundle — 20,000 unique, customizable icons with free lifetime updates 115 votes
4 天前 Email Meter — Email statistics for Gmail & G Suite Kevin William David
4 天前 Modern Day Jobs 💸 — A curated list of 100 modern ways to make money online Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
4 天前 Entry Level — Job aggregator for entry-level positions Kevin William David
4 天前 COVID-19 API — Access data on the Coronavirus through an easy API for free. Gertjan De Wilde
4 天前 SMB Nuggets — Find your ultimate business growth stack within your budget Dan Siepen
4 天前 REVAN — The safest motorcycle helmet-mounted dashcam Md Amirul I
4 天前 Yaguara 2.0 — Yaguara, New and Improved JD Crabtree
4 天前 WAPI Radio — A LIVE, 24-hour broadcast about developer experience! Gregory Koberger
4 天前 WAPI Radio by ReadMe — A LIVE(!!) 24-hour broadcast about developer experience! 3 votes
4 天前 Comradery — Threaded discussions and real-time chat for your community! Chris Messina
4 天前 360° Guide to Remote — How to transfer a company to remote in a short time Robleh Jama
4 天前 Taskful 3.0 — Get more done. Together. Michael Hirsch
4 天前 StoriesOnBoard 2.0 — Build software that matters Mátyás Gergő
4 天前 Helpy — The spread of the covid-19 slows down with Helpy Ali Karami
4 天前 Meetquo — Asynchronous meetings for remote teams Pau Garcia-Milà
4 天前 Art Master — A trivia game for art enthusiasts around the world. Adam Cooper
4 天前 Happyday — Give your neighborhood a helping hand Ismail
4 天前 Rate a Meeting — Meetings are expensive. Measure and improve remote meetings. Morgan J. Lopes
4 天前 Cauze — Donate to any nonprofit in the US from your couch Jason Hausske
4 天前 HelpLocalBiz — Donate to local businesses impacted by COVID-19 Quintin Woods
4 天前 Rate a Meeting to Improve Remote Work — Meetings are expensive. Measure and improve remote meetings. Morgan J. Lopes
4 天前 Tectonic — An alternative to spreadsheets to power your business Michael Skelly
4 天前 Tiiny Host — Super simple static web hosting. No sign up required. Elston Baretto
4 天前 React Material UI Admin Node.js — React Material UI Admin with Node.js Backend Nastassia Ovchinnikova
4 天前 Businesses united against COVID-19 — Companies offering free or discounted tools during COVID-19 Galina Divakova
4 天前 MVP.css — Minimalist stylesheet for HTML elements Steven Dixon
5 天前 Do You — Sexual wellness and discovery app (interactive erotica) Maia Bittner
5 天前 Primer — Online learning resources for homeschooling 47 votes
5 天前 Leapsome Remote Learning & Onboarding — Develop your talent with personalised learning & onboarding Kajetan Armansperg
5 天前 Bail — Get out of your commitments, guilt free! Christopher Davies
5 天前 Air — A workspace for your team's images and videos Shane Hegde
5 天前 Facemoji Kit — Facial expressions tracking & avatars for your app Robin Raszka
5 天前 COVID-19 deals for business — Free or discounted tools Galina Divakova
5 天前 Impressions — Create your own high-quality celebrity deepfakes in minutes Kevin William David
5 天前 Screen — WFH like you’re in the same room, by Screenhero cofounder. 498 votes
5 天前 COVID-19 Trends — See the growth and decline of topics affected by COVID-19 Ben Lang
5 天前 Record with Friends 2.0 — Easy remote podcasting for a distributed world, by Anchor Mike Mignano
5 天前 COVID-19 Trends — See the growth and decline of topics affected by COVID-19 Ben Lang
5 天前 Minty 3.0 — Get custom illustrations directly from remote artists Kevin William David
5 天前 Gift Card Bank — Give a gift card to someone in need due to Coronavirus Chris Messina
5 天前 Redraw by Sticker Mule — Upgrade your images to high resolution, vector graphics. Anthony Thomas
5 天前 Remotion — Quick video chat with your remote team Andreas Klinger
