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2022-12-09 Hacking the Furbo Dog Camera: Part III Fun with Firmware — Somerset Recon www.somersetrecon.com
2022-12-09 疑似APT-C-56(透明部落)针对恐怖主义的攻击活动分析 mp.weixin.qq.com
2022-12-08 Loading unsigned Windows drivers without reboot v1k1ngfr.github.io
2022-12-08 Linux Kernel Exploit Development: 1day case study – Hacktive Security Blog blog.hacktivesecurity.com
2022-12-08 DeathStalker targets legal entities with new Janicab variant Securelist 0
2022-12-08 Firewalls under the hood - UFW blog.kanbach.org 0
2022-12-08 Pycrypt : Python Based Crypter That Can Bypass Antivirus Products kalilinuxtutorials.com 0
2022-12-08 Top 10 macOS Malware Discoveries in 2022 www.sentinelone.com
2022-12-08 Hooking System Calls in Windows 11 22H2 like Avast Antivirus. Research, analysis and bypass the-deniss.github.io
2022-12-08 TheHole New World - how a small leak will sink a great browser (CVE-2021-38003) starlabs.sg
2022-12-08 CVE-2022-41128: Type confusion in Internet Explorer's JScript9 engine googleprojectzero.github.io
2022-12-08 GitHub - mahaloz/DAILA: Decompiler Artifical Intelligence Language Assistant: Use ChatGPT for a improved Decompilation Experience github.com
2022-12-08 py7zr 0.20.0 Directory Traversal ≈ Packet Storm packetstormsecurity.com 0
2022-12-08 Vulnerability Spotlight: Memory corruption vulnerability discovered in PowerISO blog.talosintelligence.com 0
2022-12-08 Apiiro’s AI engine detected a software supply chain attack in PyPI apiiro.com
2022-12-08 2346 - Windows: HTTP.SYS Kerberos PAC Verification Bypass EoP - project-zero bugs.chromium.org
2022-12-08 Fantasy – a new Agrius wiper deployed through a supply‑chain attack www.welivesecurity.com
2022-12-08 Unauthenticated Command Injection github.com
2022-12-08 Reverse Engineering the OMNIVISION OS12D40 Driver serhack.me
2022-12-08 Internet Explorer 0-day exploited by North Korean actor APT37 blog.google 0
2022-12-07 pipe_buffer arbitrary read write interruptlabs.co.uk
2022-12-07 CVE-2022-25765-pdfkit-Exploit-Reverse-Shell github.com 0
2022-12-07 GOAD - part 11 - ACL mayfly277.github.io 0
2022-12-07 Bypassing MFA with the Pass-the-Cookie Attack blog.netwrix.com
2022-12-07 DEV-0139 launches targeted attacks against the cryptocurrency industry www.microsoft.com
2022-12-07 Largest Mobile Malware Darkweb Marketplace Discovered Having Over 1900 Injection Scripts cybersecuritynews.com 0
2022-12-07 2345 - Integer overflow in pixman_sample_floor_y leads to heap out-of-bounds write - project-zero bugs.chromium.org 0
2022-12-07 Bug Writeup: RCE via SSTI on Spring Boot Error Page with Akamai WAF Bypass h1pmnh.github.io
2022-12-07 The Last Breath of Our Netgear RAX30 Bugs - A Tragic Tale before Pwn2Own Toronto 2022 : netsec www.reddit.com 0
2022-12-07 README.md github.com
2022-12-07 Technical Analysis of DanaBot Obfuscation Techniques www.zscaler.com
2022-12-07 Vulnerable GitHub Actions Workflows Part 2: Actions That Open the Door to CI/CD Pipeline Attacks www.legitsecurity.com 0
2022-12-07 GHSL-2022-068: Remote Code Execution (RCE) in PDFMake - CVE-2022-46161 securitylab.github.com 0
2022-12-07 Apple Safari JavaScriptCore Inspector Type Confusion - SSD Secure Disclosure ssd-disclosure.com
2022-12-07 VMware vCenter vScalation Privilege Escalation packetstormsecurity.com 0
2022-12-07 It's all about Bypassing Android SSL Pinning and Intercepting Proxy Unaware applications. kishorbalan.medium.com
2022-12-06 Hacking Bluetooth to Brew Coffee from GitHub Actions: Part 1 - Bluetooth Investigation grack.com
2022-12-06 The Defender’s Guide to the Windows Registry posts.specterops.io
2022-12-06 CVE-2022-46164: Account Takeover Vulnerability Found in NodeBB securityonline.info
2022-12-06 Hackers Actively Attack RDP Servers To Deploy Ransomware cybersecuritynews.com 0
2022-12-06 pocs/flipper_rce_xss.js at main · caioluders/pocs github.com
2022-12-06 deepinstinct/Lsass-Shtinkering github.com
2022-12-06 PrideLocker - a new fork of Babuk ESX encryptor www.synacktiv.com
2022-12-06 Critical Ping bug potentially allows remote hack of FreeBSD systems securityaffairs.co 0
2022-12-06 CVE-2022-45313: Mikrotik RouterOs flaw can lead to execute arbitrary code securityonline.info
2022-12-06 Sandboxing V8 docs.google.com
2022-12-06 CVE-2022-46169: Critical vulnerability affects Cacti network graphing solution securityonline.info
2022-12-06 A Detailed Analysis Of The Last Version Of R Evil Ransomware securityscorecard.pathfactory.com
