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2021-05-01 Experimenting with love-Attempting to date as a PhD student in Biology Kate K.
2021-05-01 PhD Parenting in a Pandemic-Challenges and lessons learned from a tumultuous time in my life Adrian G.
2021-05-01 Routine in Chaos-Discovering opportunity to hack your own personal productivity habits Clara D.
2021-04-17 Mayan, what else? -Take the time to breathe and do what you like Grégoire J.
2021-04-17 Launching Into The New Year-Experiencing my first rocket launch Daniel J.
2021-04-17 Pandemic pupils-How Covid-19 has transformed my perspective on outreach and education Arianna K.
2021-04-17 When is the best time to start graduate school?-Pros and cons of fresh-out-of-undergraduate and post-young professional paths Jessica W.
2021-04-17 Hunting for What We Lost-How the MIT Mystery Hunt Reminded Me Of How Bleak Pandemic Life Is Mary D.
2021-03-27 Join today, plan for tomorrow-Why you should join your professional society Miriam K.
2021-03-27 A Food Scientist’s Views on Instant Foods-How to consciously generate instant happiness! Zenia A.
2021-03-27 Fostering Success-Sometimes the youngest kids can teach the biggest lessons Anonymous .
2021-03-27 Getting closer to my “luck”-The story of my journey to MIT Zhutian Y.
2021-03-15 Grad Student by Day, Standup Comic by Night-Finding communities outside of MIT Emily M.
2021-03-15 My musical journey in Boston-How a fortuitous encounter started my musical career Yong-Chul Y.
2021-03-15 Does This Make Epstein My Boss?-How MIT handled the Epstein scandal, dirty money, and why I’m still here. Samantha E.
2021-03-12 Packing for MIT: Laptop, Winter Coat, Math Phobia-How I survived MIT classes without a math background - and you can too! Jelle V.
2021-03-12 New England-themed Reading List-Weathering this Winter with Literary Escapes Vivienne Z.
2021-03-12 A Journey through Time: Voyaging into Boston’s “Other” History-Personal Growth Outside of MIT Pervez A.
2021-03-12 This isn’t Canada, eh?-The times Americans thought I was crazy Kelvin L.
2021-03-12 Unleashing my Inner Rockstar-Becoming a BollyX fitness instructor during grad school—and a pandemic Neha B.
2021-03-12 COVID-19 Elevates Incidence of Impostor Syndrome in 1st Year PhD Student-A virtual MIT student, by any other interface, still belongs here. Brandon K.
2021-02-06 There is more to MIT than lectures and labs!-How one day at Boda Borg changed my perspective of work-life balance Vyshnavi V.
2021-02-06 Be the [Climate] Change You Wish to See-Don’t underestimate the ripple effects of small changes Rachel S.
2021-02-06 The Silent 50%-Women and Men Are NOT Equal Rumya R.
2021-01-19 Mitconceptions-Unlearning what I thought I knew about PhDs and MIT Viraat G.
2021-01-19 Dousing First-Year Burnout-The importance of making MIT your home Alex O.
2021-01-19 Lost Hobbies and How to Find Them-Finding time for hobbies during graduate school Rachel B.
2021-01-19 A (rest)room of one's own-Experiencing MIT through all-gender bathrooms Cal G.
2021-01-19 An Unconventional Path to MIT-From Industry, to MicroMaster’s, to Master’s Maria R.
2020-12-30 Between Three Worlds- There are more things in science and engineering, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your departmental curricula Elizabeth Q.
2020-12-30 Art of Comfort-The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls Yuqin (Sophia) D.
2020-12-30 Prospects of a prospective international student in a pandemic era-Hey, it’s 2020 everyone! Andreas S.
2020-12-22 Safer Grocery Shopping Guide During the COVID-19-Grocery shopping has been even more difficult during the pandemic, but here are some tips! Kristin C.
2020-12-22 Welcome to the CandE Shop-Building an Online Community for MIT Climate and Energy Enthusiasts Cathy W.
2020-12-22 My advisor left MIT during my PhD-Making difficult decisions with incomplete information Cherry G.
2020-12-18 To the Mom applying to Grad School:-How Motherhood led me to MIT Namuun P.
2020-12-18 Ohana means family-Finding a community outside of MIT Sophia X.
2020-12-11 Volunteering in a home away from home-Is it possible to volunteer while studying at MIT? Mariel G.-M.
2020-12-11 Strange lands-On being a (foreign) grad student mom Ying G.
2020-12-11 MIT-isms-Crack the Code to MIT Conversation Allison P.
2020-12-04 Reasons to Cook for Yourself -An optimization problem Hyunjin P.
2020-12-04 Vacation time!... What to do? What to do?-Opportunities for graduate students during pandemic and non-pandemic periods Andrea D.
2020-12-04 A stroke of luck?-Hospitalization during a pandemic Charlotte L.
2020-10-24 Finding a Cambridge coffee home-An inner journey in pursuit of good coffee Jenny C.
2020-10-24 How I came to Cambridge before I came to Cambridge -Lessons I learned as a newly accepted student during a pandemic Ambar R.
2020-10-24 Beer in Class—but Peers Afar-Navigating the Freedom and Isolation of Virtual MIT Danielle P.
2020-10-23 Why I Vote and Why You Should Too-Your voice matters, so make it heard Seamus L.
2020-09-23 Bench, bath and beyond-Transform your apartment into a yeast lab, and have fun doing it! Veda K.
2020-09-23 Playing Avalon on Zoom-How a virtual board game keeps us connected during quarantine Bright Y.
2020-09-23 From Rockets to Rocking Chairs-Sitting in a rocking chair holding a baby wasn’t how I expected to kick off graduate school Anonymous .
