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1. Harvard and MIT leaders acknowledge deeper ties to Jeffrey Epstein
2. The Rise of the Comfort College
3. For Online Courses, Questions Over How Success is Measured (2014)
4. Darwin, a Game of Survival of the Fittest Among Programs (1971) [pdf]
5. Irish Teenager Wins Global Science Award for Removing Microplastics from Water
6. Linux Kernel Fastboot [pdf]
7. AWS Fargate Deep Dive
8. Tutorial series for simulating NES Graphics (2018)
9. Build a 6502 Computer
10. The U1 chip in the iPhone 11 is the beginning of an Ultra Wideband revolution?
11. Box86, an x86 app player for ARM with native rendering performance
12. New Lithium Battery Design Eliminates Costly Cobalt and Nickel
13. The Terraform Plugin for the Dominos Pizza Provider
14. New carbon nanotube-metal hierarchical material is 10x darker than Vantablack
15. Full tech report of UK 9th August power outage
16. Extreme Light Intensities Using Optically Curved Relativistic Plasma Mirrors
17. Leak of Microsoft Salaries Shows Fight for Higher Compensation
18. Speeding up independent binary searches by interleaving them
19. Little Alchemy 2
20. Chaosnet Network Protocol
21. Warcraft 3: Remastered Will Work with Old Custom Maps
22. Ransomware hackers are targeting managed service providers for local governments
23. Show HN: RemoteMore – We connect developers with full-time remote jobs
24. France and Germany Agree to Block Facebook's Libra
25. The Shock of Robert Frank’s “The Americans”
26. He Contained Multitudes
27. Storm Area 51: The joke that became a ‘possible humanitarian disaster’
28. The Raspberry Beer’o’meter
29. Draw your own circuits with liquid metal
30. DeepPrivacy: A Generative Adversarial Network for Face Anonymization


2 小时前 New Device Harvests Energy in Darkness contemporary343
2 小时前 Richard Stallman Defends Epstein: Victims Were ‘Entirely Willing’ aaronbrethorst
5 小时前 Embryo-like structures created from human stem cells bookofjoe
7 小时前 Computer Pseudoscience jxramos
9 小时前 The Weird and Wonderful CIC (2010)
9 小时前 Britain’s Reichstag Fire Moment DanBC
10 小时前 The New York Times Has Abandoned Liberalism for Activism arto
10 小时前 Boko Haram is back, and with better drones than the Nigerian military bookofjoe
10 小时前 MISP improved model to expire indicators based on custom models adulau
10 小时前 Agriculture may have been humanity’s greatest blunder (1987) elmar
11 小时前 Richard Stallman challenges 'misleading' coverage of his comments on Minsky
11 小时前 Astaroth Spy Trojan Uses Facebook, YouTube Profiles to Cover Tracks iamvirtual
11 小时前 China Seeks to Buy Control of Hong Kong Companies JumpCrisscross
12 小时前 French application of international rules to cyberwarfare Sami_Lehtinen
12 小时前 Solenya: Micro-framework in TypeScript fuzzythinker
13 小时前 Tesla’s a Game Changer When It Comes to Windshield Wipers booleanbetrayal
13 小时前 Hackers Invented Kiteboarding jsomers
13 小时前 The 2019 Ig Nobel Prize Winners emptybits
13 小时前 Kickstarter employees fired for trying to unionize jacquesm
13 小时前 Firefox: Leave My DNS Alone marichards
13 小时前 Understanding Data Transfer in AWS (infographic) mjulian
14 小时前 Genetically modified mosquitoes breed in Brazil
14 小时前 The Writer of the Future agronaut
14 小时前 How the U.S. military churns out more greenhouse gas than entire countries wickwavy
14 小时前 The United States Will Miss China’s Money paulpauper
15 小时前 Ask HN: Where can I find remote or quality oriented freelancing work? s1k3s
15 小时前 Modern Applications at AWS bryanrasmussen
15 小时前 People trying to save enough to retire by 40 paulpauper
15 小时前 I create fake videos. Here’s why people even believe the obvious ones Vaslo
16 小时前 Saudi Arabia Shuts Down About Half Its Oil Output After Drone Strikes xoa
16 小时前 How to be concise on multifaceted, complex topics like “experience” or “culture” Blakestr
16 小时前 Major Saudi Arabia oil facilities hit by Houthi drone strikes jarmitage
16 小时前 A trial to control mosquito populations using genetic engineering has gone wrong enqk
16 小时前 Varlink – A plain-text, type-safe, discoverable, self-documenting interface 1_player
17 小时前 Show HN: WhatFreeWords: Open-Source Geocoding for What3Words
17 小时前 Parallel GCC: a research project aiming to parallelize a real-world compiler matt_d
17 小时前 Show HN: PyCParser, C parser and interpreter in Python albertzeyer
