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1. Facebook beats Q1 2019 profit estimates, sets aside $3 billion for privacy penalty Reuters
2. Slack introduces channel calendars for teams and message reply via email Khari Johnson
3. Slack launches Workflow Builder for businesses to make apps without code Khari Johnson
4. Microsoft reports $30.6 billion in Q3 2019 revenue: Azure up 73%, Surface up 21%, and LinkedIn up 27% Emil Protalinski
5. Google Drive on the web gains a shortcut to offline mode (updated) Kyle Wiggers
6. Google open-sources AI image segmentation models optimized for Cloud TPUs Kyle Wiggers
7. Apple documents reveal multi-year plot to pressure and hurt Qualcomm Jeremy Horwitz
8. Overwatch’s new Workshop will let players make their own game modes Mike Minotti
9. VentureBeat is looking for a Head of AI Events Content Matt Marshall
10. AI identifies skiing techniques through pole data Kyle Wiggers
11. How Google treats Meredith Whittaker is important to potential AI whistleblowers Kyle Wiggers
12. Mortal Kombat 11 has franchise’s most successful launch ever, ‘years of content’ planned Giancarlo Valdes
13. Chris Taylor reveals Kanoogi cloud gaming platform and Intergalactic Space Empire RTS Dean Takahashi
14. Brave rolls out its own ads that pay users a 70% cut Emil Protalinski
15. raises $17 million for AI-driven retail products Kyle Wiggers
16. A transgender AI researcher’s nightmare scenarios for facial recognition software Khari Johnson
17. Pharos AR lets you interact with a holographic Childish Gambino Jeremy Horwitz
18. Wizards of the Coast taps Baldur’s Gate, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic designer James Ohlen for new studio Jason Wilson
19. Google Stadia’s Phil Harrison: Cloud-based gaming will be a difficult but ‘fundamental shift’ Giancarlo Valdes
20. Google Fit is now a standalone iOS app with Apple Watch support Jeremy Horwitz
21. FullStory raises $32 million to track and analyze digital customer experiences Kyle Wiggers
22. AT&T expects 5G plans to use broadband-like speed tiers by 2022 Jeremy Horwitz
23. How Google is building its huge subsea cable infrastructure Paul Sawers
24. Watch GamesBeat Summit 2019: We talk online gaming, influencers and video, and community on Day 2 Jason Wilson
25. Docker and Arm partner to streamline containerized app development on Arm-based hardware Kyle Wiggers
26. Inside the making of Baobab’s latest VR short, Bonfire Dean Takahashi
27. Insomniac’s Ted Price nabs the second annual GamesBeat Visionary Award Dean Takahashi
28. Samsung Galaxy Fold reportedly failed due to 7mm screen bezel gap Jeremy Horwitz


14 小时前 Credly raises $11.1 million to issue and manage digital badges Kyle Wiggers
14 小时前 Databricks launches Delta Lake, an open source data lake reliability project Khari Johnson
14 小时前 Magic: The Gathering and ProGuides partner on tutorial videos Jason Wilson
15 小时前 U.K. allows Huawei to supply non-core 5G gear, blocks core network access Reuters
16 小时前 Vdoo raises $32 million to secure IoT devices Kyle Wiggers
16 小时前 Eightfold raises $28 million for AI that matches job candidates with employers Kyle Wiggers
17 小时前 Frostpunk sells over 1.4 million copies in its first year Jason Wilson
20 小时前 Indian music streaming giant Gaana reaches 100 million monthly users, expands into video Manish Singh
21 小时前 Donald Trump complained to Twitter CEO about losing followers Reuters
23 小时前 Mozilla highlights AI bias and ‘addiction by design’ tech in internet health report Khari Johnson
23 小时前 Bonfire Studios is not ‘gonna suddenly go out and make Candy Crush’ Giancarlo Valdes
2 天前 Vince Zampella wants to improve Apex Legends’ communication with players Mike Minotti
2 天前 Chrome 74 arrives with less motion sickness and new JavaScript features Emil Protalinski
2 天前 March 2019 NPD: The Division 2 jumps over Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to lead sales chart Jason Wilson
2 天前 March 2019 NPD: Kingdom Hearts III becomes the series’ best-seller in U.S. Mike Minotti
2 天前 Two Bit Circus unveils developer program for location-based entertainment Dean Takahashi
2 天前 How Eco gives gamers the same global warming problem as scientists Mike Minotti
2 天前 GamesBeat Summit 2019: Dean Takahashi’s opening speech on gaming communities Dean Takahashi
2 天前 Apple-Qualcomm 5G settlement isn’t a simple case of winner and loser Jack Gold, J.Gold Associates
2 天前 Snap returns to growth with 190 million daily users in Q1 2019 Seth Colaner
2 天前 Google kills Chrome’s Data Saver extension Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Sprint’s 5G E lawsuit tarred AT&T, but didn’t help consumers Jeremy Horwitz
2 天前 SteamWorld Quest review — clever card combat Jeff Grubb
2 天前 Slay the Spire’s blend of roguelike and deck-builder hits PS4 on May 21 Mike Minotti
