2021-04-10 Best Games of the Week April 9
2021-04-10 Best Apps of the Week April 9
2021-04-09 Watchsmith 2.0 Arrives With New Complication Styles, Additional Features
2021-04-09 Apple Testing Tags for App Store Searching
2021-04-08 Apple Announces New Find My Network for Third-Party Products
2021-04-08 Tweetbot 6 Adds Picture-in-Picture Video Player and More
2021-04-07 Customize Your Home App Wallpapers With HomePaper for HomeKit
2021-04-07 Compete Gives You the Chance to Win up to $5,000 for Competing in Fun, Positive Challenges
2021-04-03 A Complete List of All the New Apple Arcade Additions
2021-04-02 Apple Arcade Gets Even Better With More Than 30 New Titles
2021-04-01 Best Games of March 2021
2021-04-01 Best Apps of March 2021
2021-04-01 Head Back to the 80s With the Retro Apple Watch Game Star Duster
2021-04-01 Facebook Announces Major Changes to Its App
2021-03-31 Apple Announces Virtual WWDC 2021 June 7-11
2021-03-31 Dead Man’s Phone Puts You in the Center of a Crime Drama
2021-03-30 Amperes, the Industry-Leading Battery Info App, Gets a Comparison Feature in its Latest Update
2021-03-30 Farm It! is a Cute and Fun New Addition to Apple Arcade
2021-03-30 Keep Track of the Sun Anywhere in the World With Sunset Time
2021-03-27 Best Games of the Week March 26
2021-03-27 Apple Releases iOS/iPadOS 14.4.2 and watchOS 7.3.3 With Security Fixes
2021-03-26 Mystery Game Hitchhiker Rides Onto Apple Arcade
2021-03-26 Best Apps of the Week March 26
2021-03-26 Drive All Night is a Fun Companion to the New Film
2021-03-25 Translate Your Mood to Smart Lighting With Hue Sentiment
2021-03-25 Use FlyScreen to Better Manage Your Screenshots
2021-03-24 Apple Updates Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
2021-03-23 Vinyls is a Beautiful and Nostalgic Way to Play Your Music
2021-03-23 Niantic, Nintendo Announce Upcoming AR Game Featuring Pimkin
2021-03-23 Morpho Makes Conversion Fast and Easy
2021-03-23 Ulysses 22 Arrives With Customization Options and More
2021-03-20 Casual Cozy Grove Makes its Way to Apple Arcade
2021-03-20 Smash Legends Beginners’ Guide: How to Dominate the Arena
2021-03-20 Best Games of the Week March 19
2021-03-20 Best Apps of the Week March 19
2021-03-19 Jump Into the World of the TV Series in Cobra Kai: Card Fighter
2021-03-19 Astropad's New Beta App Turns an iPad Into a Drawing Tablet for PCs
2021-03-18 The Best Apps For March Madness
2021-03-16 Use Your Own Pictures to Find New Music With SpotiCam
2021-03-12 Best Games of the Week March 12
2021-03-12 Best Apps of the Week March 12
2021-03-12 Microsoft's Group Transcribe App Features Inclusive Speech AI
2021-03-11 Rusty Lake Releases the Cube Escape Collection
2021-03-11 Use the iPhone Camera to Control the Tunes in Hand Music
2021-03-10 Queen: Rock Tour Brings the Music From the Iconic Band to Your iPhone
2021-03-10 DoMarks Brings Together a Bookmarking App and To-Do List
2021-03-09 Test Your Hearing, Reaction and Memory in the Audio Game Blinded Chef
2021-03-09 Apple's watchOS 7.3.2 Available to Download
2021-03-09 Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 14.4.1 With Security Updates
2021-03-06 Best Games of the Week March 5
2021-03-06 Best Apps of the Week March 5
2021-03-06 Sloan Is a Student Loan Dashboard App That Lets You Crowdfund, Apply Credit Card Round-ups, and Much More
2021-03-05 The Relaxing SP!NG Makes its Way to Apple Arcade
2021-03-05 Fastival Is a Slick, Free, User-Friendly Way to Try Intermittent Fasting
2021-03-05 Help Kids Have Fun and Learn Math Skills With Multifly
2021-03-04 Canvas is an Easy-to-Use and Free To-Do App for Your iPhone
2021-03-04 Soro Brings Siri and Shortcuts Support for Sonos Speakers
2021-03-03 Lords Mobile Is 5: Here’s Why it’s One of the Biggest Mobile Games in the World
2021-03-03 Best Games of February 2021
2021-03-03 Best Apps of February 2021
2021-03-02 Popular App Weather Line Acquired, Shutting Down in April 2022
2021-03-02 Infinite Galaxy Is a Huge Sci-fi Strategy Game with an Epic Story Campaign
2021-03-02 WidgetPod Brings Your Now Playing Music to a Homescreen Widget
2021-02-27 Best Games of the Week February 26
2021-02-27 Best Apps of the Week February 26
2021-02-26 Bring Prehistoric Life to the Real World With Augmented Reality in Museum Alive
2021-02-26 Explore the Interaction Between Light and Dark in the New Game Lyxo
2021-02-25 Blast Your Way Through Zombies in Apple Arcade's Survival Z
2021-02-25 Keep Track of All Your Runs With RunnerGoal
