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1. Slack IPO starts trading at $38.50 for $23 billion valuation Chris O'Brien
2. Businesses can now accept PayPal through Google Pay in 24 countries Kyle Wiggers
3. Google Assistant bests Alexa and Siri in most-used medication knowledge Khari Johnson
4. Apple recalls some 2015-2017 15-inch MacBook Pros over battery flaw Jeremy Horwitz
5. Dead by Daylight scares its way to mobile Mike Minotti
6. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is out early on iOS and Android Mike Minotti
7. Procurify raises $20 million to help companies manage spending Kyle Wiggers
8. Google Maps lets local businesses reward followers with discounts Khari Johnson
9. Gearbox creative director Paul Sage — How we made Borderlands 3 Dean Takahashi
10. Apple: U.S. tariffs will cut our economic contribution and aid rivals Jeremy Horwitz
11. IBM’s AI automatically generates creative captions for images Kyle Wiggers
12. How Cornelia Geppert’s Sea of Solitude expresses her battle with loneliness Dean Takahashi
13. Steel Division 2 debuts with massive World War II tank battles Dean Takahashi
14. AI Study: A managed team labels data with 25% higher quality than crowdsourcing Damian Rochman, CloudFactory
15. How Facebook is capturing the hearts and minds of gamers and streamers Dean Takahashi
16. iRobot expands into STEM education with Root Robotics acquisition Kyle Wiggers
17. Facebook launches robotics framework PyRobot Khari Johnson
18. Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G wins certifications ahead of revised launches Jeremy Horwitz
19. Uber pilots ‘simulated trips’ to build drivers’ confidence, relaunches auto-accept for rides, and more Paul Sawers
20. Azerion buys Spil Games’ mobile game division Dean Takahashi
21. Hopper expands price predictions to 270,000 hotels in 230 countries Kyle Wiggers
22. Oculus Connect 6 promises new chapter for VR/AR on September 25-26 Jeremy Horwitz
23. Slack IPO dares investors to bet the company can stop hemorrhaging red ink Chris O'Brien
24. Why ‘YouTube is too big to fix completely’ is not an acceptable answer from a CEO Olivier Blanchard
25. Cloud data management company Druva raises $130 million, passes $1 billion valuation Paul Sawers
26. Waymo, Renault, and Nissan explore autonomous transport services in France and Japan Reuters
27. Vivaldi 2.6 introduces abusive ad blocking, revamped user profiles Kyle Wiggers
28. Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with language settings improvements Emil Protalinski


14 小时前 Opensignal: Early 5G delivers 112Mbps average and 988Mbps peak speeds Jeremy Horwitz
19 小时前 Maneater is like a silly Jaws Revenge: The Reality Show Giancarlo Valdes
19 小时前 Microsoft launches Chromium Edge builds for Windows 7 and Windows 8 Emil Protalinski
21 小时前 How Qualcomm is ushering in the age of edge computing VB Staff
21 小时前 Xbox Live down on Xbox One and PC Jeff Grubb
21 小时前 Ray tracing is finally starting to shine after E3 Jeff Grubb
22 小时前 Google’s AI picks which machine learning models will produce the best results Kyle Wiggers
23 小时前 Ninja cuts deal to launch multiple gamer advice and culture books Dean Takahashi
24 小时前 Puzzle & Dragons comes to Switch with a PvP focus Mike Minotti
24 小时前 5 tech megatrends that will change our world — Earnest CTO Pamela Rice Dean Takahashi
2 天前 SaT5G shows satellite-based 5G services for planes and rural areas Jeremy Horwitz
2 天前 Microsoft and Kano launch $300 build-your-own Windows 10 PC Paul Sawers
2 天前 Ghost Recon: Breakpoint hands-on video — Fighting drones and humans with stealth Dean Takahashi
2 天前 Baidu claims its Apollo Lite vision-based vehicle framework achieves level 4 autonomy Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Google brings Dialogflow bot support to Hangouts Chat Khari Johnson
2 天前 Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment drives hard with both triple-A and mobile games Dean Takahashi
2 天前 Evercade is a new handheld for classic Atari, Interplay, and Namco games Mike Minotti
2 天前 Shopify announces new partner and developer tools, plus an AI-powered fulfillment network Emil Protalinski
2 天前 Bitrise raises $20 million for mobile continuous integration and delivery Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Apple expands repair service to all U.S. Best Buy stores Jeremy Horwitz
2 天前 ESA Foundation’s Anastasia Staten — how to change the face of gaming Dean Takahashi
2 天前 FCC will vote July 10 on reallocating 2.5GHz spectrum from TV to 5G Jeremy Horwitz
