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2021-04-17 Simon’s Cat is the latest addition to Apple Arcade Gaming ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-17 Apple Music pays artists more per stream than Spotify Music ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-17 Work from the CHIP partnership, which includes Apple, should begin showing results this year News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-16 RelayThat Design App Lifetime Subscription Apps ‧ StackCommerce
2021-04-16 I want to see a black or space grey Apple Pencil introduced at next week’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Apple event iPad ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-16 iPhone 12 ‘super cycle’ to help spur spike in global smartphone revenue iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-16 Apple publishes ‘2021 Environmental Progress Report’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-16 ‘Mr. Lucky’ comedy by Robert Zemeckis coming to Apple TV+ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-16 An Apple Car could have windows with ‘patterned coatings’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-16 How to open multiple apps in Split View in iPadOS 14 Daily Tips ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-16 Scosche introduces PowerVolt Car and Wall Chargers Accessories ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-16 Notable apps and updates: April 16 Apps ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-16 News items you should check out: April 16 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-16 IPTV Services in the Apple Ecosystem: Apps, Resources, and Restrictions Apps ‧ Guest Author
2021-04-16 Documentary feature film, ‘Fathom,’ coming to Apple TV+ on June 25 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-16 Apple Fitness+ introduces new Workouts for Pregnancy/Older Adults, new trainers News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-15 Winston Privacy Filter Accessories ‧ StackCommerce
2021-04-15 Now you see ‘em, now you don’t: future Apple devices may have disappearing controls News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-15 OWC to make Acronis True Image software available on all its storage solutions News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-15 Apple, partners launch $200 million restore fund to accelerate natural solutions to Climate Change News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-15 Apple patent filing hints at camera, audio enhancements in future iPhones, iPads News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-15 Apple wants improved watch band, shoe string, belt, purse, iPad/iPhone cases attachment systems News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-15 Patent trollin’: Judge rules Apple gets a new damages trail in legal battle with PanOptis Legal ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-15 Here’s what I want in a Magic Keyboard 2 for iPad Opinions ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-15 Notable apps and updates: April 15 Apps ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-15 News items you should check out: April 15 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-15 Apple celebrates Earth Day with transaction donations to Conservation International News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-15 Apple Original Films, Skydance Animation announce animated short film, ‘Blush’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 Babbel Language Learning: Get and Gift Apps ‧ StackCommerce
2021-04-14 Study planned to see if an Apple Watch or iPhone can predict illnesses such as COVID-19 iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 Apple wants ‘frivolous’ lawsuit by Coronavirus Reporter dismissed Legal ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo offers predictions for 2022, 2023 iPhones iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 Apple patent involves ‘focusing for virtual and augmented reality systems’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 Here’s how to enable or disengage the Siri light on your HomePod Daily Tips ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 Six more cast members join Apple TV+’s upcoming ‘Acapulco’ comedy series News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 Mophie debuts four multi-tool car jump starters and gadget chargers Accessories ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 Plugable introduces second-generation USBC-VAMETER Voltage and Amperage Meter Accessories ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 Apple releases eighth developer betas of macOS Big Sur 11.3, iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5 Developer ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 ‘Lisey’s Story’ to debut on Apple TV+ on June 4 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 Four more added to cast of ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 Notable apps and updates: April 14 Apps ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 News items you should check out: April 14 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 New iPad Pros likely to be unveiled at next Tuesday’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Apple Event Uncategorized ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 Apple TV+ announces new docuseries, ‘Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-14 Apple Original Films announces ‘Black & Blues: The Colorful Ballad of Louis Armstrong’ documentary News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-13 Universal Wireless Car Mount Accessories ‧ StackCommerce