17 小时前 Twelve Words badcede
17 小时前 OpenBSD Disabled DoH by Default in Firefox katzeilla
18 小时前 When the Culture War Comes For the kids bkohlmann
18 小时前 Jon Skeet: The 'Chuck Norris' of Programming (2016) air7
18 小时前 Woodblocks in Wonderland: The Japanese Fairy Tale Series secondary
19 小时前 Notre-Dame’s Toxic Fallout tysone
19 小时前 Silicon Valley Investor Jason Calacanis Loses It over TopTal Shenanigans [video] AlchemistCamp
19 小时前 Saudi Arabia oil facilities ablaze after drone strikes jonbaer
19 小时前 Microsoft President: Democracy Is At Stake. Regulate Big Tech rahuldottech
19 小时前 Prophets of the Modern magda_wang
20 小时前 Hong Kong got a new protest song tambre
20 小时前 How to Make Custom AI-Generated Text with GPT-2 Impossible
21 小时前 Dungeon crawling or lucid dreaming? Impossible
22 小时前 Age Discrimination at Work pseudolus
22 小时前 For Children With Peanut Allergies, F.D.A. Experts Recommend a New Treatment pseudolus
22 小时前 The Encyclopedia Reader (2016) keiferski
23 小时前 Saudi Arabia oil facilities ablaze after drone strikes lifeisstillgood
23 小时前 Lenovo crams unremovable crapware into laptops by hiding it in the BIOS (2015) beefhash
23 小时前 A Game That Made Rats Jump for Joy kunkelast
24 小时前 Is chroot a security feature? katzeilla
24 小时前 How do you hide a war from your loved one? breitling
2 天前 The dangers of magnet fishing bauc
2 天前 Curryfinger – Find the Server Behind the CDN tbiehn
2 天前 Worms fail to thrive in soil containing microplastics: study JulianMorrison
2 天前 Trump claims he looks orange because of energy-efficient light bulbs chmaynard
2 天前 Raw data from a 40-year-old study raises new questions about fats (2017) emmelaich
2 天前 The Life Changing Linguistics of Nigerian Scam Emails sohkamyung
2 天前 I revoked $1M worth of EV certificates speps
2 天前 The Meritocracy Trap
2 天前 Estimates that mineral levels in vegetables have dropped by up to 90% since 1914
2 天前 The Way Words Mean mplanchard
2 天前 The Effectiveness of Targeted Nutrient Therapy for Mental Illness (2010) [pdf] amelius
2 天前 Taking a year to explain computer things zdw
2 天前 Preventing GPS spoofing is hard, but you can at least detect it furcyd
2 天前 A Kubernetes/GKE mistake that cost me thousands of dollars dankohn1
2 天前 Request for Comments on Patenting Artificial Intelligence Inventions riscy
2 天前 What wartime ‘munitionettes’ teach us about burnout dsr12
2 天前 The Case for Doing Nothing grzm
2 天前 Reclaim Unreasonable Software r4um
2 天前 Burolandschap: Cycling Through the Trees
2 天前 Ruby One-Liners kawera
2 天前 What Happened to the Real Time Strategy Genre? ingve
2 天前 New York Uncovers $1B in Sackler Family Wire Transfers SREinSF
2 天前 Medical equipment pricing is completely broken when a sling costs $200 ilamont
2 天前 'If I Happen to Fall Out of a Window, You Can Be Sure I Was Pushed' bjoko
2 天前 Plus – A superset of PHP that makes PHP cool again djxfade
2 天前 Cabin releases 2nd-gen fleet of sleeper bus from SF to LA and back andrethegiant
2 天前 The mineral content of vegetables has plummeted
2 天前 MoviePass will shut down for good on Sept. 14
2 天前 Types for Python HTTP APIs YoavShapira
2 天前 BLUF: A military standard to make writing more powerful jger15
2 天前 Galactic-Scale Energy (2011) GuiA
2 天前 Absolute Scale Corrupts Absolutely dankohn1
2 天前 Our Brains Are Not Multi-Threaded janvdberg
2 天前 Sirum (YC W15) gets unused pills to help cut costs on medication [video] akircher
2 天前 Super Wood (2018) bingden
2 天前 The Log: Real-time data's unifying abstraction (2013) the-enemy
2 天前 Facebook removed a fact-check on anti-abortion video after Ted Cruz complained dubmax123
2 天前 U.S. to leave global postal union next month barring last-minute action MaysonL
2 天前 The Ancient World's Longest Underground Aqueduct (2009) ivanech
2 天前 New SIM Card Flaw Lets Hackers Hijack Any Phone Just by Sending SMS
2 天前 Anti-Putin Politician Facing Kremlin Raid Uses Drone to Fly Hard Drives Away fludlight
2 天前 DevOps didn’t exist when I started as a developer tcsf
2 天前 Endogenous Technological Change (1990) [pdf]
2 天前 Don't be fooled by Gmail's promise for confidential emails
2 天前 The Strange Persistence of First Languages (2015) rutenspitz
2 天前 Google account required to contribute to Google open-source dfgdghdf
2 天前 Kickstarter’s Year of Turmoil danso
2 天前 Another heavily-funded AR headset startup is shutting down mathattack