2 天前 Google’s Private Join and Compute gives companies data insights while preserving privacy Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Great North Labs raises $23.7 million fund for Upper Midwest tech startups Dean Takahashi
2 天前 Valimail raises $45 million to thwart email phishing attacks Paul Sawers
2 天前 SheerID can instantly verify student IDs for ecommerce discounts in 191 countries Dean Takahashi
2 天前 Amazon’s new Kindle Oasis has a color-adjustable front light Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Mattermost raises $50 million to advance its open source Slack alternative Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Apple reportedly mulls shifting 15-30% of manufacturing out of China Reuters
2 天前 Valtix raises $14 million for cloud-native security products Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Expel raises $40 million to help companies manage cybersecurity Paul Sawers
2 天前 Postman raises $50 million to deliver its API collaboration platform to more partners Chris O'Brien
2 天前 Liberty Defense uses 3D radar imaging and AI to detect concealed weapons Paul Sawers
2 天前 Enboarder raises $8 million to onboard new employees Dean Takahashi
2 天前 Collabsco: Connected play companies grew 150% to 262 in 2019 Dean Takahashi
2 天前 Mexican president seeks Mark Zuckerberg’s help to promote universal internet access Reuters
2 天前 Microsoft beats Amazon and Google to open first cloud region in the Middle East Paul Sawers
2 天前 Don’t believe the myths — 5G will bring AR and VR to the masses Amir Bozorgzadeh
2 天前 Text IQ raises $12.6 million for AI-powered sensitive information detection Khari Johnson
2 天前 Glassdoor: VMware’s Pat Gelsinger is CEO of the year, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg drops 39 spots Emil Protalinski
2 天前 Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency faces privacy concerns and political backlash Reuters
2 天前 May 2019 NPD hardware: Switch outsells PlayStation and Xbox in U.S. Jeff Grubb
2 天前 May 2019 NPD: The end of a generation Jeff Grubb
2 天前 AI photography platform Meero raises $230 million to become France’s newest unicorn Chris O'Brien
2 天前 Elon Musk has solved Tesla’s problems using video games Jeff Grubb
2 天前 Twitter: Here’s who won the attention war at E3 2019 Dean Takahashi
2 天前 IBM’s AI can predict which patients are likely to develop malignant breast cancer within a year Kyle Wiggers
2 天前 Jon Batiste lays down excellent Legend of Zelda cover on ‘Late Show’ Jeff Grubb
2 天前 World of Warcraft’s huge Rise of Azshara update launches on June 25 Mike Minotti
3 天前 How Nvidia and Volvo plan to drive the autonomous truck industry Dean Takahashi
3 天前 Microsoft joins Hyperledger blockchain technology community Khari Johnson
3 天前 Google’s Safe Browsing service gets its own Chrome extension Emil Protalinski
3 天前 Udacity launches nontechnical AI product manager nanodegree Khari Johnson
3 天前 Cruise open-sources Webviz, a tool for robotics data analysis Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 Call of Duty Endowment is increasing job placement for veterans Dean Takahashi
3 天前 Adobe AI learns painting styles to reproduce artwork in under a minute Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 How Nintendo approached the PR battle at E3 2019 Dean Takahashi
3 天前 Magic Leap accuses Nreal founder of stealing AR glasses tech for China Jeremy Horwitz
3 天前 U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders supports video game workers unions Mike Minotti
3 天前 LinkedIn launches tools to help candidates nail their next job interviews Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 PowerPoint gains an AI-powered presenter coach and beefed-up design suggestions Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 Newzoo: U.S. will overtake China as No. 1 gaming market in 2019 Jason Wilson
3 天前 Salesforce announces a Customer Data Platform to unify all marketing data John Koetsier, Singular
3 天前 Sensor Tower: Apple App Store’s top publishers earn 64% more than Google Play’s Mike Minotti
3 天前 Telemedical startup Cara Care raises $7 million to treat digestive symptoms Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 U.S. Cellular wins 690 mmWave 5G licenses, but plans 600MHz launch first Jeremy Horwitz
3 天前 Amazon leases 15 more Boeing planes to expand air cargo network by 28% Paul Sawers
3 天前 GoTenna raises $24 million to help people connect off-grid via mobile mesh networks Paul Sawers
3 天前 Rekt Global adds new esports investor with DJ Nicky Romero Dean Takahashi