2 天前 OpenAI’s Sparse Transformers can predict what comes next in lengthy text, image, and audio sequences Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Twitter is slowly perfecting the art of inventing nonsensical performance metrics Chris O'Brien
2 天前 GoMeta raises $6 million and launches Koji web app development platform Dean Takahashi
2 天前 UploadVR announces E3 VR Showcase, a Nintendo Direct for virtual reality Jason Wilson
2 天前 Watch GamesBeat Summit 2019: Phil Harrison, Amy Hennig, Ted Price, and Vince Zampella headline Day 1 Jason Wilson
2 天前 Qualcomm interview: China’s early launch proves the world wants 5G now Jeremy Horwitz
2 天前 Wing gains FAA approval to launch commercial drone delivery service in Virginia Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Waymo will build its driverless cars in Detroit Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 India’s Mfine raises $17.2 million to expand telemedical doctor network Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Blueshift raises $15 million from Softbank for its AI customer engagement tools Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 World War Z passes 1 million copies sold in a week Jason Wilson
2 天前 Nvidia reveals affordable GeForce GTX 1650 GPU, shows off some spiffy laptops Giancarlo Valdes
2 天前 Lively Mobile Plus wearable gives seniors LTE and 80 hours of fall detection Jeremy Horwitz
2 天前 Microsoft: AI’s next frontier is experts teaching machines Khari Johnson
2 天前 Salesforce debuts AI enhancements to Sales Cloud, updates Quip with live file embedding Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Intel launches 9th Gen Core mobile processors Dean Takahashi
2 天前 Razer upgrades its 15-inch and 17-inch Blade laptops for gamers Dean Takahashi
2 天前 Intellimize raises $8 million to optimize websites with AI Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Amazon’s in-garage delivery service is now open for business Paul Sawers
2 天前 Perspectium raises $8 million for cloud data migration services Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Twitter beats expectations with revenue of $787 million as monthly users rise to 330 million Paul Sawers
2 天前 Winning against bots: How gaming apps can fight back Paul H. Müller, Adjust
2 天前 Brightback raises $11 million for automated subscription retention service Khari Johnson
2 天前 Harness raises $60 million to automate continuous app delivery with machine learning Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Google Maps will now show real-time availability of electric vehicle charging stations Paul Sawers
2 天前 KeepTruckin raises $149 million for its fleet management and automation platform Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Facebook’s new general counsel is U.S. State Department lawyer Jennifer Newstead Reuters
2 天前 Censinet raises $7.8 million for health care vendor risk assessment Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 China Unicom moves first Chinese 5G launch up to May Jeremy Horwitz
3 天前 Tesla plans to launch driverless taxi service in 2020 Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 Google’s SpecAugment achieves state-of-the-art speech recognition without a language model Khari Johnson
3 天前 Tesla claims its latest self-driving chip is 7 times more powerful than its rivals’ Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 Fortnite teams up with Avengers: Endgame for another tie-in on April 25 Giancarlo Valdes
3 天前 Samsung Galaxy Wearable app snag stops app installs, new device setups Jeremy Horwitz
3 天前 makes customer data collection easier with chatbots Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 Amazon’s AI system could cut Alexa speech recognition errors by 15% Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 Samsung delays Galaxy Fold release after screen failures Jeremy Horwitz
3 天前 2 Funplus mobile games have generated more than $1.3 billion in revenue Dean Takahashi
3 天前 Huawei claims ‘world’s first’ 5G hardware for automotive industry Reuters
3 天前 OpenAI’s Dota 2 bot defeated 99.4% of players in public matches Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 Audioburst raises $10 million to parse podcasts and audio content with AI Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 Days Gone: Video capture from our first play session with the PS4 exclusive Dean Takahashi
3 天前 Zillow launches AI-powered 3D home tours in the U.S. and Canada Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 Is there a new future for storytelling in interactive media? Chris Heatherly, NBCUniversal
3 天前 Huawei Q1 revenue grows 39% to $27 billion amid heightened U.S. pressure Reuters
3 天前 N1NE: The Splintered Mind is a VR take on ‘Blade Runner’ Jamie Feltham, Upload VR