2 天前 Harvard admits to receiving $9M from Jeffrey Epstein
2 天前 Show HN: Discover and listen to artists performing in your city this week alexyaseen
2 天前 Sauropod Neck Posture foxes
2 天前 Alabama tracking students' locations to penalize them for leaving games early bookofjoe
2 天前 Carcinogens Have Infiltrated the Generic Drug Supply in the U.S. refurb
2 天前 The grandmaster diet: How to lose weight while barely moving chris_overseas
2 天前 How common was it for parents to lose a child? how-about-this
2 天前 Time to Abolish "Statistical Significance"? bookofjoe
2 天前 Tza'ar Ba'alei Chayim quantumwoke
2 天前 If you have something important to say, it's wrong to say in paywall publication hhs
2 天前 Greta Thunberg has done her science homework ericdanielski
2 天前 Ask HN: What are some of your recent successes? foxes
2 天前 Show HN: Noric-bot – A bot to stress-test text-based MUDs, written in Scala 3 spir
2 天前 The Fall of Overstock’s Mad King, Patrick Byrne wallflower
2 天前 Scientists extract genetic information from a 1.77M-year-old rhino tooth
2 天前 Thread about Holberton School and the bootcamp warning signs seapunk
2 天前 The Myth of the Wealthy Welder IfOnlyYouKnew
2 天前 Show HN: Vue-file-agent – Uploader with multi-file, preview, progress support safrazik
2 天前 WeWork considers IPO valuation of as low as $10B aresant
2 天前 Billiards Is a Good Game (1975) thomasjudge
2 天前 Sebastião Salgado: Gold evilsimon
2 天前 Deterministic thinking: a problem in how we think, not just in how we act Symmetry
2 天前 Google Open Sourced Its K8s Operator for Apache Flink Find Out More on GitHub MarkSfik
2 天前 An Obscure Mathematical Theory and the Consciousness Debate in AI Anon84
2 天前 Magnus: Shazam for Art bookofjoe
2 天前 Historical speed of light measurements in southern California
2 天前 Town in Iceland Paints 3D Zebra Crosswalk to Slow Down Speeding Cars kshatrea
2 天前 Using Deep Learning to Inform Differential Diagnoses of Skin Diseases theafh
2 天前 The Blockchain-Based ‘Handshake’ Solution: An Answer to DNS Security Issues rasengan
2 天前 Professional Code Breakers of Renaissance Venice prostoalex
2 天前 Hundreds of dogs in Norway hit by mystery illness kristofferR
2 天前 Julian Assange to stay in prison over absconding fears onemoresoop
2 天前 New York state wants both renewables and nukes bryanlarsen
2 天前 Elevating original reporting in Search cryptofits
2 天前 Why has the hearing aid industry gone completely digital? daddylonglegs
2 天前 Early Pleistocene enamel proteome from Dmanisi resolves Stephanorhinus phylogeny bookofjoe
2 天前 Confessions of a Bookseller never-the-bride
2 天前 Google to pay $1B in France to settle fiscal fraud probe etchezaldun
2 天前 Algorithm No One Knows About (2016) ColinWright
2 天前 Alex Honnold's next summit: the rest of his life CrocodileStreet
2 天前 Positional Scarcity jger15
2 天前 President Tyler, born in 1790, still has two living grandsons (2018) [video] smacktoward
2 天前 Ask HN: What are some of your recent failures? mhrnik
2 天前 The P-TECH program reboots vocational education wallflower
2 天前 Huawei Just Started Selling Laptops with a Beautiful Linux OS Pre-Installed rbanffy
2 天前 How to Pay Remote Workers rusrushal13
2 天前 Color Emulation bane
2 天前 Transceivers: The Device Between the NIC and the Network lelf
3 天前 Don't build growth teams jasim
3 天前 Walking Truck colinmegill
3 天前 A Frightened Optimist On The Future of Humanity signor_bosco
3 天前 Scooping the Loop Snooper: Proof That the Halting Problem Is Undecidable (2000) lgessler
3 天前 WeWork to List Shares on Nasdaq, Make Governance Changes dawhizkid
3 天前 Kickstarter Has Fired Two Union Organizers in 8 Days atlasunshrugged
3 天前 Simple SFTP Hosting rsync
3 天前 Dead Reckoning ca98am79
3 天前 ICE Fails to Redact Document, Reveals Location of 'Urban Warfare' Facility spraak
3 天前 Whole Foods to cut health-care benefits for 1,900 part-time employees starting next year us0r
3 天前 Kindness, Wickedness and Safety r4um
3 天前 The thoroughly modern George Gershwin tintinnabula
3 天前 Experimental replication: knives manufactured from frozen human feces don't work nkurz
3 天前 Load Handling vs. Data Integrity: Tradeoffs in Distributed Data Store Design nfrankel
3 天前 The SR-71's predecessor used cesium-laced fuel to create radar-absorbing exhaust ivanech
3 天前 The ancient world teemed with birds autokill

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