3 天前 The bulletstorm ending of Rage 2 Dean Takahashi
3 天前 Sweeping changes: How iRobot evolved from military robots to autonomous vacuums Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 Optimizely raises $50 million to expand its A/B testing and experimentation platform Paul Sawers
3 天前 Hazelcast raises $21 million for high-speed, low-latency memory Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 Empires & Puzzles gets Hunters Lodge expansion Dean Takahashi
3 天前 Xilinx ships first Versal ACAP chips that adapt to AI programs Dean Takahashi
3 天前 SK Telecom signs 5G and 6G R&D deals with Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung Jeremy Horwitz
3 天前 Roli’s Lumi Keys is a compact keyboard that teaches musical theory Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 Palm opens preorders for its unlocked standalone smartphone for $350 Dean Takahashi
3 天前 NewtonX raises $12 million to help companies find expert consultants Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 Synative lets game developers build playable Google Play demos Dean Takahashi
3 天前 Facebook announces Libra cryptocurrency and Calibra digital wallet Dean Takahashi
3 天前 Intel, Qualcomm, and Xilinx quietly lobby to ease Huawei ban Reuters
3 天前 Microsoft Flight Simulator embodies Game Pass’ potential Jeff Grubb
3 天前 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order hands-on — Better Call Saw! Or maybe not Giancarlo Valdes
3 天前 Battletoads was the most fun I had at E3 Jeff Grubb
3 天前 Nvidia’s STEAL AI gives neural networks better computer vision Khari Johnson
3 天前 Microsoft researchers use GANs to generate images and storyboards from captions Kyle Wiggers
3 天前 tvOS 13 beta 2 adds iOS-style picture-in-picture feature Jeremy Horwitz
4 天前 Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda interview — Betting big on The Avengers game Dean Takahashi
4 天前 Top500: China has 219 of the world’s fastest supercomputers Kyle Wiggers
4 天前 Oculus Quest developer shares tricks to optimize Rift and Vive ports Jeremy Horwitz
4 天前 Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick interview — Not every game has to last 100 hours Dean Takahashi
4 天前 DeepMind’s AI uses aerial and ground-view data to navigate unseen areas Kyle Wiggers
4 天前 Intel highlights AI that can see around corners, coach children on the autism spectrum, and more Kyle Wiggers
4 天前 Unity makes it easier to insert augmented reality into native mobile apps Dean Takahashi
4 天前 HTC Vive creates a Mona Lisa VR experience for the Louvre and Viveport Jeremy Horwitz
4 天前 Kuo: Only 2 iPhones will get 5G in 2020, but all will use OLED screens Jeremy Horwitz
4 天前 Ironscales raises $15 million to defeat phishing attacks with AI Kyle Wiggers
4 天前 Comcast’s inclusive web remote lets users control TV with their eyes Kyle Wiggers
4 天前 Nuro partners with Domino’s to deliver pizza via self-driving cars in Houston Kyle Wiggers
4 天前 Make-A-Wish partners with StreamElements on charity campaign Dean Takahashi
4 天前 Ericsson updates 5G cell tower software to improve speed and coverage Jeremy Horwitz
4 天前 Salesforce launches a trio of AI engagement and asset-tagging tools, debuts Commerce Page Designer Kyle Wiggers
4 天前 Huawei CEO says U.S. ban hit harder than expected, warns of $30 billion revenue dip Reuters
4 天前 My.Games launches My.Studio to finance game studio Dean Takahashi
4 天前 Nvidia will support Arm hardware for high-performance computing Kyle Wiggers
4 天前 MIT CSAIL’s AI can visualize objects using touch Kyle Wiggers
4 天前 Battlewake’s pirates are sailing to Oculus Quest and PSVR Jamie Feltham, Upload VR
4 天前 What a $20 billion week signals for data and analytics Adam Wilson, Trifacta
4 天前 5 come-back tips for startups that have run out of cash Brian Conyer, GIBLIB
4 天前 We made our product roadmap public — and haven’t regretted it Mathilde Collin, Front
4 天前 12 Minutes keeps rewinding a couple’s last moments Dean Takahashi
4 天前 How Phoenix Point takes turn-based tactics where the genre hasn’t gone Dean Takahashi
4 天前 Game industry TV ad spend craters in May Eleanor Semeraro,
5 天前 Facebook’s Jason Rubin: The state of Oculus Quest, Rift, and Go at E3 2019 Ian Hamilton, UploadVR
5 天前 Facebook: Oculus Quest content sales hit $5 million in 2 weeks Jamie Feltham, Upload VR
5 天前 Why we’ll see more startups built on platforms like Slack Andrew Kirchner, Hooky
5 天前 Where the next Big Five of tech could come from Jeff Greenstein
5 天前 How Crystal Dynamics designed The Avengers Dean Takahashi