5 天前 The Expert Guide to Remote Sales Calls — Maximize your success with remote video conferencing Hiten Shah
5 天前 ClickStory — Every click has a story Ali Salman
5 天前 #NoTouchChallenge — Use computer vision to help you stop touching your face Vedran Budimcic
5 天前 Fearless — Stream inclusive movies & shows on iOS & Android. Matkai Burmaster
5 天前 Record with Friends 2.0 from Anchor — Easy remote podcasting for a distributed world Mike Mignano
5 天前 Airmink — Secure and private 1-on-1 video, voice, chat, file sharing Robert Leefmans
5 天前 AudioCardio for Android and iOS — Physical therapy for your hearing Chris Ellis
5 天前 3D Chat — Club penguin-esque messenger Raphael Kats
5 天前 MarketMuse Pro — Create predictably better content Noah Miller Davis
5 天前 Instagram Co-Watching — Scroll Instagram together with friends Jacqueline von Tesmar
5 天前 Just Sign — Build your email signature in less than 60 seconds Ron Fybish
5 天前 Google's COVID-19 Information Portal — A search portal with safety tips and official stats Taylor Majewski
5 天前 Doodlebug — Figma plugin for shipping better websites faster Nick Stamas
5 天前 Frame.IoT — An Arduino-compatible dev kit for wi-fi projects Joshua Perk
5 天前 LandedVibe — Distanced, but connected experiences. Tri Lecao
6 天前 Open Startup List — Get some insights on incredible startups Steven Dixon
6 天前 TimelinesAI for WhatsApp — Easily organize & share your business messages from WhatsApp Alex. Delivet
6 天前 Loomie 3D Avatars — Create personalized stickers to share in WhatsApp & Slack 😎 Mahesh Ramasubramanian
6 天前 Scrumie — Know what's happening in your team. Nikola
6 天前 COVID-19 Refund Tracker — The crowdsourced authority on COVID-19 refund policies Chris Messina
6 天前 LegalSite — A drop-in legal & privacy department for your website Kevin William David
6 天前 Gainly — Save our World. Reinventing Corporate Social Responsibility. Tom Wilford
6 天前 Retrium — Fun and effective agile retrospectives for distributed teams David Horowitz
6 天前 Hybrid Memory Foam Tips for AirPods Pro — A more secure and comfortable fit Toby Dixon
6 天前 Just stay home — Track the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic per country 🌍 Gertjan De Wilde
6 天前 Easil — Drag & drop design for teams Annette McDonald
6 天前 for WhatsApp — Easily organize & share your business messages from WhatsApp 12 votes
6 天前 Linky — Post to Twitter and Mastodon with simplicity Chris Messina
6 天前 Brainio — Note taking and mind mapping combined in one app Ondrej Havlena
6 天前 Pipe — Non-dilutive financing to SaaS companies Colin Keeley
6 天前 Corona Stats — Compare corona stats across countries Raviteja Govindaraju
6 天前 VictoryPic — Connect with your team. In Slack. Via selfies. Philip James
6 天前 Cuddy — Find a course buddy and do online courses together Alex Gogl
6 天前 Branded Books — The classics, re-imagined with all your favorite brands. Daniel Greenberg
6 天前 reMarkable 2 — The next-generation paper tablet. 23 votes
6 天前 Work From Home Scheduler — Find calm in the chaos when you're working from home. Karen Rubin
6 天前 Virtual Learning Resources for Kids — Collection of the best resources to keep your kids busy Girish
6 天前 Flowbot — Python code completion using natural language Kat Manalac
6 天前 COVID-19 Check In — Share your health status, view all statuses on a map Scott Owens
6 天前 Self-Quarantine Book Club — Stuck inside? Join a book club on our Slack community. Ryan Hoover
6 天前 Bourgad — Support research to fight COVID-19 - for free 💉 Paul G
6 天前 thePenTool — Design assets library for designers that value their time Arsen Kolyba
7 天前 Bourgad - FIGHT CORONAVIRUS — Support research to fight COVID-19 - for free 💉 Paul G