2020-09-21 Managing your finances when your spouse can’t work-Being an F1 and F2 couple living on graduate stipend is challenging but manageable Aufar K.
2020-09-21 Any tips on tipping?-The plight of an international student new to the tipping culture in America Aditya G.
2020-09-21 Shaking hands with death-My clinical experience through MIT Nicolas M.
2020-09-21 Ode to Crosswords-Are you down for a cross? Mingyu Y.
2020-08-27 L’Autre, c’est moi-Sondering away in the heart of a young boy Nicolas M.
2020-08-27 How I passed my 1st-year classes skipping them (please don’t tell anyone) Suzane C,
2020-08-27 My response to COVID-19 -How my family came together during the pandemic Sugandha S.
2020-08-13 Navigating MIT-How to Survive in the Forest of Numbers Hyunjin P.
2020-08-13 The Infinite Rotation-After six failed lab rotations, one last chance to find a home Matthew A.
2020-08-13 Am I too busy for radio? -How my time spent on-air made me a better scientist Lama A.
2020-08-01 All-Weather Outings/Innings in the Northeast-Year-round climbing around New England (outings) and MIT (innings) Carlos S.
2020-08-01 Times May Have Changed, but MIT will Not-Looking Back at International IAP Adventures Olivia Y.
2020-08-01 Best Burgers and Convos at BBC-A quirky tradition unfolds the journey of grad school Olivia F.
2020-08-01 Making the switch-My journey of changing labs Liang L.
2020-07-31 Rethinking orientation in the COVID-19 era-How the MIT graduate orientation is reforming itself this year Shashank A.
2020-07-29 Have something to say or share? Then blog about it!-Apply for August 10 & 13 online workshop Grad Blog Editorial Board
2020-07-24 Life at MIT could be stressful, but not for you!-Simple ways to manage stress as a grad student Morteza S
2020-07-24 Pass the class — get a tat-The process of making permanent decisions Faye E.
2020-07-24 So… you were accidentally admitted to MIT-Here’s how to fool everyone for five years Daniel A.
2020-07-24 It’s not just about the degree-Grad school is also about becoming the person you want to Clara M.
2020-07-09 In Defense of the MBTA-You don’t know how good you have it. Michael C.
2020-07-09 What’s Your Grocery Strategy?-Feeding yourself in Cambridge without a car Meggan D.
2020-07-09 Getting into gear-The grad student’s survival guide to biking in the Boston area Tatiana N.
2020-07-09 How to Walk (or Bike, or Bus) a Mile in My Shoes -The Joys of My Daily Commute Paul G.
2020-07-01 Changing Your Habits One Sunrise at a Time-How to become a morning person through photography Daniel A.
2020-07-01 Get out of the lab, get on Twitter-Why science Twitter is one of the greatest tools you have never heard of Stephanie S.
2020-07-01 *Actually* Looking Forward to my Commute-Or, my newfound love of podcasts Neha K.
2020-06-24 Mental Health Matters: Issue #2-Prioritizing your mental well being in difficult times Grad Blog Editorial Board
2020-06-24 Ask and you shall receive-How grad school put me on a healthier path Tatiana N.
2020-06-24 Holidazed and Confused-A guide to MIT’s institutional resources Anonymous Auth.
2020-06-24 You mean, it’s not unhealthy?-Recovering from an eating disorder at MIT, and how we can make our Institute a healthier place Matthew A.
2020-06-09 My Journey Home-How I Came to Love Cambridge Kristan H.
2020-06-09 Doing a PhD is a solo trip-It’s time to buckle up and take off Suzane C.
2020-06-09 Piruksraurugut!-We have to do it! Annauk O.
2020-06-04 Adapting to a Pandemic World-And how to make a difference in the process Morgan J.
2020-06-04 Making It Work -Makerspaces, corgis, and my Grad School Puzzle Alan P.
2020-06-04 Two cats move to Cambridge-How—and why—to relocate with pets Chanyoung P.
2020-05-27 My Year in the Wild-Why I Chose to Go into Industry Before Pursuing Grad School Annick D.
2020-05-27 The Buddy System-How checking in weekly can keep your goals on track Kathleen L.
2020-05-27 A Thermodynamic Model of Friendship-Keeping up with friendships is energy-intensive Ashwin N.
2020-05-20 Loafing Around at MIT-Why baking bread should be your next hobby Chanyoung P.
2020-05-20 Terraforming Friendship-How friendship started to flourish after a game of Terraforming Mars Hsin-Yu L.
2020-05-20 Is Grad School Harder than a Headstand?-How practicing my headstand turned into a metaphor for my PhD Stephanie S.
2020-05-14 Big Changes in the Qualifying Exam Procedure-The many responses to AeroAstro's new quals process, and how it might be linked to implicit gender bias Anonymous St.
2020-05-13 Teaching a Lab Module…on Zoom-How the pandemic impacted my life as a TA this semester Maddie H.
2020-05-13 An Indian Spice Blend™ You Won’t Find at Whole Foods-Add one tablespoon of Indian to one tablespoon of American to achieve optimal confusion Rumya R.
2020-05-06 Dungeons and Biology-A tale of biologists, some dice, and keeping each other sane Tyler S.
2020-05-06 Letters to a Not-So-Young-Anymore Grad School Applicant-Reflections during critical moments Agustín C.
2020-05-06 The Bright Side of Isolation-A few positive aspects of social distancing Shashank A.
2020-04-28 What Do I Do When I Can’t Go to Lab?-Ways to move your research forward when running experiments isn’t an option Stephanie S.

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