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1. Exploring Op Amp Loading Tool Hacks ‧ Al Williams
2. Hackaday Links: April 18, 2021 Hackaday Columns ‧ Dan Maloney
3. Shapeshifting Streetlights Are The Future We Want To Live In LED Hacks ‧ Lewin Day
4. This Pineapple Keyboard is the Bomb Arduino Hacks ‧ Kristina Panos
5. Bridging the PC and Embedded Worlds with Pico and Python Raspberry Pi ‧ Stephen Ogier
6. Toggle Switch Puzzle Boggles the Mind, Opens the Box classic hacks ‧ Kristina Panos
7. Heads Up: Smart Glass Multimeter Tool Hacks ‧ Al Williams
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2021-04-19 Exploring Op Amp Loading Tool Hacks ‧ Al Williams
2021-04-19 Hackaday Links: April 18, 2021 Hackaday Columns ‧ Dan Maloney
2021-04-19 Shapeshifting Streetlights Are The Future We Want To Live In LED Hacks ‧ Lewin Day
2021-04-19 This Pineapple Keyboard is the Bomb Arduino Hacks ‧ Kristina Panos
2021-04-18 Bridging the PC and Embedded Worlds with Pico and Python Raspberry Pi ‧ Stephen Ogier
2021-04-18 Toggle Switch Puzzle Boggles the Mind, Opens the Box classic hacks ‧ Kristina Panos
2021-04-18 Heads Up: Smart Glass Multimeter Tool Hacks ‧ Al Williams
2021-04-18 DOS Gaming PC Gets Necessary Updates Retrocomputing ‧ Bryan Cockfield
2021-04-18 Guide to Mastering OpenSCAD Costs Roughly the Same as OpenSCAD how-to ‧ Kristina Panos
2021-04-18 Pedaling Away Under The Cover Of Your Desk Wireless Hacks ‧ Matthew Carlson
2021-04-18 Kitchen Bump Bar Plays Doom Between Orders Games ‧ Dan Maloney
2021-04-18 A HALO of LEDs for Every Ear Art ‧ Kerry Scharfglass
2021-04-17 Junkbox Confidential Hackaday Columns ‧ Elliot Williams
2021-04-17 E.T. Video Game Gets Re-Imagined in 10 Lines of BASIC Games ‧ Donald Papp
2021-04-17 Replacing an ESP8266 Clone with the Real Thing LED Hacks ‧ Tom Nardi
2021-04-17 Three Ways to Detect the Silver Ball Games ‧ Kristina Panos
2021-04-17 The Imperfect Bipolar Transistor Misc Hacks ‧ Al Williams
2021-04-17 Ambitious Spot Welder Really Pushes the Amps Tool Hacks ‧ Dan Maloney
2021-04-17 The Beat Goes On With this ESP32 Page Turner Microcontrollers ‧ Tom Nardi
2021-04-17 New Whitest Paint Might Help Fight Climate Change Science ‧ Lewin Day
2021-04-17 The False Alarm That Nearly Sparked Nuclear War Featured ‧ Lewin Day
2021-04-17 Hackaday Podcast 114: Eye is Watching You, Alien Art, CNC Chainsaw, and the Galvie Flu Hackaday Columns ‧ Mike Szczys
2021-04-16 Unmasking the Identity of an Unusual Nintendo DS Nintendo DS Hacks ‧ Tom Nardi
2021-04-16 This Week in Security: Pwn2own, Zoom Zero Day, Clubhouse Data, and an FBI Hacking Spree Hackaday Columns ‧ Jonathan Bennett
2021-04-16 Detergent DRM Defeated on Diminutive Dishwasher Misc Hacks ‧ Dan Maloney
2021-04-16 DOOM on a Bootloader Is the Ultimate Cheat Code News ‧ Bryan Cockfield
2021-04-16 Tightly Packed Raspberry Pi Tricorder Impresses Raspberry Pi ‧ Tom Nardi
2021-04-16 3D Animation for All Thanks to Google AI Software Hacks ‧ Al Williams
2021-04-16 Programming PALs in 2021 Tech Hacks ‧ Chris Lott
