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2022-07-02 Apple granted patent for combining real and virtual images in ‘Apple Glasses’ Apple Glasses ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-02 News items you should check out: July 2 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-02 My Bowling 3D+ rolls onto Apple Arcade Gaming ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-02 Apple reportedly cutting iPhone 14 orders by 10% despite strong demand iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-02 Apple to face trial in UK over claims it overcharges folks for apps on the App Store Legal ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-02 Steve Jobs has been posthumously awarded the the Presidential Medal of Freedom News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 Jamf Introduces Jamf Safe Internet for safe online experiences for students News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 PC shipments predicted to decline 9.5% this year; can Apple beat the trend? News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 Apple’s iPhone sales remain steady in this year’s 6.18 e-commerce festival in China iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 Apple includes $50 gift card with purchase of an Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 I want to see an Apple Pencil in black and/or space grey flavors Opinions ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 Apple patent filing involves pose information for a person in a physical environment Apple Glasses ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 The Best Ways to Fake GPS Location on iPhone Sponsor ‧ Guest Author
2022-07-01 4-in-1 Multi-Port & Apple Watch Charger only $17.99 AWT Business ‧ Guest Author
2022-07-01 How to enable settings to block spam phone calls on an iPhone Daily Tips ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 One out of two parents worry about their child’s personal data being collected by online games News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 Five more join cast of Apple TV+’s live-action Godzilla and Titans series News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 Future Islands Frontman Samuel T. Herrin joins cast of Apple TV+’s ‘The Changeling’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 MacPaw’s CleanMyMac X launches new Menu App functionality Uncategorized ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 Comcast releases Xfinity Stream app for tvOS Apps ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 Apple debuts trailer for family comedy, ‘Best Foot Forward’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 Former Apple lawyer pleads guilty to insider trader charges Legal ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 Apple TV+ makes San Diego Comic-Con debut with lineup of acclaimed series News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 Mary J. Blige will particular in Apple Music Live concert series Music ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 Analyst: demand for the iPhone 14 in China will be bigger than the demand for the iPhone 13 iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-07-01 Enjoy delivery start-up no longer offers at-home delivery, set-up of Apple products News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 Apple wants you to be able to buy gas directly from CarPlay News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 Apple wants the iPhone to be able to record computer-generated reality content Apple Glasses ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 Apple looking into a virtual acoustic system for moving sound into and out of your head Uncategorized ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 Apple, others will challenge Meta’s dominance in the VR market in the coming years Apple Glasses ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 Apple Captures Half of All Smartphones Sold During 6.18 Online Shopping Festival in China iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 Pre-orders for the redesigned MacBook Air with M2 chip will start July 8 Mac ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 Samsung Display, Ulvac may work together to make second-get OLED iPad displays iPad ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 Apple developers of apps used in South Korea can now accept alternative payment methods Apps ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 USB-C Slim Dock is Satechi’s best 24-inch iMac accessory yet Accessories ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 Fix iOS System Issues Easily with Wondershare Dr. Fone Sponsor ‧ Guest Author
2022-06-30 iScanner app lifetime subscription is now only $39.99 AWT Business ‧ Guest Author
2022-06-30 Nearly 1-in-3 parents say their children get headaches because of too much screen time News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 Apple TV+ adds five more to the cast of its ‘Platonic’ comedy series News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 Apple posts Safari Technology Preview 148 with bug fixes, performance tweaks Apps ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 Encore Studio for the iPhone, iPad puts a ‘live mobile studio’ in your pocket iPad ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 News items you should check out: June 30 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 BOOSTCHARGE PRO 3-in-1 reengineered forApple Watch Series 7 and iPhone 13 iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 How to Transfer WhatsApp Between Android and iPhone Sponsor ‧ Guest Author
2022-06-30 New Apple Card promo offers additional cash back from select merchants News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 Apple debuts Founders program to help lesser-known developers Developer ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 Apple expanding its R&D hub in Rawabi in the Palestinian Authority News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-30 ‘See’ to return to Apple TV+ on August 26 for third and final see-son News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 The new ‘Apple Community+’ celebrate the thing stars in the Apple Support Community News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 News items you should check out: June 29 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 UENI website development tool lifetime subscription only $99 Uncategorized ‧ Guest Author