2022-12-06 Resources github.com
2022-12-05 DuckLogs 恶意软件在野外执行多种恶意活动 paper - Last paper 0
2022-12-05 Bug in Honda, Nissan, Toyota Cars App Let Hackers Unlock & Start The Car Remotely cybersecuritynews.com 0
2022-12-05 Data exfiltration using Excel systemweakness.com
2022-12-05 CVE-2022-41120 PoC released for Windows Sysmon Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability securityonline.info
2022-12-05 Threat Analysis: MSI - Masquerading as a Software Installer Blog 0
2022-12-05 Cache Poisoning? - Solution to November '22 XSS Challenge www.youtube.com
2022-12-05 An Introduction To Memory Forensics: Windows Process Internals | by Joseph Moronwi eforensicsmag.com
2022-12-05 Debugging Protected Processes itm4n.github.io
2022-12-05 r/ReverseEngineering - How to replicate OpenSSL vulnerabilities CVE-2022-3602 and CVE-2022-3786 and use libfuzzer www.reddit.com 0
2022-12-05 Weaponizing Discord Shell via SMB medium.com 0
2022-12-05 Neton - Tool For Getting Information From Internet Connected Sandboxes www.kitploit.com
2022-12-04 How the 8086 processor's microcode engine works www.righto.com 0
2022-12-04 GitHub - APTIRAN/CVE-2022-21661: The first poc video presenting the sql injection test from ( WordPress Core 5.8.2-'WP_Query' / CVE-2022-21661) github.com
2022-12-04 Wh04m1001/SysmonEoP github.com
2022-12-04 GitHub - BeichenDream/PrintNotifyPotato: PrintNotifyPotato github.com
2022-12-04 GL.iNET GL-MT300N-V2 Router Vulnerabilities and Hardware Teardown boschko.ca
2022-12-04 WebUI:The easiest attack surface in Chromes Sakuraのblog 2
2022-12-04 HTB: CarpeDiem 0xdf.gitlab.io
2022-12-04 Pre-Auth RCE with CodeQL in Under 20 Minutes : netsec www.reddit.com 0
2022-12-04 ₿uyer ₿eware: Fake Cryptocurrency Applications Serving as Front for AppleJeus Malware www.volexity.com
2022-12-03 heapdump泄露Shiro key从而RCE - 先知社区 xz.aliyun.com 0
2022-12-03 UseReFuzz github.com
2022-12-02 [PDF] https://arxiv.org/pdf/2211.16212.pdf arxiv.org 0
2022-12-02 CertPotato – Using ADCS to privesc from virtual and network service accounts to local system Orange Cyberdefense 1
2022-12-02 APT_REPORT/APT-hunting/hunting-cobaltstrike-beacons-in-the-dark.pdf github.com 0
2022-12-02 Hitching a ride with Mustang Panda decoded.avast.io 0
2022-12-02 [PDF] https://www.synacktiv.com/sites/default/files/2022-11/vlc_vnc_int_overflow-CVE-2022-41325.pdf www.synacktiv.com 1
2022-12-02 kernel_obj_finder github.com
2022-12-02 Redirect to https://www.cisa.gov/uscert/ncas/alerts/aa22-335a go.dhs.gov 0
2022-12-02 Critical RCE Flaw With 2M Downloaded Android Remote Keyboard Apps Let Attackers Access keystrokes cybersecuritynews.com
2022-12-02 Visual Studio Code: Remote Code Execution github.com
2022-12-02 How we found a supply-chain vulnerability in IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL : netsec www.reddit.com
2022-12-02 Huawei Security Hypervisor Vulnerability blog.impalabs.com
2022-12-01 慢雾:警惕 TransferFrom 零转账骗局 mp.weixin.qq.com 0
2022-12-01 Researchers Disclose Critical RCE Vulnerability Affecting Quarkus Java Framework thehackernews.com 0
2022-12-01 CVE-2022-22972 VMware Workspace ONE Access 身份认证绕过漏洞分析 paper - Last paper 0
2022-12-01 大事件!密码神器LastPass承认黑客窃取了客户数据 - FreeBuf网络安全行业门户 FreeBuf网络安全行业门户 0
2022-12-01 ADFSRelay: NTLM Relaying Attacks Targeting ADFS securityonline.info
2022-12-01 New details on commercial spyware vendor Variston blog.google 0
2022-12-01 Intel Data Center Manager Authentication Bypass / Spoofing packetstormsecurity.com
2022-12-01 Researchers Find a Way Malicious NPM Libraries Can Evade Vulnerability Detection thehackernews.com 0
2022-12-01 Black Hat USA 2022 www.youtube.com
2022-12-01 Race condition in snap-confine's must_mkdir_and_open_with_perms() (CVE-2022-3328) Open Source Security
2022-12-01 HiveV5 file decryptor PoC github.com 0
2022-12-01 CVE-2022-46146: Authentication Bypass in Open-Source Prometheus Project securityonline.info
2022-12-01 Microsoft Exchange ProxyNotShell Remote Code Execution packetstormsecurity.com 0
2022-11-30 com 组件的从 0 到 1 paper - Last paper 0
2022-11-30 CVE-2022-44635: Apache Fineract Remote Code Execution securityonline.info 0
2022-11-30 New Flaw in Acer Laptops Could Let Attackers Disable Secure Boot Protection thehackernews.com 0
2022-11-30 Linux Kernel: UAF in Bluetooth L2CAP Handshake github.com
2022-11-30 Linux Kernel: Infoleak in Bluetooth L2CAP Handling github.com

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