2021-04-16 Virtual Reality Gloves Aim To Improve Interactivity Virtual Reality ‧ Lewin Day
2021-04-16 Heavy Metal Cyberdeck Has an Eye Towards Expansion computer hacks ‧ Tom Nardi
2021-04-16 The $50 Ham: A Simple WSPR Beacon Hackaday Columns ‧ Dan Maloney
2021-04-16 Portrait of a Digital Weapon Art ‧ Anool Mahidharia
2021-04-15 Crew Dragon’s Short Hop Begins the Era of Valet Parking at the ISS TrickyRick
2021-04-15 3D Printing A Long Range Nerf Blaster 3d Printer hacks ‧ Lewin Day
2021-04-15 WiFive55: More Than a Smart 555 Replacement hardware ‧ Stephen Ogier
2021-04-15 A Faux BBS Gets Software On To Your Vintage Machines Retrocomputing ‧ Lewin Day
2021-04-15 Morrowind rebooted the original Xbox Xbox Hacks ‧ Lewin Day
2021-04-15 Remote Controlled Car Gets Active Suspension Toy Hacks ‧ Bryan Cockfield
2021-04-15 Logic Chip Teardown From Early 1990s IBM ES/9000 Mainframe hardware ‧ Maya Posch
2021-04-15 SV Seeker Is Recycling Batteries News ‧ Jonathan Bennett
2021-04-15 History of Closed Captions: The Analog Era Hackaday Columns ‧ Chris Lott
2021-04-15 You Need an Automated Overhead Camera Assistant Arduino Hacks ‧ Kristina Panos
2021-04-14 Magna Announces Simple Drive Solution For Electric Pickup Trucks car hacks ‧ Lewin Day
2021-04-14 Gaming With 1 Horsepower Of Rumble Feedback Misc Hacks ‧ Lewin Day
2021-04-14 Sanity Check your Engines with this Dynamometer Misc Hacks ‧ Joshua Vasquez
2021-04-14 A Lot of Effort for a Pi Laptop Raspberry Pi ‧ Bryan Cockfield
2021-04-14 Treatment Triggers Teeth to Thrive Medical Hacks ‧ Kristina Panos
2021-04-14 Garage Door Controller Gets The IoT Treatment hardware ‧ Anool Mahidharia
2021-04-14 Homebrew RISC-V Computer Has Beauty and Brains computer hacks ‧ Tom Nardi
2021-04-14 Removable Extruder Pulls Out the Stops on Features 3d Printer hacks ‧ Joshua Vasquez
2021-04-14 Teardown: Linkimals Musical Moose Hackaday Columns ‧ Tom Nardi
2021-04-14 New HackadayU Classes: Antenna Basics, Raspberry Pi Pico, and Designing Complex Geometry Hackaday Columns ‧ Mike Szczys
2021-04-14 BEAM-Powered, Ball-Flinging Beam Has Us Beaming classic hacks ‧ Kristina Panos
2021-04-13 Weren’t We supposed To Live In Plastic Houses In The Future? Featured ‧ Jenny List
2021-04-13 An RP2040 Board Designed For Machine Learning Microcontrollers ‧ Lewin Day
2021-04-13 Alien Art Drawn with Surprisingly Simple Math Misc Hacks ‧ Michael Shaub
2021-04-13 Imaging The past With Time-Travel Rephotography Machine Learning ‧ Adam Zeloof
2021-04-13 Why Pendulums Sync Up, And Other Mysteries Explained Science ‧ Lewin Day
2021-04-13 Space Shuttle Program: 40th Anniversary of the First Launch of Columbia Current Events ‧ Dan Maloney
2021-04-13 Queen Victoria’s Secret (Teletype and COSMAC Elf) Retrocomputing ‧ Al Williams
2021-04-13 Eyecam is Watching You in Between Blinks Arduino Hacks ‧ Kristina Panos
2021-04-13 Zinc Fever: A Look at the Risks of Working with Hot Metal Hackaday Columns ‧ Dan Maloney
2021-04-13 Inside Smart Meters Hack Chat Hackaday Columns ‧ Dan Maloney
2021-04-12 Sixty Years Ago Today: Yuri Gagarin Becomes The First Human In Space Space ‧ Jenny List
