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2023-03-28 Apple Original Films’ ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ will open theatrically on October 6 in a limited release News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-28 Apple TV+ announces new song, ‘One Step Closer’ from its series ‘Jane’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-28 Apple scoops up WaveOne, a company developing AI algorithms for compressing video News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-28 Apple releases macOS Ventura 13.3, iOS 16.5, iPadOS 16.4, watchOS 9.4, tvOS 16.4 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-28 The history of Swift you need to know Sponsor ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-28 Apple TV+ lands upcoming limited series, ‘The Savant,’ starring Jessica Chastain News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-27 Apple has 13.5% of the US personal computer market, 46% of the US tablet market iPad ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-27 Apple led in sales of earwear devices, smartwatches last year in the Middle East and Africa News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-27 One-in-three iPhones sold in China last year was an iPhone 13 iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-27 Apple may be making progress on an Apple Car, but model one won’t be self-driving Apple Car ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-27 Samsung reportedly will start manufacturing iPhone 15 OLED panels in May rather than June iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-27 Today’s deal: Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro (plus free Blade X Pro) AWT Business ‧ StackCommerce
2023-03-27 Apple patent involves user interfaces for searching, entering Animoji, Memoji Opinions ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-27 Sales of computer gaming displays (and gaming PCs) lagging this year News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-27 How to use Adaptive Lighting in the iOS 16 Home app Daily Tips ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-27 Apple’s push into mixed reality expected to take years to pay off Apple Glasses ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-27 Apple Watch likely won’t get blood glucose monitoring features for 3-7 years Rumors ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-25 ‘Apple’s current lineup of products is a mess’ — and I agree Opinions ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-25 Best Eight iPhone Apps for Grad Students News ‧ Guest Author
2023-03-25 News items you should check out: March 25 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-25 Apple dismisses more than 600 security guards (but most will purportedly be rehired) News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-25 ‘Massive trove’ of Apple history collection goes up for auction next week News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-25 Three more join the cast of Apple TV+’s ‘Presumed Innocent’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 Apple purportedly plans new AirPods Pro with a USB-C charging case Rumors ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 Ted Lasso’ places fourth on this week’s Reelgood list of top streaming shows News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 Clue:The Classic Mystery Game is now available on Apple Arcade Gaming ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 Apple supplier Pegatron looking to open a second factory in India News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 Rumor: Proximity sensor in the iPhone 15 will be located inside the Dynamic Island iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 Apple wants to improve the way the Apple Watch interacts with fitness devices Patents ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 DevSecOps: Integrating Security Into DevOps Practices for Your Apple Devices Sponsor ‧ Guest Author
2023-03-24 How to use your iPhone or iPad as a magnifying glass Daily Tips ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 Apple releases Safari Technology Preview 166 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 ‘My Kind of Country’ competition series debuts today on Apple TV+ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 Apple releases trailer for ‘Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 NeuroRPM receives FDA clearance for its health monitoring app that works with the Apple Watch News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 Aqara Releases HomeKit-compatible Video Doorbell G4 with Facial Recognition  News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 News items you should check out: March 24 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 Yikes! IDC lowers forecast for AR/VR headsets Apple Glasses ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 Apple TV+ has 5% of the global video streaming market  News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 Wired and wireless CarPlay now supported on very Lucid Air electric vehicle News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-24 Future iPhones, Apple Watches could determine your body volume and shape Opinions ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-23 Apple wants one person to be able to easily, securely create a secure user account for another person News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-23 Apple TV+ offers first look at comedy series starring Rose Byrne, Seth Rogen News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-23 The Apple Watch continues to dominate China’s smartwatch market News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-23 Apple reportedly plans to spend $1 billion annually to produce theatrical movies News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-23 Apple may bid for rights to a range of English soccer games News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-23 Adonit Star pen/stylus for iPad is incredible, lightweight, responsive Reviews ‧ Guest Author
2023-03-23 How Wellness Apps are Helping People Manage Chronic Diseases Sponsor ‧ Guest Author