3 天前 A love letter to digital advertising from a direct mail CEO Joy Gendusa,
4 天前 How to find the right headset for your enterprise VR project Simon Kuntz
4 天前 Google Assistant and Alexa can now answer questions about U.K. passports, bank holidays, and more Kyle Wiggers
4 天前 Good engineers can become good leaders Adam Waksman
4 天前 Quantum computing is a marathon not a sprint Christopher Monroe, IonQ
4 天前 Will Google’s Stadia console kill mobile games? David Pokress, AdColony
4 天前 This Nintendo Labo Zelda mod is worthy of the Triforce Jamie Feltham, Upload VR
4 天前 MyndVR improves its VR platform for the elderly Jamie Feltham, Upload VR
5 天前 If your culture is that great, you don’t need to tell us Andrew Trader, Bullpen Capital
5 天前 How 5G could change gaming in the home Dean Takahashi
5 天前 GM’s Cruise is preparing for a self-driving future in the cloud Kyle Wiggers
5 天前 4 must-watch tech trends in gaming Sunil Rayan
5 天前 DJI R&D head dreams of drones fighting fires by the thousands in ‘aerial aqueduct’ Khari Johnson
5 天前 Nintendo gets nearly a quarter of gaming’s 1.5 million TV ad impressions between March 16 and April 15 Eleanor Semeraro,
5 天前 3 ways to see Notre Dame in VR David Heaney
6 天前 tests robo-taxi program on its employees, promises self-driving trucks next Kyle Wiggers
6 天前 VentureBeat is looking for an edge reporter Seth Colaner
6 天前 Qualcomm joins Tencent and Vivo on new AI initiative for mobile gaming Giancarlo Valdes
6 天前 5G is live in 3 countries, but we still need answers on health risks Jeremy Horwitz
6 天前 AI helps four-legged robots find their footing Kyle Wiggers
6 天前 China enshrines new rules for approving games Mike Minotti
6 天前 ProBeat: Samsung must delay the Galaxy Fold, or it will fail Emil Protalinski
6 天前 AI Weekly: Boston Dynamics robots are terrifying by design Khari Johnson
6 天前 Lenovo and ZTE set 5G phone launches for April and May as LG halts V50 Jeremy Horwitz
6 天前 Hearthstone loses viewers on Twitch as Magic: The Gathering Arena closes the gap Mike Minotti
6 天前 The DeanBeat: Telling stories at GamesBeat Summit 2019 Dean Takahashi
6 天前 GamesBeat Summit 2019 final agenda — 97 speakers on building gaming communities Dean Takahashi
6 天前 How Gridwise uses data and real-time alerts to help Uber drivers earn more Paul Sawers
6 天前 Foxconn says it remains committed to Wisconsin LCD plant investment Reuters
6 天前 Women are better at improving at Dota 2 than men Dean Takahashi
6 天前 Turn digital payments into a competitive advantage VB Staff
6 天前 Lime pilots feature that lets you reserve an electric scooter 15 minutes in advance Paul Sawers
7 天前 Toyota, Denso, and Softbank invest $1 billion in Uber’s self-driving division Reuters
7 天前 We made Doc Ock look real — here’s how David Barton
7 天前 Amazon strikes at Spotify with new free streaming music with ads Kyle Wiggers
7 天前 Pinterest shares rise 28% on first day of trading, worth $13 billion Chris O'Brien
7 天前 Brown Dust tactical-RPG hits 2 million mobile downloads in first month Giancarlo Valdes
7 天前 Google will begin to block sign-ins from embedded browser frameworks in June Kyle Wiggers
7 天前 Microsoft’s confusing facial recognition policy, from China to California Khari Johnson
7 天前 Microsoft’s SeeingVR tools help low-vision users view Unity VR apps Jeremy Horwitz
7 天前 Mozilla relaunches open source IoT platform Project Things as WebThings Kyle Wiggers
7 天前 Castlevania Anniversary Collection fills its roster with Bloodlines, Kid Dracula, and more Mike Minotti
7 天前 Fortnite and Apex Legends propel Twitch to 2.7 billion hours watched in Q1 2019 Giancarlo Valdes
7 天前 YouTube Music launches on Google Home Kyle Wiggers
7 天前 Microsoft acquires Express Logic for its real-time internet of things operating system Kyle Wiggers
7 天前 Facebook’s AI extracts playable characters from real-world videos Kyle Wiggers
7 天前 Fortnite rules Q1 streaming hours, but Apex places No. 2 and surpasses League of Legends Dean Takahashi
7 天前 Amazon Alexa scientists find ways to improve speech and sound recognition Kyle Wiggers
7 天前 Mid-funnel: Pinterest’s undisputed superpower Aaron Goldman, 4C
7 天前 FCC will start final 24GHz 5G bidding May 3, aims to top $2 billion Jeremy Horwitz
7 天前 YouTube is landing on Amazon’s Fire TV, while Prime Video will come to Chromecast Paul Sawers
7 天前 Fortnite World Cup Creative focuses on the building aspects of the battle royale hit Giancarlo Valdes
7 天前 How AI researchers used Bing search results to reveal disease knowledge gaps in Africa Khari Johnson
7 天前 CloudBees acquires software automation startup Electric Cloud Kyle Wiggers
7 天前 Resolution Games’ Acron is a cross-platform party game for VR and mobile Giancarlo Valdes
7 天前 Google to suggest 10 browser and search engine alternatives for Android users in Europe Paul Sawers
