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2021-07-14 To Cheer You Up in Difficult Times 28: Math On the Beach (Alef’s Corner) Art ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-06-30 To cheer you up in difficult times 27: A major recent “Lean” proof verification Algebra ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-06-09 To cheer you up in difficult times 26: Two real-life lectures yesterday at the Technion Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-05-31 To Cheer You Up in Difficult times 24: Borodin’s colouring conjecture! Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-05-20 To cheer you up in difficult times 25: some mathematical news! (Part 2) Algebra ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-05-14 To cheer you up in difficult times 23: the original hand-written slides of Terry Tao’s 2015 Einstein Lecture in Jerusalem Analysis ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-05-07 Alef Corner: ICM2022 Art ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-04-22 The probabilistic proof that 2^400-593 is a prime: a revolutionary new type of mathematical proof, or not a proof at all? Computer Science and Optimization ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-04-22 With Avi at Suzanna Taxi-and-other-stories ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-04-16 Meeting Michael H. at Rio Taxi-and-other-stories ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-03-29 What is mathematics (or at least, how it feels) What is Mathematics ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-03-26 Alef’s Corner Art ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-03-23 To cheer you up in difficult times 22: some mathematical news! (Part 1) Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-03-17 Cheerful News in Difficult Times: The Abel Prize is Awarded to László Lovász and Avi Wigderson Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-03-10 Amazing: Feng Pan and Pan Zhang Announced a Way to “Spoof” (Classically Simulate) the Google’s Quantum Supremacy Circuit! Computer Science and Optimization ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-02-26 To cheer you up in difficult times 21: Giles Gardam lecture and new result on Kaplansky’s conjectures Algebra ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-02-19 Nostalgia corner: John Riordan’s referee report of my first paper Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-02-18 At the Movies III: Picture a Scientist Movies ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-02-17 At the Movies II: Kobi Mizrahi’s short movie White Eye makes it to the Oscar’s short list. Movies ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-02-16 And the Oscar goes to: Meir Feder, Zvi Reznic, Guy Dorman, and Ron Yogev Computer Science and Optimization ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-02-15 Thomas Vidick: What it is that we do What is Mathematics ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-02-09 To cheer you up in difficult times 20: Ben Green presents super-polynomial lower bounds for off-diagonal van der Waerden numbers W(3,k) Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-02-03 To cheer you up in difficult times 19: Nati Linial and Adi Shraibman construct larger corner-free sets from better numbers-on-the-forehead protocols Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-01-29 Possible future Polymath projects (2009, 2021) Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-01-27 Peter Cameron: Doing research What is Mathematics ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-01-25 To cheer you up in difficult times 18: Beautiful drawings by Neta Kalai for my book: “Gina Says” Art ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-01-21 Amazing: Simpler and more general proofs for the g-theorem by Stavros Argyrios Papadakis and Vasiliki Petrotou, and by Karim Adiprasito, Stavros Argyrios Papadakis, and Vasiliki Petrotou. Algebra ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-01-19 Igor Pak: What if they are all wrong? Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-01-14 To cheer you up in difficult times 17: Amazing! The Erdős-Faber-Lovász conjecture (for large n) was proved by Dong Yeap Kang, Tom Kelly, Daniela Kühn, Abhishek Methuku, and Deryk Osthus! Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-01-12 Open problem session of HUJI-COMBSEM: Problem #5, Gil Kalai – the 3ᵈ problem
2021-01-10 Open problem session of HUJI-COMBSEM: Problem #5, Gil Kalai – the 3ᵈ problem Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2021-01-07 To cheer you up in difficult times 16: Optimism, two quotes Art ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-12-29 The Argument Against Quantum Computers – A Very Short Introduction Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-12-26 Open problem session of HUJI-COMBSEM: Problem #4, Eitan Bachmat: Weighted Statistics for Permutations Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-12-22 To Cheer You Up in Difficult Times 15: Yuansi Chen Achieved a Major Breakthrough on Bourgain’s Slicing Problem and the Kannan, Lovász and Simonovits Conjecture Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-12-13 Open problem session of HUJI-COMBSEM: Problem #3, Ehud Friedgut – Independent sets and Lionel Levine’s infamous hat problem. Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-12-10 Open problem session of HUJI-COMBSEM: Problem #2 Chaya Keller: The Krasnoselskii number Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-12-06 Photonic Huge Quantum Advantage ??? Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-11-27 Recent progress on high dimensional Turan-Type problems by Andrey Kupavskii, Alexandr Polyanskii, István Tomon, and Dmitriy Zakharov and by Jason Long, Bhargav Narayanan, and Corrine Yap. Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-11-26 Open problem session of HUJI-COMBSEM: Problem #1, Nati Linial – Turan type theorems for simplicial complexes. Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-11-20 Péter Pál Pach and Richárd Palincza: a Glimpse Beyond the Horizon Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-11-17 To cheer you up 14: Hong Liu and Richard Montgomery solved the Erdős and Hajnal’s odd cycle problem Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-11-15 To cheer you up in difficult times 13: Triangulating real projective spaces with subexponentially many vertices Algebra ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-11-11 Benjamini and Mossel’s 2000 Account: Sensitivity of Voting Schemes to Mistakes and Manipulations Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-10-27 Test Your Intuition (46): What is the Reason for Maine’s Huge Influence? Games ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-10-19 This question from Tim Gowers will certainly cheeer you up! and test your intuition as well! Logic and set theory ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-10-11 Three games to cheer you up. Games ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-10-02 Cheerful Test Your Intuition (#45): Survey About Sisters and Brothers Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-09-23 To cheer you up in difficult times 12: Asaf Ferber and David Conlon found new lower bounds for diagonal Ramsey numbers Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-09-04 Alef Corner: Math Collaboration Art ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-09-02 Alef’s Corner: Math Collaboration 2 Art ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-08-30 To cheer you up in difficult times 11: Immortal Songs by Sabine Hossenfelder and by Tom Lehrer Music ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-08-28 To cheer you up in difficult times 10: Noam Elkies’ Piano Improvisations and more Games ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-08-23 Quantum Matters Quantum ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-08-14 To cheer you up in difficult times 9: Alexey Pokrovskiy proved that Rota’s Basis Conjecture holds asymptotically Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-08-02 To Cheer you up in Difficult Times 8: Nathan Keller and Ohad Klein Proved Tomaszewski’s Conjecture on Randomly Signed Sums Analysis ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-07-24 Noam Lifshitz: A new hypercontractivity inequality — The proof! Analysis ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-07-09 To cheer you up in difficult times 7: Bloom and Sisask just broke the logarithm barrier for Roth’s theorem! Algebra ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-06-26 To cheer you up in difficult times 6: Play Rani Sharim’s two-player games of life, read Maya Bar-Hillel presentation on catching lies with statistics, and more. Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-05-31 To cheer you up in difficult times 5: A New Elementary Proof of the Prime Number Theorem by Florian K. Richter Number theory ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-05-11 To cheer you up in difficult times 4: Women In Theory present — I will survive Academics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-05-08 To cheer you up in difficult times 3: A guest post by Noam Lifshitz on the new hypercontractivity inequality of Peter Keevash, Noam Lifshitz, Eoin Long and Dor Minzer Analysis ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-04-21 Harsanyi’s Sweater Games ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-04-19 To cheer you up in difficult times II: Mysterious matching news by Gal Beniamini, Naom Nisan, Vijay Vazirani and Thorben Tröbst! Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-04-03 Trees not Cubes! Memories of Boris Tsirelson Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-04-02 A small update from Israel and memories from Singapore: Partha Dasgupta, Robin Mason, Frank Ramsey, and 007 Algebra ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-03-29 Game Theory – on-line Course at IDC, Herzliya Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-03-26 TYI44: “What Then, To Raise an Old Question, is Mathematics?” Test your intuition ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-03-22 Kelman, Kindler, Lifshitz, Minzer, and Safra: Towards the Entropy-Influence Conjecture Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-03-19 Or Ordentlich, Oded Regev and Barak Weiss: New bounds for Covering Density! Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-03-19 To cheer you up in complicated times – A book proof by Rom Pinchasi and Alexandr Polyanskii for a 1978 Conjecture by Erdős and Purdy! Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-03-19 A new PolyTCS blog! Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-03-19 Remarkable New Stochastic Methods in ABF: Ronen Eldan and Renan Gross Found a New Proof for KKL and Settled a Conjecture by Talagrand Analysis ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-03-19 Hoi Nguyen and Melanie Wood: Remarkable Formulas for the Probability that Projections of Lattices are Surjective Algebra ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-03-19 Petra! Jordan! Uncategorized ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-03-19 The largest clique in the Paley Graph: unexpected significant progress and surprising connections. Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-03-19 Thinking about the people of Wuhan and China Uncategorized ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-03-19 Ringel Conjecture, Solved! Congratulations to Richard Montgomery, Alexey Pokrovskiy, and Benny Sudakov Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai
2020-03-19 Test your intuition 43: Distribution According to Areas in Top Departments. Combinatorics ‧ Gil Kalai

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