2021-02-24 Music Player Doppler Updated With Siri Commands, CarPlay and More
2021-02-23 To-Do Adventure Gamifies Productivity by Letting You Build a Virtual World
2021-02-23 Genius Scan Update Brings Next-Generation Scanning Technology
2021-02-23 Bring YouTube to Your iPhone Homescreen With YouWidget
2021-02-20 Best Games of the Week February 19
2021-02-20 Best Apps of the Week February 19
2021-02-19 Kitty Letter is a Word Game With a Competitive Twist
2021-02-18 Turn Your Workout Into a Beautiful Story With Any Distance
2021-02-18 Smart Water Tracker Thirstic Gets an Even Better Apple Watch Complication
2021-02-17 Microsoft's All-in-One Office App is Now Available for iPad Users
2021-02-17 Better Manage Your Photo Library With Canon’s Photo Culling App
2021-02-13 Best Games of the Week February 12
2021-02-13 Best Apps of the Week February 12
2021-02-12 View Time, Date, Weather and Step Count With Timedash Widget
2021-02-12 Navigation App Waze Adds Support for Audible
2021-02-11 Better Plan Your Strength Training With Workout Plan Bot
2021-02-11 3Things Helps You Focus on the Most Important Tasks at Hand
2021-02-10 Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fresco Updated With Document Collaboration and More
2021-02-10 Get Better Organized With the Cross-Platform Pasteboard Manager PastePal
2021-02-09 Speedtest App Adds New Test for Video Streaming
2021-02-09 Schooly Helps Students Better Manage Their School Work
2021-02-06 Best Games of the Week February 5
2021-02-06 Best Apps of the Week February 5
2021-02-06 Dodge Giant Fast Food in the Newest Apple Arcade Addition Populus Run
2021-02-05 Use Light to Solve Puzzles in the New Apple Arcade Addition lumen
2021-02-05 Oolong is a Simple Alternative to a Budgeting App
2021-02-05 Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo Receive New Features in Version 1.9
2021-02-04 TechniCalc Calculator Offers a Modern Interface and is Available for iOS and Mac
2021-02-04 Developers Can Better Keep Track of App Reviews With ReviewMouse
2021-02-03 Help Kids Learn and Have Fun With Playdeo Makes
2021-02-02 AIMIsocial Is a Free App Using Machine Learning to Run Your Social Media Strategy Automatically
2021-02-02 Best Games of January 2021
2021-02-02 Best Apps of the Month January 2021
2021-01-30 Best Games of the Week January 29
2021-01-30 Best Apps of the Week January 29
2021-01-29 ByteBrew Is the Definitive All-in-One Analytics Platform for Mobile Game Developers
2021-01-28 Meatbags Rejoice! CARROT Weather Update Arrives With Major Redesign and Much More
2021-01-28 Better Manage Your Time With Day Blocks
2021-01-28 Habit Tracker Streaks Update Brings Widget Improvements and More
2021-01-27 Tweetbot 6 Arrives With New Features, Subscription Model
2021-01-27 Apple Watch Users Can Now Download watchOS 7.3 With a New Watch Face and More
2021-01-27 Apple Releases iOS, iPadOS 14.4 to the Public
2021-01-26 New Time To Walk Feature Arrives on Apple Fitness+
2021-01-25 NordVPN Should be Your First Choice for Cybersecurity on your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device
2021-01-23 NUTS - A Surveillance Mystery, Spire Blast Land on Apple Arcade
2021-01-23 Best Games of the Week January 22
2021-01-23 Best Apps of the Week January 22
2021-01-22 Fuzion Update Brings Photo Editing Features to More iPhone Models
2021-01-22 Relive Your Photo Memories With fastbackward
2021-01-21 Coachy Uses AR to Help You Workout Better
2021-01-21 BlackSight Brings Night Mode Photography to Older iPhone Models
2021-01-20 Essayist Helps Students Easily Write APA and MLA Essays
2021-01-20 Get Caught Up on Your Feeds With An Otter RSS Reader
2021-01-16 Best Games of the Week January 15
2021-01-16 Best Apps of the Week January 15
2021-01-15 Ronin: The Last Samurai is a Beautiful Sword-Fighting Adventure
2021-01-15 SpringNotes is a Cross-Platform and Minimalistic Note-Taking App
2021-01-14 Filmlog is a Great Way to Keep Track of Your Movie Habit
2021-01-14 Widgetsmith Starts 2021 By Adding New Health-Focused Widgets
2021-01-13 Voiceitt Allows Users With Atypical Speech to Use Amazon Alexa
2021-01-13 Transform Text in Real Time With Textcraft
2021-01-12 Take Your Playlists to New Heights With Denim
2021-01-11 Zadarma is a Mobile VOIP Platform That Gives You Your Own Private Network
2021-01-09 The Top 10 Apple Arcade Games of 2020
2021-01-08 Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon Makes it Way to Apple Arcade
2021-01-08 Best Apps of the Week January 8