7 天前 Zenisounds — Create your ultimate ambient sounds mix Radu Suciu
7 天前 Marketing Inspo — Get inspired by this collection of marketing examples Dan Siepen
7 天前 Marketing Masterclass — A Course for Marketing Leaders, By Marketing Leaders 39 votes
7 天前 TealBox — Remote work tool for collectively defining plans of action Thomas Schranz ⛄️
7 天前 Cancel Corona — Donate savings from canceled meals/drinks/etc to fight COVID Nick Abouzeid
7 天前 Remix — Transform any tweet, link, or product into Instagram content Andrew Yates
7 天前 CapSumo — Generate leads by seeing who visits your abandoned web forms Chris Messina
7 天前 Voix — instantly make your voice sound like a pop star! Daniel Kuntz
7 天前 Freshreader — A read-it-later service where items disappear after 7 days. Maxime Vaillancourt
7 天前 Shaper Hands — Safe, free deliveries for at-risk people impacted by COVID19 Francis Pollara
7 天前 Days — A minimal and thoughtful journaling app Will Grant
7 天前 Time spent on Netflix — How much time have you spent on Netflix? Thijs van der Heijden
7 天前 Jot — Simplest notes app for the Mac Menu Bar the world has seen. Rainer Selvet
7 天前 WFH Best Practices — Curated list of the best resources to amp up your wfh game. Mark Peck
7 天前 The Caregiver Guide to COVID-19 — A certification class for caregivers on the front lines David Miranda
7 天前 Touchbase — Quick live video chat for remote teams Joe Taylor
7 天前 Mobilize — Share problems, fight COVID-19 Evan Drake
7 天前 Image Picker — Download images from any webpage Gtobinda Tarafdar
7 天前 Mask Match — Send your N95 masks to healthcare workers who need them Ryan Hoover
8 天前 US Health Weather Map — Using smart thermometers to detect surges in COVID-19 cases Chris Messina
8 天前 Fabula — Play around with animations JPEGuin
8 天前 Code Outline for Github — Easier browsing of code on Github Vaibhav Jain
8 天前 WEEEK — Plan, organize and collaborate in a simple to use interface Ivan Marakhovka
8 天前 Hide images with NOPE. — Hide page images and videos — and boost productivity Kathleen Garvin
8 天前 Vidrio — Holographic screencasting app for Mac. Free for COVID-19 Jim Fisher
8 天前 SonOfAnton.Ai — An intelligent todo app for doers. That Javascript Dev| Startups, Money & B
8 天前 WordsTool — Teach and learn words with custom word cards and exercises Tatyana Kostrova
8 天前 Recover Athletics — Don't let aches and pains keep you from the sport you love Raz Karmi
8 天前 — Create beautiful cookbooks of your favorite online recipes Paul Mynarsky
8 天前 Coronadex — COVID-19 Tracker, News, and Tweets Mohamed Ibrahim
8 天前 Open Source Ventilator — An open-source collaborative ventilator project. 🚑 Neeraj Thakur
8 天前 Email Verification in Google Sheets v2 — Verify up to 230K email addresses directly in Google Sheets Chris Messina
8 天前 TraceTogether — Help trace the spread of COVID-19 Fajar Siddiq
8 天前 COVID-19 HealthAlert from WHO — Providing critical health info during the COVID-19 outbreak Chris Messina
8 天前 #thread-to-channel — Turn your Slack thread into a new channel. Jan Roguszka
8 天前 Virtual Assembly — Directory of free virtual events, courses & tools Jasmine Douglas
9 天前 Social Distancing Works — Self-quarantine by adding a mask to our profile pic William Felker
9 天前 Hover — See the contents of windows in an always-on-top window. Lucian Boiangiu
9 天前 Email Verification on Google Sheets v2 — Verify up to 230K email addresses directly on Google Sheets 51 votes
9 天前 Generous Support — Support local businesses during COVID-19 Rich Peterson
9 天前 Covid Act Now — Why US policy makers must act now James Tamplin
9 天前 Lemonaid — Anonymous Slack group for women Nick Abouzeid
9 天前 — Give and get help during quarantine Adam Bedford

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