7 天前 Apple expands and renames recycling program, opens Material Recovery Lab Jeremy Horwitz
7 天前 Convoy aims to expedite shipping with preloaded trailer marketplace for truckers Paul Sawers
7 天前 Video: Making MechWarrior 5 is a dream come true for Piranha Games VB Staff
7 天前 Facebook says it ‘unintentionally uploaded’ email contacts of up to 1.5 million new users Reuters
8 天前 AbleGamers’ new Accessible.Games site bridges gap between developers and disabled gamers Giancarlo Valdes
8 天前 Apple in talks with self-driving car sensor suppliers Reuters
8 天前 Salesforce acquires MapAnything for its location-based intelligence products Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 The RetroBeat: Capcom Home Arcade looks cool, clunky, and confusing Mike Minotti
8 天前 Most businesses are not ready for voice searches John Koetsier, Singular
8 天前 AET Fund adds new gaming and entertainment startups to $50 million fund Giancarlo Valdes
8 天前 Sony nuked PlayStation VR’s biggest problem by promising PS5 support Jeremy Horwitz
8 天前 AI estimates depression severity from sight and sound Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 Facebook is reportedly developing an AI assistant to take on Alexa and Google Assistant Khari Johnson
8 天前 Apple’s settlement with Qualcomm was inevitable — thanks to 5G Jeremy Horwitz
8 天前 Google’s MorphNet optimizes AI models without sacrificing accuracy Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 Google launches Android Studio 3.4 with Android Q Beta emulator, and R8 replaces Proguard Emil Protalinski
8 天前 Mercury opens bank for startups with funding from Andreessen Horowitz Dean Takahashi
8 天前 Esports organization Gen.G gets $46 million in funding from Will Smith and Stanford Mike Minotti
8 天前 Scopely expands headquarters in Culver City in L.A. Dean Takahashi
8 天前 PathAI raises $60 million for AI pathology and diagnostic tools Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 Newzoo: Top 25 public game companies generated over $100 billion in 2018 revenue Dean Takahashi
8 天前 Fraunhofer demonstrates 5G virtual reality video streaming software Jeremy Horwitz
8 天前 Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2S starts at $8,999, ships in June Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 Harvard Medical School’s AI estimates protein structures up to a million times faster than previous methods Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 Proof of Capital launches $50 million blockchain venture fund Dean Takahashi
8 天前 Airbnb leads $160 million investment in real estate and hospitality startup Lyric Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 Apple may combine Find My Friends and iPhone apps, sell tracking tags Jeremy Horwitz
8 天前 European Parliament passes online platform rules placing new limits on Amazon and Google Chris O'Brien
8 天前 Aeva will supply lidar sensors to Audi’s autonomous driving division Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 Tetris-Hello Kitty crossover might be the cutest Tetris ever Giancarlo Valdes
8 天前 Aidoc raises $27 million for AI head, chest, abdomen, and spine tests Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 CloudGenix raises $65 million for software-defined networking products Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 Adjust’s Unbotify fraud prevention distinguishes between humans and bots in mobile apps Dean Takahashi
8 天前 Apple reportedly plans an A13-based iPhone 8 as its 2020 small phone Jeremy Horwitz
8 天前 Stord raises $12.3 million to digitize warehousing and distribution Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 Owl Labs raises $15 million for its 360-degree meeting room camera Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 Salesforce debuts Einstein Translation and Einstein Optical Character Recognition Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 Super raises $20 million to reinvent home repair and maintenance Dean Takahashi
8 天前 Netflix forecast disappoints ahead of Disney+ launch Reuters
8 天前 Google quietly rolls out Play Store budgeting feature Kyle Wiggers
9 天前 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate adds Persona 5’s Joker, stage builder, and video editing on April 17 Mike Minotti
9 天前 Google Search now supports signed exchanges, replacing AMP URLs with actual site addresses Kyle Wiggers
9 天前 Intel exits 5G phone modem business after Apple-Qualcomm settlement Jeremy Horwitz
9 天前 Kickstarter game projects top $1 billion, with tabletop making up 69% of pledges Giancarlo Valdes
9 天前 Gears 5 multiplayer to debut in new Eleague TV series on TBS Giancarlo Valdes
9 天前 Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is real and will cost $250 Mike Minotti

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