2021-04-13 Apple’s head of engineering for retail and the online Apple store departing for health care company News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-13 Apple TV+ has the highest average IMDb score for its titles, but ….. News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-13 New Roku Voice Remote Pro sports an Apple TV+ button News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-13 Apple granted patent that involves an user interface for vehicles and robots News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-13 An ‘Apple Car’ could sport extendable bumpers as a safety feature News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-13 Siri says Apple will hold the next Apple Event on Tuesday, April 20 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-13 LG Magna e-Powertrain ‘very near’ to signing deal for an ‘Apple Car’ Rumors ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-13 Judge denies Apple’s request to prevent Epic from calling third-party witnesses in legal battle Legal ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-13 News items you should check out: April 13 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-13 Apple has 15.1% of the U.S. PC market with the Mac (and not counting the iPad Pro) Mac ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-13 Apple places 22nd on the 2021 Best Company Outlook (Large Companies) News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-13 Apple: App Store now supports more than 243,000 jobs in Canada News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-13 Apple TV+’s ‘Emancipation’ thriller no longer to film in Georgia News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-12 XIM Apex Keyboard & Mouse Controller for Gamers Accessories ‧ StackCommerce
2021-04-12 Apple ranks 46th on the RepTrak 2021 Global RepTrak 100 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-12 Impossible Foods hires former Apple creative leader Steve Turner News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-12 IDC: Apple’s Mac sees global year-over-year sales rise 111.5% Mac ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-12 England/Wales’ contact tracing app breaks terms of the agreement with Apple/Google News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-12 Rumor: a future HomePod could have an iPad attached via a robotic arm Opinions ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-12 Apple reportedly plans to merge the HomePod and Apple TV in at least one product News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-12 Future Apple Watches may sport a better underwater user interface News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-12 How to check the battery level on the Apple Pencil 2 Daily Tips ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-12 Apple’s chief compliance officer will appear before Senate committee’s antitrust panel News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-10 AWT Business Spotlight: AirSquirrels AWT Business ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-10 Apple files for patent for ‘fitness challenge awards’ for Fitness+ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-10 News items you should check out: April 10 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-10 Cornelius Smith Jr. ‘Five Days at Memorial’ limited series coming to Apple TV+ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-10 Epic Games vs. Apple legal battle suspended for three months in Australia Legal ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-10 Former WarnerMedia exec joins Apple TV+ to beef up original film production News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-10 Apple Music TV expands to the United Kingdom, Canada News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-10 Justin Timberlake to play Gong Show host (and CIA assassin?) Chuck Barris for Apple TV+ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-09 Minolta MN673 Mini LCD Projector Just $99.99 Accessories ‧ StackCommerce
2021-04-09 iPhones take six places in top 10 list of best-selling smartphones in January iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-09 Two high-end models of the iPhone 13 will have LTPO, 120Hz displays Opinions ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-09 How to use the Look Around feature in Maps in iOS 13/14 Daily Tips ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-09 Adepero Oduye joins cast of Apple TV+’s ‘Five Days at Memorial’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-09 Apple releases seventh developer beta of macOS 11.3 Developer ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-09 News items you should check out: April 9 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-09 Patent trollin’: Apple, Qualcomm sued by Red Rock for patent infringement Legal ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-09 Apple to pay Chilean customers $3.4 million in ‘planned obsolescence’ lawsuit News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-09 Apple TV+ orders ‘The Crowded Room’ starring Tom Holland News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-08 Trio 3-in-1 Aluminum Desktop Charging Stand Accessories ‧ StackCommerce
2021-04-08 ‘Apple Glasses’ could be able to unlock your Mac, iPhone, iPad News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-08 Another Apple patent filing hints at FaceID coming to the Mac News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-08 Apple wants to enhance Siri features for the Apple TV set-top box News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-08 Apple wants your iPhone to serve as your passport, driver’s license, personal ID News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-08 Upcoming iPads, Macs could be delayed due to global component shortage News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-08 Four more cast members announced for Apple TV+’s ‘The Essex Serpent’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-08 Apple releases seventh developer betas of macOS 11.3, 14.5, iPadOS 14.5, tvOS 14.5, watchOS 7.4 Developer ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-08 Notable apps and updates: April 8 Apps ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-08 News items you should check out: April 8 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-08 Apple’s Find My network now offers third-party finding experiences News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-08 iPhone 12 range holds its value by 22.4% more than the Samsung S21 series iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2021-04-08 ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’ will debut this fall on Apple TV+ News ‧ Dennis Sellers

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