2022-06-29 macOS Ventura looks promising, but still no iCloud backup for Macs Mac ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 Apple patent involves a steering wheel system for an ‘Apple Car’ Apple Car ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 Apple granted patent for an illuminated virtual keyboard News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 IOGEAR releases the Dock Pro, a 6-in-1 USB-C docking station/stand Accessories ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit 14.5 with New Tail Mode for Log Files, more Apps ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 Fourth developer betas of iOS 15.6, iPadOS 15.6, tvOS 15.6, watchOS 8.7 Developer ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 App Now Accepting Apple Pay News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 Apple will announce third quarter financial results on July 28 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 Study: Apple TV+ has highest rated content (again) among all streaming services News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 ITC: Apple Watch infringes on AliveCor tech, which could lead to a ban of the smartwatch Legal ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 Apple makes biggest gain of streaming services when it comes to customer satisfaction News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 I think we’ll see an Apple-made 5G modem in 2023 or 2024 News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-29 Patent trollin’: Lawsuit claims Apple’s AirPods infringe on two patents Legal ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 FamiSafe: The Right Solution to Ensure a Safe Online Experience for Children Sponsor ‧ Guest Author
2022-06-28 PDF Expert for Mac gets redesign and more in version 3 Apps ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 Twelve South’s BookBook now available for 14-inch, 16-inch MacBook Pros Accessories ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 Apple manufacturer Foxconn raises bonuses for new workers iPhone ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 Apple debuts trailer for ‘Duck & Goose’ animated preschool series News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 Apple considering a stand for mounting dual Pro Display XDRs or Studio Displays News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 Apple may start selling extension apps for its Messages app News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 Apple TV+’s ‘Loot’ debuts in top 10 list of most streamed shows last week News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 Future M2 processors, as well as M3s, may be built using a 3nm process News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 MacVoices Live! Panel debates passwords and more. News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 Foldable Wireless Charger Stand now only $44.99 AWT Business ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 STM Goods announces the ChargeTree Go multi-device charger Accessories ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 Alessandro Nivola to co-star in Apple TV+’s ‘The Big Cigar’ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 Maya Rudolph and Natasha Lyonne sign first0look deal with Apple TV+ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 Artist Quentin Jones creates animated mantra collages with Keynote, iPad, and Apple Pencil iPad ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 Apple Music Live series continues with June 29 concert stream of Lil Durk Music ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 David Oyelowo set to star in ‘Government Cheese’ dreamed for Apple TV+ News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 iPad OS maintained its growth trajectory in quarter one, gaining an addition 4% points iPad ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 U.S. Supreme Court nixes Apple’s request to revive Qualcomm patent challenges Legal ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-28 Apple posts trailer for psychological thriller, ‘Surface,’ starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-27 Base model of the M2-equipped MacBook Pro has slower SSD speeds Mac ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-27 New concept designs imagine iMacs with new colors, black bezels Uncategorized ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-27 The PlugBug Slim is an efficient, portable charger for basic charging needs Accessories ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-27 Patent shows that ‘Apple Glasses’ could be used as ‘smart sunglasses’ Apple Glasses ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-27 6-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand with Time Clock & Alarm only $49.99 AWT Business ‧ Guest Author
2022-06-27 Apple’s mixed-reality headset likely to pack an M2 processor Apple Glasses ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-27 Expect three Apple Watch variations this year, including an extreme sports edition Opinions ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-27 Some ‘nice upgrades’ to the Apple TV set-top box, HomePod are in the works Opinions ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-27 New report says the 14-inch (or 15-inch) iPad Pro will arrive ‘in a year or two’ iPad ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-27 The iPhone 14 Pro phones will be the ‘big iPhone story’ this year Opinions ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-27 Look for lots of M2 and M3 Macs in late 2022, first half of 2023 Mac ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-26 Apple is one of three companies that’s made a bid for NFL Sunday Ticket News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-26 Apple won’t challenge the results of a unionization vote by workers at its Towson, Maryland store News ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-26 Rumor: next gen AirPods Pro will be equipped with a heart rate detection sensor Uncategorized ‧ Dennis Sellers
2022-06-25 Google Flutter & Solidity Development Bundle only $39.99 AWT Business ‧ Guest Author
2022-06-25 The rumored ‘Apple Glasses’ may be equipped with multimodal audio Apple Glasses ‧ Dennis Sellers

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