2023-03-23 Michael Sthulbarg joins Matt Damon, Casey Affleck in Apple TV+’s ‘The Instigators’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-23 Webex by Cisco announces multi-window support for the iPad iPad ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-23 Apple ups the number of drivers for its autonomous vehicles from 196 to 201 Apple Car ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-23 Apple TV+ held photo call for musical comedy ‘Schmigadoon!’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-23 DENSO drives onto the Car Connectivity Consortium as charter member News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-23 Voicetapp Speech to Text Transcription Lifetime Subscription only $49 AWT Business ‧ Guest Author
2023-03-23 News items you should check out: March 23 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-23 2023 expected to be a year of recovery for wearable devices such as AirPods News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-23 Top Five Benefits of QuickBooks Pro Hosting  Sponsor ‧ Guest Author
2023-03-23 Apple monitoring to make sure corporate employees return to the office at least three times per week News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-23 Study: smartphones caused nearly 35,000 injuries in the US in 2021 iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-22 ‘Friday Night Baseball’ resumes April 7 on Apple TV+ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-22 CIRP: most iPhone buyers trade-in their previous model, though ‘a surprising percentage hold on to it.’ iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-22 Apple TV+ shows nominated for 15 BAFTA Television Awards News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-22 Apple’s discontinued AirPower project might still see the light of day Opinions ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-22 Today’s deal: AdGuard Family Plan Lifetime Subscription only $29.99 AWT Business ‧ StackCommerce
2023-03-22 How to use Apple’s Siri in iOS 16 Daily Tips ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-22 Must-Have Security Apps for Your iPhone in 2023 Daily Tips ‧ Guest Author
2023-03-22 Siri may one day provide more personalized content based on semantic context Opinions ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-22 Apple provides developers with release candidates of macOS Ventura 13.3, iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, watchOS 9.4  Developer ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-22 News items you should check out: March 22 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-22 New version of the Trashbot is a functional stationary set News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-22 Apple products reportedly the third most exploited by zero-day volume in 2022 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-22 Future Apple Watch bands could be equipped with NFC tags for color changing, authorization purposes Opinions ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-21 Study: iPhone users more likely to experience road rage than Android users iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-21 Apple wants to make it easier for sunglass-wearing iPhone users to view the smartphone display iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-21 Water Cooler Talk And Mental Health: How Social Connections Improve Well-Being Sponsor ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-21 Survey: 60% of Americans think their smartphone is eavesdropping on them News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-21 Sambo TV measurements the third season debut of ‘Ted Lasso’ was up 59% from the season two premiere News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-21 Apple replaced Samsung as the top global smartphone player in quarter four of 2022 iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-21 Apple seeks changes in India’s labor laws as it looks to expand local production News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-21 iPhone 15 models will have a support for faster charging speeds iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-21 iWALK PowerGrip Mag MagSafe Battery Pack is a solid power bank choice  Reviews ‧ Guest Author
2023-03-21 Today’s deal: Apple MacBook Pro 13″ (2012) Core i5, 8GB RAM 500GB HDD only $298.99 AWT Business ‧ StackCommerce
2023-03-21 News items you should check out: March 21 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-21 Apple rose to second place in Thailand’s smartphone market in 2022 iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-21 Apple Studios acquires rights to novel, ‘Maybe Next Time’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-21 Report says that Apple complies the most with US government requests for user data News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-21 ‘Ted Lasso’ and friends appear at White House briefing to promote mental health News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-21 Sales for Apple’s iPhone grew 6% year-over-year in the premium (≥$600) smartphone market iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-20 Microsoft plans its own mobile games store to compete with Apple and Google News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-20 Kremlin tells Russian election officials to ditch ‘vulnerable’ iPhones iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-20 iPhone users nearly 20% more loyal to Apple than Android users are to their brand iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-20 Today’s deal: DALL-E Image Generation & WordPress Plugin lifetime license AWT Business ‧ StackCommerce
2023-03-20 Apple purportedly pushes plans for a HomePod with a display until 2024 or later Rumors ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-20 Apple retail store in Mumbia, India, will open next month after delays News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-20 Apple wants to improve the speakers in its various devices with a special coating Patents ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-20 Five Tips for Eye Catching Poster Creation Sponsor ‧ Guest Author
2023-03-20 Apple granted patent for ‘foldable lens system with five refractive lens’ Patents ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-18 News items you should check out: March 18 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-18 How about a 24-inch iMac with a M3 chip and Face ID this year? Mac ‧ Dennis Sellers
2023-03-18 Apple patent filing involves ‘seat positioning systems’ for an Apple Car Apple Car ‧ Dennis Sellers

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