2021-04-12 MicroLEDs: Lighting The Way To A Solid OLED Competitor Hackaday Columns ‧ Maya Posch
2021-04-12 Exhuming an Ancient Game From a Government Warehouse Games ‧ Jenny List
2021-04-12 Playing the Interview Game Games ‧ Matthew Carlson
2021-04-12 High Current Measurement Probe For Oscilloscopes hardware ‧ Anool Mahidharia
2021-04-12 LED Brightness Adjustment Uses Itself as Sensor LED Hacks ‧ Donald Papp
2021-04-12 Hackaday Links: April 11, 2021 Hackaday Columns ‧ Dan Maloney
2021-04-12 Solar Stevenson Screen for Smart Sprinkler green hacks ‧ Bob Baddeley
2021-04-12 Keep Coffee Warm Through Induction Heating cooking hacks ‧ Bryan Cockfield
2021-04-11 The Dynamotor Simplified Misc Hacks ‧ Al Williams
2021-04-11 A Fresh E-Ink Newspaper Delivered Every Morning home hacks ‧ Matthew Carlson
2021-04-11 New Part Day: Espressif ESP32-C6 Includes WiFi 6 and a RISC-V Core Parts ‧ Kerry Scharfglass
2021-04-11 Learn Multirotors From First Principles drone hacks ‧ Jenny List
2021-04-11 Camera Zero Looks Cool, Runs Cool Raspberry Pi ‧ Al Williams
2021-04-11 Scratch-Built Robot Arm Looks Like Something Off the Factory Floor Robots Hacks ‧ Dan Maloney
2021-04-11 Coffee Table Railroad Flips to Hide the Fun home hacks ‧ Mike Szczys
2021-04-11 Antique Map of Paris With Modern Tech Art ‧ Bryan Cockfield
2021-04-11 Orphaned IoT Sleep Tracker Resurrected as an Air Quality Monitor home hacks ‧ Anool Mahidharia
2021-04-10 The Last Days of the Wild West Hackaday Columns ‧ Elliot Williams
2021-04-10 Newest PlayStation Exploit Skips the Disc Playstation Hacks ‧ Tom Nardi
2021-04-10 Dynamic Build Platforms for 3D Printers Remove Supports and Save Material 3d Printer hacks ‧ Bob Baddeley
2021-04-10 NASA’s Lucy Stretches Its Wings Ahead of Trojan Trek Space ‧ Zach Zeman
2021-04-10 Kerbal Space Program Goes to the Movies in Stowaway Games ‧ Tom Nardi
2021-04-10 Engineering the Less Boring Way Tool Hacks ‧ Al Williams
2021-04-10 Laser-Cut Solder Masks from Business Cards Laser Hacks ‧ Bryan Cockfield
2021-04-10 Uplink System For High-Altitude Balloons Radio Hacks ‧ Maya Posch
2021-04-10 Hamster Goes on Virtual Journey Virtual Reality ‧ Bryan Cockfield
2021-04-10 Linux Fu: Shell Script File Embedding Featured ‧ Al Williams
2021-04-10 Hackaday Podcast 113: Python Switching to Match, a Magnetic Dyno, a Flying Dino, and a Spinning Sequencer Hackaday Columns ‧ Mike Szczys
2021-04-09 Is It A Lawnmower? Is It an RPi IRC Server? It’s Both! green hacks ‧ Maya Posch
2021-04-09 This Week in Security: The Facebook Leak, The YouTube Leak, and File Type Confusion Hackaday Columns ‧ Jonathan Bennett
2021-04-09 Taking a Peek Inside the Newest Echo Show 10 home entertainment hacks ‧ Tom Nardi
2021-04-09 Stepper Motors Quick and Simple how-to ‧ Chris Lott
2021-04-09 Three-Piece Cyberdeck Plays the Role of Military Computer That Never Was Misc Hacks ‧ Dan Maloney
2021-04-09 Hacking the Classroom Arduino Hacks ‧ Al Williams
2021-04-09 Someone Get This Minimalist Wooden PC a Martini computer hacks ‧ Kristina Panos

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