2021-01-08 Waterscope Weather is Made for Anyone Who is Around Water
2021-01-07 Overviewer Turns Your iPhone Into a Document Camera for Video Conferencing Apps
2021-01-07 App Store Customers Spend a Record $540 Million on New Year’s Day
2021-01-06 Stream Multiple HomeKit Cameras with CamPanes for Apple Watch
2021-01-06 Count Anything You Can Imagine With Growrilla
2021-01-05 Sky: Children of the Light Launches the New Season of Dreams
2021-01-05 Bring Words to Life With the New DictionARy App
2020-12-31 Best New Games of 2020
2020-12-29 Best New Apps of 2020
2020-12-29 Best Apple Arcade Games of 2020
2020-12-26 Phone Buddy Review
2020-12-23 Classic App Store Game Doodle Jump Finally Gets a Sequel
2020-12-23 EZ Estate Helps You Plan for Your Passing in a Few Simple Steps
2020-12-23 Keep Your Citizens Safe From a COVID-like Pandemic in Viral Days for Mobile
2020-12-18 IGG Is Rewarding the Best Lords Mobile Guilds with an Ultimate Guild Event
2020-12-18 Best Games of the Week December 18
2020-12-18 Best Apps of the Week December 18
2020-12-18 Three Great Gift Ideas for Apple Fans
2020-12-18 View Long-Term Progress Toward Your Goals in Fitness Totals
2020-12-17 Phone Buddy Notifier Will Prevent You From Misplacing Your iPhone or Apple Watch Ever Again
2020-12-17 Google's Stadia Gaming Service Available on iPhone and iPad Through a Web App
2020-12-17 Leafythings Is an All-Inclusive Directory App for Cannabis Users and Vendors in Canada
2020-12-16 Weather Radar Widget Gives Quick Access to Conditions on Your Homescreen
2020-12-16 Halide Mark II Update Brings ProRAW Support for iPhone 12 Pro Line
2020-12-15 Apple's watchOS 7.2, tvOS 14.3 Officially Arrive
2020-12-15 Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 14.3 With Fitness+, ProRAW for iPhone 12 Pro Line
2020-12-12 Best Games of the Week December 11
2020-12-12 Best Apps of the Week December 11
2020-12-12 Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Arrives on Apple Arcade
2020-12-11 Readdle's Scanner Pro Updated With Redesign, Automatic OCR and More
2020-12-11 Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon Arrives on Apple Arcade Soon
2020-12-10 Iris and the Giant is a Fun Mix of Collectible Card Game With RPG and Roguelike Elements
2020-12-10 Go Old School With the New Retro Widget 2
2020-12-08 Apple Fitness+ Will Launch on Monday, Dec. 14
2020-12-08 There’s a New Promo Video and Winter Event for Shojo RPG Illusion Connect
2020-12-08 Apple Unveils the AirPods Max Over-Ear Headphones
2020-12-08 Time Zone Management App Dilims Updated With iOS 14 Homescreen Widgets and More
2020-12-05 Best Games of the Week December 4
2020-12-05 Best Apps of the Week December 4
2020-12-04 Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes Brings Together Pinball and Tower Defense
2020-12-04 Hit the Ring for Real-Time PvP Action in WWE Undefeated
2020-12-04 The Complex is an Interactive, Sci-Fi Thriller Where Your Choices Matter
2020-12-03 Hellopet House Beginners’ Guide
2020-12-02 Apple Announces its Choices for the Best Apps and Games of 2020
2020-12-02 Best Games of November 2020
2020-12-02 Best Apps November 2020
2020-12-01 Instabar Brings Instagram to Your Mac's Menu Bar
2020-12-01 Don’t Blow Your 1 Chance to Get the Highest Score
2020-12-01 Sign PDF Documents Online with Free Electronic Signature
2020-11-28 Great Black Friday Deals for iOS Games and Apps
2020-11-28 Warp Drive is a Fast-Paced Arcade Racer With a Fun Twist
2020-11-27 Guardian Chronicle Review
2020-11-26 Widgetsmith Update Brings Holiday Themes and More
2020-11-25 Explore and Grow in Four Unique Worlds in The Tree
2020-11-25 HomePage is an Ingenious New App That Uses QR Codes for Contact Sharing
2020-11-24 Preserve Your Stories and Voice With Audio Campfire
2020-11-24 Budget Forward is a Great Way to Better Handle Your Finances
2020-11-21 Best Games of the Week November 20
2020-11-21 Best Apps of the Week November 20
2020-11-20 Google Details Upcoming iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets for Popular Apps
2020-11-20 Apple Releases iOS 14.2.1 With iPhone 12 Mini, MMS Bug Fix
2020-11-19 Google Pay App Gets Major Redesign Focusing on Money Management
2020-11-18 EaseUS Lets You Recover and Repair Lost and Corrupted Files. Get It for 50% Off Right Now
2020-11-18 Apple Slices Commission Rate to 15 Percent for Smaller Developers
2020-11-18 Teamwork and Friendship are Key in the New Game My Memory Of Us

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