5 天前 Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga uses the Force to pull me back in Mike Minotti
5 天前 HTC: How enterprise investments could jumpstart virtual reality Dean Takahashi
6 天前 Amazon sends Alexa developers on quest for ‘holy grail of voice science’ Khari Johnson
6 天前 Everything UploadVR’s E3 Showcase announced David Heaney
6 天前 AI Weekly: ICML 2019 top papers and highlights Khari Johnson
6 天前 E3 2019 killed CG reveal videos Jeff Grubb
6 天前 Sensor Tower: Brawl Stars hits $275 million in revenue, 100 million installs in 6 months Jason Wilson
6 天前 Samsung’s Galaxy Fit fitness tracker ships June 18 for $100 Jeremy Horwitz
6 天前 Google’s Evolved Transformer achieves state-of-the-art performance in translation tasks Kyle Wiggers
7 天前 Amazon brings in-skill purchasing to Alexa kid skills Kyle Wiggers
7 天前 ProBeat: Google finally admits single camera defeat with Pixel 4 Emil Protalinski
7 天前 Researchers say 6G will stream human brain-caliber AI to wireless devices Jeremy Horwitz
7 天前 Pinterest details Complete the Look, a context-aware visual search tool Khari Johnson
7 天前 IBM’s AI creates new labeled image sets using semantic content Kyle Wiggers
7 天前 Facebook open-sources AI Habitat to help robots navigate realistic environments Khari Johnson
7 天前 Google’s chief decision scientist: Humans can fix AI’s shortcomings Paul Sawers
7 天前 The DeanBeat: My favorite games of E3 2019 Dean Takahashi
7 天前 Games for Change: How to make the game industry more diverse, accessible, and meaningful Dean Takahashi
7 天前 Huawei delays its first 5G phone Mate X until September Jeremy Horwitz
7 天前 Florida establishes a legal framework for self-driving vehicles Kyle Wiggers
7 天前 Qualcomm’s Dean Brenner explains 5G spectrum and the ‘game changer’ DSS Jeremy Horwitz
7 天前 Russian misinformation campaign targeted voters in EU’s 2019 elections Chris O'Brien
7 天前 Dota Underlords is Valve’s take on Auto Chess Jason Wilson
7 天前 Final Fantasy VII Remake hands-on — My reservations are gone Mike Minotti
8 天前 Intel hires Xbox chip architect John Sell and Apple’s Manisha Pandya Dean Takahashi
8 天前 How Microsoft hopes to preserve privacy while gathering AR map data Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 GamesBeat Decides E3: Best of show Jeff Grubb
8 天前 This Dota 2 AI predicts player death within a 5-second window Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 U.S. Congress targets deepfakes ahead of 2020 election Khari Johnson
8 天前 Zume acquires Pivot Packaging to eliminate plastic in fresh food delivery Dean Takahashi
8 天前 AppOnBoard acquires mobile game dev suite Buildbox Dean Takahashi
8 天前 Ditch the data scientists and weaponize your data with AI tech (VB Live) VB Staff
8 天前 How Microsoft is tackling cloud gaming with Project xCloud Dean Takahashi
8 天前 FCC blames Commerce Department for 5G weather scare, spectrum delays Jeremy Horwitz
8 天前 AI improves Alexa’s error rate with challenging training sets Kyle Wiggers
8 天前 Virtuix debuts VR Arena at Dave & Buster’s in Austin, Texas Dean Takahashi
8 天前 Cybersecurity risk-monitoring platform SecurityScorecard nabs $50 million Paul Sawers
8 天前 AT&T kills Samsung Galaxy Fold orders, offers Galaxy S10 5G only to businesses Jeremy Horwitz
8 天前 Creature in the Well hands-on — A hack-‘n’-slash ode to pinball Dean Takahashi
8 天前 Volvo’s Vera autonomous trucks will transport DFDS goods on public roads Paul Sawers
8 天前 Huawei asks Verizon for more than $1 billion in patent licensing fees Reuters
8 天前 Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with WSL 2 Emil Protalinski
8 天前 Pokémon Sword and Shield make gym battles exciting again Mike Minotti
8 天前 App Annie: Games accounted for 33% of mobile downloads and 74% of spending in 2018 Jason Wilson
8 天前 GamesBeat Decides E3: Nintendo, Zelda, and more Jeff Grubb
8 天前 Elizabeth Warren wants answers from federal agencies about algorithmic bias Khari Johnson
8 天前 The RetroBeat — Mega Man: The Wily Wars is worth the 25-year wait Mike Minotti
8 天前 Telerobotic hands and fingers become your avatar at Amazon re:MARS Seth Colaner
8 天前 Apple Maps hands-on: Look Around and folders bring depth to iOS and iPadOS 13 Jeremy Horwitz
8 天前 Essential tips for scaling quality AI data labeling Damian Rochman, CloudFactory
9 天前 Google limits content-blocking Chrome extensions that collect sensitive data Kyle Wiggers
9 天前 Uber rolls out next-generation self-driving Volvo Reuters
9 天前 Battlefield V: Breaking down the EA Play news from E3 Dean Takahashi

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